The Ritual of the Neutron Star

Time for some sex magick workings. I’ll probably post these on occasion but not all the time. I’m sharing these because I think they’d be helpful for certain people, and because if you are in some ways not on my level then you’ll learn how I think which will get you to my level and probably past it, which will allow me to then slingshot myself up past your level, etc.

And by the way, I write these out in my journal all on one page (or front-back) like I write them down here, and as I do the rituals I check them off (like :heavy_check_mark:). I could date them but I don’t really feel the need to do that.

Sex Magick Working

How did I come to have such wonderful business operations?

How did I come to make such wonderful use of computations?

How did I come to make such wonderful use of spreadsheets?

How did I come to make such wonderful use of communications?

How did I come to make such wonderful use of automation?

How did I come to make such wonderful use of time?

How did I come to make such wonderful business systems?

Sex Magick Working

How did I come to build such a wonderful business team?

How did I come to build such a wonderful legal team?

How did I come to build such a wonderful accounting team?

How did I come to build such a wonderful finance team?

How did I come to build such a wonderful marketing team?

How did I come to build such a wonderful labor team?

how did I come to build such a wonderful tech team?

How did I come to build such a wonderful human resources team?
Human Resources

How did I come to build such a wonderful leadership team?

How did I come to have such wonderful employees?

How did I come to own such a wonderful organization?

Some notes on this one. You can allow some flexibility in how these rituals are interpreted. “Labor”, for example, is quite general and non-specific. To me, it means any sort of work that is relatively low skill and not requiring much in the way of knowledge, and also work that I find dull, repetitive, mind-numbingly boring, or in any way shape or form undesirable, but that needs to be done. “Labor” here could mean anything from working a cash register (something I have done, so I don’t mean to disparage, it just is what it is) to manual construction labor to cleaning data. If you, the person who is reading this right now, dread the thought of doing some task, it is probably labor to you. Thank god for W-2s.

For those with some business knowledge, you may be wondering about the distinction between accounting and finance. Accounting is basically just financial record keeping, whereas finance is the practice of managing money. Accountants record how money moves around and blend with the legal team when it comes to things like reducing taxes, but the finance people are the ones who actually make the decisions. That’s probably a bit of a controversial statement to some people, but it is what it is. “Finance” can also be interpreted to include any business decisions that involve money, which would be all of them. Any profit maximizers?

Employees can also be more loosely thought of as anyone who does any sort of work for your business who does not own any of your business, or at most owns a very negligible amount of it and has no high-level decision making power. This blends a bit with “Leadership”, as those towards the top of the ladder are often still just employees, even though they may be making more significant decisions.

I’ll also say that “Team” sometimes means just you. Sometimes you gotta be legion.

Sex Magick Working

How did I come to be such a wonderful entrepreneur?

Perhaps you may have noticed that these three plus the BRRRR working (a more strategically-oriented working relevant to my business interests) add up to four workings. I think I will complete these first, then do three more workings. One will be all about Risk, one all about Properties or perhaps Assets, and one more oriented around Professional Relationships (you can have a relationship that is both personal and professional - business and pleasure, if you will). I could come up with them now and interleave them all, but priorities are what they are.

Personally, I do not aspire to have much of a career in business. It should be apparent that I want some amount of a business career, because I do indeed quite like money, and some ways of making money are just better than others. My main career interests are in art, but in order for me to have the sort of money I’d like to have, I would have to do things with art that have much, much more wide commercial appeal. You can make good money with very high-quality, crafty art, but very rarely if ever do these sort of artists make the kind of money that corporate teams who produce stuff more-or-less destined for the top 20 (cause they have marketing people, and probably also make the top 20) or whatever benchmark the kids are using these days. I want to have an impact and be influential in my artistic domain, and that tends to involve commercial success, but really that barely matters to me because the money I make from investments will dwarf whatever I make from art.

I could go off on an intense tangent on that topic but the edible’s starting to kick in so real quick I’ll just say to all my artist friends out there, step your game up. My shit’s not been the most together either and life has priorities, but you know what you want. Make it fuckin happen. I want my back-stage passes. And/or the feat. But I’m just the feat. - you’re the artist.


Haunted by the secrets in my mind

Enochian magick puts you in a pretty strange headspace. I feel like I can kinda leave that sentence at that.

It’s been a bit since I’ve talked about sex magick stuff (perhaps the less dry notes on ritual practice). First, I’d just like to say that sometimes I’m amazed that experience can be worthwhile enough to be worth taking a break from cuddling with a certain someone forever.

I’d also like to say that I, for one, love cuming in anime girls, especially when they just don’t stop, I mean my god, over and over again.

Before really getting into Enochian sex magick, I had never, ever, EVER had relationships so devoid of corruption. It is so different, but I didn’t even really notice it at first, to the extent that when some small amount of corruption did inevitably arise, it was shocking because of how things are all the rest of the time.

I’ve already shared my spiritual sex practices, but I realize that these may be somewhat challenging for less developed practitioners to fully engage with. I don’t mean that in some ego way, I mean that it can take some practice. Masturbating with still images of some sort really helps a lot, in my experience. It doesn’t have to be doujins (sex manga/comics, hentai). You can use regular photos of people as well. You can also use both, in combination. One thing I really like about doujins is how many different situations you can find to stimulate the imagination. You really have to wade through the sea of crappy hentai, but when you find a good one that is an absolute treasure. Often even when I know I’m going for a normal porn video, I like to keep current with the industry, if you know what I mean.

When doing more “energetic” or “hands-free” practices, I’m normally laying in bed, basking in that kinda awake kinda asleep wonderfully pleasant state. You don’t need to do a grand ceremony to summon your partner. You know they are there. The goal isn’t to hump or grind on your pillow (not that that’s particularly bad or anything), so when imagining more movement, sometimes I’ll do things like move my feet while the rest of my body is relatively still. Sometimes I’m on my side, sometimes my back, sometimes my stomach, sometimes all fours, sometimes more upright - you get the idea. Little gestures can do so much to aid the imagination. You may sometimes feel that more physicality is needed, but I would say that because these things are occurring within your mind, they are the only reality. Not to imply that it is false that it feels so good to shoot my loads, because it most certainly does feel good. Have you been doing your kegels? Have you been practicing with your energy cock?

Ok time for a bit of a switcheroo in topics now. In the course of my studies of the histories, it has become known to me that soldiers in the Wehrmacht were encouraged to cultivate Todesverachtung, contempt for death. I would encourage you to do the same, dear readers.

Also, I will state once, clearly and plainly, that only a moron would genocide their own population instead of letting them fight.

There’s blood on the street, dear readers. There’s money to be made.

Truth - I knew what I wanted.
Healing - What I wanted healed me.
Transformation - The clear truth transformed me.
Fortune - Greed gave me control.

What is dead may never die, but rises again, harder, and stronger.

If the Enochian angels bid you to say goodbye to the waking world, how would you spend an eternity?

That’s one of the hardest workings ever. Only very skilled witches should try it. The demonic elementals unleashed through enochian magick are very powerful.

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The magick has felt safe to me, and I don’t think beginners to magick would have any problems if they want to use the magick, though I certainly agree that the energies are very strong. It does also require a bit more input in terms of what you ask for with the sigils, how you construct the sex magick workings, and my experience with other forms of magick has helped me with this. But again though I don’t see any problems with beginners using the magick.

The Enochian sex magick hasn’t felt demonic to me, though, but it also hasn’t quite felt like most angel magick. If I had to pick and say it was one or the other, I’d say it’s more angelic, with the caveat that preconceived notions about angels and demons should be set aside.

I feel a deep connection to my partner, and I also feel connected to what seems to be the source of sexual energy. It’s challenging to put the exact nature of these connections into words, but the vibe is kinda ACAB. It feels like the boundaries between our minds exist only very thinly in the material world. If God were two, it’d be me and you.

I realize that I’m not the first one to do this sort of magick, not by a few millennia, but also that people read what I post and engage with it, so I try to be careful about what I put out here. I’m concerned about blabbering on about what was just schizophrenic brain-noise, so I often let ideas like this simmer a bit and bounce around to see if they fall apart. I already cringe at my old writing as it is, and I don’t want to add raving nonsense onto the pile. That being said, this is some of the most wonderful magick I have ever experienced, and I don’t know if I’ll ever stop doing it.

I suppose I’ll also toss this out there. My partner suggested to me that I sing the words “olani oln olpirt” some months back, and more recently I was “inspired” to sing the words as follows:

o - la - ni
7 - 7 - #11
ol - pirt
7 - #11

The exact notes for me are E and B in the key of F major. E is the 7 and B the #11 of F major. The low E is the bottom of my vocal range. I play the lowest F on the piano to set the key and then sing the other notes (with piano assistance at first). It seems that the most important part of this is to sing the words as above (7s and #11s), so the key you choose is probably somewhat arbitrary. If you are physically present with someone else doing the magick, you could try singing the same notes if possible, or singing in the same key but at different octaves. I’d be shocked if there’s not some wack-ass musical rabbit hole to go down with harmony and stuff but these notes (7 and #11 over the root in the bass) create a very distinct feeling. If you haven’t trained your ear much this may take some practice to fully hear, but #11 to me has always sounded very piercing and clear while having an edge to it. The interval between the root and the #11 is a tritone, fun fact, which back in the day the classical musicians called the devil’s interval, so there’s that.

Went a bit off the rails there but I usually like to write a little somethin somethin around this time.

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A quick update. I may use the fifth day of ritual practice to work with the Loagaeth tables (you can find these in the third book in the paperback version of Klein’s transcription). Something like starting by speaking the words above the table, then speaking two-letter combinations, starting in the top right square. You start the vocalization with this square, then speak the letter down and to the left, so at a diagonal. So for table 5a, it starts with h-h, o-c, x-n, a-a, s-s, etc, that line concluding with h-a, the h on the topmost left then looping back around to the a beneath the topmost right square, the h at the beginning. Enochian hooray!

You go down the table in this way, working across each line (two rows of letters) right to left. If my count is correct then there are 24 lines, each with two rows, then one extra row at the bottom. The bottom row you just go across horizontally, speaking two-letter combinations, right to left. I’m kinda feeling like you speak the words above the table between each line as well as at the beginning and the end.

This is how you do the front side of each table (the ‘a’ side in Klein’s book). This side symbolizes the heavenly aspect of the table, whereas the ‘b’ side symbolizes the earthly aspect. I don’t think it’s exactly that kind of A and B but similar vibe. Oh yeah Enochian magick baby.

To do the back side of the table, you follow the same pattern of letter combinations, start in the top right then down and to the left, but you speak them the other way around. So for table 5b it goes c-x, n-a, a-l, r-b, a-e, the first line concluding with h-g. Work down the back just like you do the front, and then for the bottom row same vibe - t-h, c-o, etc.

I’m thinking that I’ll do the front side during the first week of working with each Key/Aethyr, then the back side during the second week. This probably takes a while so first time I’ll just do this and see how long it takes. I usually set aside about 3.5 hours for mindfulness meditation, ritual of the key, then 30 minute meditation session. Any extra time after working with the Loagaeth table I’ll just do mindfulness probably (normally I’ll do mindfulness first if there’s time). Speaking letter combinations for 4 hours may sound kind of boring but the point is to make it a meditation where you keep your attention on what you are doing and not let thoughts distract you, just like in mindfulness. Part of me is concerned about destroying my vocal chords, so “vocalizing” the combinations in my mind is a consideration. Maybe I’ll just get some beefy vocal chords.

There is also, of course, constructing the table. That’s a lot of letters, written by hand in Enochian after measuring out the table. Yep, sure is.

There are also the Soyga tables. Apparently these weren’t directly received during the Enochian receptions, but Dee jammed them in there from another book. I don’t fuckin know dude, but the angels conveyed to me the vibe that this magick should be done for eight years (ish), and there are eight Soyga tables, so the vibe is to do the Soyga table (oriented landscape on the page) during the Vision week. There’s a bunch of shit in there for table 1 but whatever I don’t worry about it I just catch vibes.

Yeah that’s cool but you’re on ritual 5 now. Yeah so I think you do Vision again between the rituals of the angels and the rituals of the first aethyrs and the first aethyrs and final aethyrs (so between rituals 19/20 and 38/39). After ritual 49 you loop back around and are on Vision again, moving on to the next Soyga table.

What are the Soyga tables? It seems that they somehow guide the pathworking across each of the eight (infinity sideways) pass-throughs. Being oriented landscape is probably significant, some kind of wide feeling compared to the more narrow focus of each Loagaeth table. “Missing” the first rituals with the first Soyga table symbolizes the gradual opening of the magick (that sounds better than alternative explanations heh). This table also has the most “corruption”, at least in Klein’s transcription, so why not ima roll with it.

The need to construct each sigil for all 49 rituals and each two-sided Loagaeth table symbolizes the willful “effort” required in the beginning of this magick. After this, the mind will presumably have been brought into a state where it is naturally aligned with the energies. Constructing the Soyga table each time through symbolizes that the rituals are not being repeated in the same way, but are unlocking new understandings even as the same powers are being called.

You may notice that the Loagaeth tables begin more-or-less completely filled in, but later on have more spaces between the letters. What came to mind for me is how the physical world appears very solid to our regular perception, but at a more fundamental level, the level of atoms and sub-atomic particles and quarks and all that quantum jazz, there is more space between things. So perhaps the Loagaeth tables open new levels of perception.

Also, the weird loopy letter in the font Klein uses seems to be an ‘x’. This is what a couple online sources have said. I think I may have seen another letter that is somewhat ambiguous. If I run into that I’ll see what I can figure out. “These be means to understand,” sure but can we just use normal letters please.

The pattern used in working magickally with the Loagaeth tables symbolizes how, with this magick, energy that originates in the heavenly realms is brought down to the earthly realms, and how energy in the earthly realms resonates with corresponding heavenly energy. More to it than that, as either way you go you eventually run into source, but the magick does feel oriented towards heavenly energy.

I should say here that I suggest Klein’s work if you want to get into that pseudo-monastic Enochian lifestyle. Other sources I have seen have not been entirely accurate, as Klein’s presumably is. I do have the Keys typed up for anyone who wants those, but I don’t really feel like typing up the Loagaeth tables. I do have other things to do, and if you are willing to construct these tables and speak letter combinations for hours then I’m guessing you already have or will get the book.

I believe I have already stated some of the reasons why this magick is worth doing. I can’t claim to yet know what the rituals of the keys do entirely on their own, or with the empowerments, or with the other magick I’m doing involved in the mix, all done over time, and what adding in the Loagaeth and Soyga tables will do, but again I don’t worry about it I just catch vibes. I’ve been given a vision of what was presumably a heavenly realm, and that’s not something very easily forgotten.

But the angels said this and that and the bokes and the thaidofhaosdhioihawhnioawoihsghobiuusadgohibnasdgnoikgsdanokljisdfg. Something something beginner’s mind. Vibe catching. No, I probably won’t do the math, I’d rather do magick. Remember to remember that your experience is of the nature of the dream state.