The Thrice Born


Like (too) many thinks in life

It makes you and(or) breaks you

I just look upon our so called Modern and progress

and where it is heading with its acceptance and tolerance sheme…

Of course like nothing new in extremes. and nothing is on the long term good for anything when it is extreme.

Be it bullying be it loving or even acceptance bc there are some things in our life and also out from it that, you will be confronted with or you should be and must be confronted with.

And it depends how authentic you to yourself stayed or stay over the years how you will react to it or these situation(s)

As an advesary, sustainer, or creator-helper. Inwardly outwardly.

There are just bad habbits, persons, circustamces that just reeks negativity in its variety of forms and manifestations that are in the actuallity not necesseraly here to be just tolerated but to be overcome and transformed into something bether or oposite or just cleared. (the great work)

The pendulum does not swing and gets stuck. Water who stays still becomes clear but also with time undrinkable if the container(mind inner perspektive body, soul) is unclean. A Hero allways stays the same or be a nobody without challlenge or advesary vise versa.

So as an allegory.

You as an Alchemist who works with your inner mettal. Needs certain heat and sometimes you need a different origins other than love-passion-growing-healing-helping, or nothing - acceptance - solidifying as heat source to bring the mettal unto melting and to work with.

My example
The heat of bullying - hate-destruction-desolution.

When i look back in my earlyer around 12 and 13 life i whas a fat fuck who just greedily consumed anything that tastes good in copious amounts. And my brother just bullyed me on different occasions subtly and more than enough openly for my fatness and greedyness and jealosy of obtaining and eating food.

He did it so long and of course i didnt take shit and kicked him badly up when the boundarys are just too crossed. And also i brocke together and just cryed. But everytime he did it. Sommething in me after the storm happened a reaction.

The flicker.

Looking in the mirror.
Realizing where it is heading is not healthy nor beautyfull.


I am not taking anymore all this comments of my body and my behavior of my brother nor that of mine. My inner talking.

I am going to find the solution.


I am going to train and eat and behave differently.

The work has begun.

Trough bullying i changed over time my behavior from greedy to more humbler amounts when it comes to food when looking back and on some thinks also generaly. I am thinner and more muscular manlyer and build a ingrained healthy habbit of trainig daily differently.

That helped me tremendously in my deepests despair that ive fallen in. Just bc my brother just couldnt tolerate my fatness my looks and behavior.

Of course there also beneficial thinks or more positive thinks in life that are getting bullyed for no apparent real reason just as succesfull people mother nature or a quiet kid.

Thats why it is a double edged sword.

Sometimes it is due and sometimes not and there when the not is the case you also cant stay besides it in a idle poise. You must do something about in passion or hate or love with anything that has ignited in you.

Bc when not.

It stays still, stagnant and with time it rotts degenerates and decays you and the

We life in a socitey a socitey we life in btw.

(Just imagine in a sec when the guy where fat and ugly the woman would be probably reporting him to police for sexual harassment)

Id did change many thinks about myself going trough bullying into positive. And i am even thankfull for all that necessary bs they had given me.

Besides that i also understand now why i wouldnt like a fat brother nor a fat partner. This trait alone says much about an character on the outside. Greedyness, lazyness, slow, takes much thinks and time when it is not necessary and is just unhealthy in so many matters.

This guy is just gold…


I know this Dan Pena guy is exagarating many thinks he says but tbh he definetly is not a poor guy(financially speaking even though he isnt a billionaire a millionaire so to say) so some thinks he must do right doesnt matter if it is with the right methods or even some criminal ones.

Every person has a think or two you can learn from i just think by Dan you shouldnt take his insults too siriously. But i find it funny he is on my opinion like a bully coach who just talk smack too anger you or to get under your skin and fuck u over.

Not much practicality i got so far yieks red flag.

(Lyrics are recommended)

I just think its next level Artistitry, performance and Elegance that i just like to see in a music video.

He really is on my opinion good for just one main performing Artist.


-Infernal Empire

Ad infinitum


I, Me, Myself

Getting control over the syringe of Media

I retrieve my soul back from all the electronic Media and breack its ties officially and forever that had chained me far too long.

I recognize that yes i am addicted like the many to all the Media but no longer will its overhelming poison be a poison to my councioussnes rather than the right dosage to be medicine for my whole being.

I regain with its needed time my whole councioussnes focus and concentration back from the maze of the mass media.

I become independed in joy and any exercises that i proceed and its demanded strenght comes from within myself i only need my own counciousness to really feel happy and fullfilled and energyzed.

I only use most of the time these high machines of electron for self empowerment and for the right informations that i certainly need. My precious awareness concentration attention and focus lies in my own control in my own hands now and forever.And is pointed towards my Spiritual growth, myGoals, my aspirations, my dreams, and the thinks that truly are good for me.

So mote it be.

Hail Satanas Lucifer Amaymon
Hail Lux Anguis
Hail Tristan Lucifer Frantar
Hail BALG Community
Hail All and everything

So it is done

In the past un the present in the future

Dan is right about a lot of things , people spend too much time getting upset or thinking about things that don’t matter , and other people’s opinions , instead of taking action ,

And money is the biggest thing that creates external change in this dimension , so he is actually a super helpful messenger

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Well thats true one should know that fact about our general capitalist society and his methods are like some kind of hardening of the metaphorical skin so to say wich i do apreciate. I just think i saw here and there some of his videos and well most of them (for now) on my opinion have a motivading mesage behind them and a non intended kind of humor.

Well he portrays himself the embodiment of literally the term of thinking big and doing big and it certainly works (ed) for him.

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It’s not hardening for him his generation just grew up without phones and more tolerance for fighting and things like discipline so naturally he stands out in our marshmallow world lol

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That hardening of the skin is certainly aplyed to our generation thats true. And i am inspired to leave all this media and phone crap more and more aside bc i see and feel on many occasions this marshmallowness and deep down i feel that it disgusts me.

The more i spiritualy work and aspire for my dreams and goals also in doing the more i feel repelled and the need to clean myself from it be it media be it phones etcetc…

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Yeah or just use your phone to sell online or do something that makes money

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Or when Willpower is certain, for educating oneself. i allready do my best to establish something in that direction John💪🏻

And you guys who reads this you should also.

Its never too late or too early to begin with this process.

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Today i decided to end my current job thus my comfort zone that, i was in too long. My own spell and blessing is working on me. I am guided to find something more suitable for me where i can further grow!


Comes very good in handy yall:

Very well got a job offering and will definetly use it to further my experiences be it good or bad
or even neutral. I will surely grow be it Spiritualy Mentally Materially. I will master anything that comes in my or on my way and make the best out of it.

When life gives you Lemons make lemonade out of it!


I will come to the Level my Master where one sure day i will be the Master!

Hail Satanas Lucifer Amaymon!


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Faith without work is dead.