My promised Islamic grimoire translation


The Seven Ifrits-An unique Islamic grimoire sorry for delay, now you can have a free unique grimoire! you can find this too short, but believe me this text is cancer. I had to make some simplifications. This originally wrote in Ottoman Turkish, which means its full of turndown sentences and a ton of weird phrases.Also this book is very old. Not a modern grimoire.I believe you can use these Ifrit’s symbols and names to call forth them.If you try, share your experiences!

The Seven Ifrits-An unique Islamic grimoire





This is awesome! Although I have a question. So it’s been stated fasting, certain clothing, and Halal are recommended. What are the ritual set up and tools recommended or required? I’m familiar with rabbinical/Kabbalistic magick in Judaism but not Islam. I feel like if I do the other basics I should also know about how this is traditionally done.


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Thanks. Unfortunately I’ll have to wait until I have the money to buy the service to download the file.

When I do I’ll read it over and ask my questions afterwards.

Thanks again.


Could this possibly be posted to google docs or something? The free hosting period for has expired.