The Seven Ifrits-An unique Islamic grimoire

Hello everyone. Today I will talk about a unique book, which name is Behcetul lemmaatu li
divanul efaritul seba. Simply “Seven Ifrıts”. First we must know, whats an Ifrit? I’m sure some people know this entity type,but i want to explain this. Ifrits are most powerful djinns in İslamic tradition. This entities similar with demons, powerful and wise spirits. Maybe ım a begginer at black magic and LHP, but i have been studying in Havas (İslamic magic system and tradition) for six years. I did not too much practice, but i have strong knowledge and rich book resource about Havas. And i thought, “why dont i share this important resource with my friends?” you familiar with djinn evocation and magick, from Book of Smokelees Fire. The Seven Ifrits book is not for begginers. This spirits are very powerful and violent. They are not evil, but not familiar like Goetic spirits. Yes, even the begginers can use this book, however, be careful. This subject is unkown and unstable. Book based on evocation of Ifrits, and using them for various tasks. The book originally in Arabic language, a Turkish person translated book into Turkish language, however, there are some unnecessary sentences, complex expressions, and of course, a tone of İslamic brainwashing bullshit in the book. If you are interested this book and want to work, i will translate book into English. I will make some simplifications and add modern explanations about works. Fortunately, book is brief and short. İf you interested, comment and tell me. I will be happy if some of you profit this book. Thanks for your attention.


Yes please. I’m very interested in the subject of Ifrits Djinn and also Islamic magic systems. Whatever information you can provide will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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Yes, dude, I’ll really appreciate it.

I would be interested,although I doubt I will use it,it would be nice to see such a book and learn more about the Djinn and The Ifrit

Yes, I’m very interested. Thank you for the offer.

Thanks if you’re willing to share I would love to read. Appreciate you sharing the knowledge and translating.

Okay, I starting to translate. I’ll finish up in a week. And more importantly, this is just the tip of the iceberg. I have lots of books about Havas. Easy magic with 99 names of Allah (like names of yhwh), Islamic servitor creation, powerful talisman preparing with Arabic alphabet and ebced(Arabic numerology, like kabbalistic gematria) and much more. I’ll work about this.


Too late to say that I´m interested?

No :grinning: when I finished translation, I declared publicly with necessary explanations.



I’m very interested! I would like to receive knowledge about Islamic magic!

Most definitely interested, thank you.

I’m interested.

I’ll take whatever you have. Thanks again.

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I’m most interested

Very interested!

I am very interested,also,i will like to know more from a practical point of view more about the Havas,Magic with the 99 names of Allah

Am interested to read!

I would be really interested in a copy of the translation of the book.

Very much interested please