The Ritual of the Neutron Star

I’ve always found physical sex kind of… lame. Ahem… excuse my burning desire for nonhuman sadomasochistic animalism that would probably kill the physical body.

We’re gonna have to collaborate on some astral experiments at some point. My goal is to delve into aetheric simulation based gaming. Think of playing Halo Reach in a simulation chamber complete with everything youd have on the physical. Things like simulsted physical limitations that cant be broken just cuz “muh free will and imagination” and the rendering of illusory pain, damage, etc. Basically I’m just looking to create a reliavke technology based system in order to generate, maintain, and work with physicalplane simulation on more aetheric planes in order to create environments, rules, with the application of stories, games, and training. Let me know how your stuff goes.

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Well I’ve had “first-person shooter” dreams before so I imagine you could do that no problem. And I would honestly be very interested in experimenting with these sorts of things with other occultists, but it’s pretty clear to me that I need to improve my skills before it would be worth attempting these sorts of things. It would be like trying to create a grand composition for symphony orchestra (or perhaps an orchestra of electronic sounds) without being able to play something on my own instrument that sounded decent. I know the theory reasonably well enough, it’s more the execution.

My dream practice has historically been rather on-and-off, and I’m not too harsh on myself about this because of the emotional labor that dreaming has entailed for me. It seems that with dreams, just like anything else, consistent, intelligent practice is required to cultivate the abilities you want. I haven’t exactly been the most sober person in my life, and regularly consuming substances, including cannabis and alcohol, which interfere with the ability to experience and recall dreams seems to have prevented me from attaining that consistency of vivid and lengthy recall which is the foundation for all other dream practices.

No one likes to be told to sober up and do their meditations, but sometimes that just is how it is. I am personally more a believer in moderation than complete denial, as to me if I cannot consume a substance without being filled with the extremely overwhelming urge to consume more and more, then the drug won. I’m not normally one to preach or practice “moderation” in anything, but if the only reason I am doing something is because of habitual compulsion, not genuine pleasure, then that is something that I want to change. This would be where I insert my K-safe shill. Which is more expensive - this safe, or all the drugs you’ll buy and all the lack of progress you’ll make while intoxicated? Yeah, you can maybe just buy more while it’s locked, but what would you rather me do, say that your little human mind is pathetic and incapable and that only God can save you in 12 steps, you worthless piece of shit addict? I don’t like when people talk to me that way, so I bought the k-safe. Maybe I should get an affiliate link or something.

I’m not saying that for you, specifically, more for me really. If you haven’t though what I would recommend are the two books I’ve mentioned in this thread - Exploring the World of Lucid Dreaming and The Tibetan Yogas of Dream and Sleep. I’d check out the first one first. The author goes into good detail about many of the things you can do with lucid dreaming, including controlling how the world works and having a specific type of experience play out. I am personally not a fan of “reality checks” and prefer to do what I described up in the post with the dream visualizations I do, but I use aspects of the MILD technique with the visualizations. You gotta get the fundamentals down before you can do the fancy stuff (I almost said the cool stuff, but the fundamentals tend to be pretty cool).

I’m thinking about writing about my sex magick practice tomorrow if you’re curious. I already posted a “sex magick dream working” in this thread, but I imagine it is possible to use sex magick sigils to manifest stuff in the dream world. Enochian spirits have already helped me get lucid several times, and I’m guessing they’ll do much more than that once I’ve had my shit together and have a consistent practice going.

Exactly this my man. In my personal opinion there are drugs that should be avoided altogether more or less, but the reason for that is simply because of the drastically negative effects some substances have on the physical body. Addiction in the physical sense, can only be overcome with total control over the physical body in ways that are essentially the same as biological shapeshifting at a cellular level. While that’s a great goal, it’s not practical to deal with those drugs in the journey to getting there. Alcohol for me falls into that category. I drink sometimes, but only when I truly need to take the edge off of a hardcore depressive moment but I still need to experience and channel my negative energy. Marijuana is great though, but sometimes it’s too uplifting if I need to actually go through something.
However, as far as taking drugs for the sake of enjoyment, I stick to weed since alcohol is less potent for me and more toxic as a chemical. My personal goals though entail having a natural regeneration ability that can totally counteract the effects of that kind of mild poisons. So, hypothetically at that point it wouldnt matter.

I am curious to hear what your sex magic entails. I can post the fundamentals of my own as well tomorrow if you like.

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I’m going to talk about my Enochian sex magick some today, but first, let me tell you a story about my money magick.

Though I did not realize this as a child, I grew up in a family that started out relatively poor (and even more poor before my birth), but grew to be much more wealthy. You may already not like me just from me saying that. Those who have read my stuff before may also know that my parents were extremely toxic. One of the manifestations of this was that my mother would project most of her issues onto me. I now can see that one of these issues was with money.

Perhaps I should have realized this sooner, as even my father would always say that she was “so tight” with money. When I was in high school I worked two jobs, and used the money from this work to fund a hobby of mine. I spent pretty much every penny I made on this hobby, and thankfully much of what I bought I still own, and some of it even appreciated in value (they went up), a few of them very significantly, to the extent that I still possess much of the monetary value that I spent at the time.

But whenever I would go to spend my money, I’d always hear her chastise me, scold me for spending my money. “You should save your money like your brother. See? He never spends a dime.” I’d sometimes feel kind of bad about it, but I would then ignore her and buy what I wanted. “You spend so much money on that stuff. You don’t understand the value of a dollar,” she would say as I came inside smelling of meat after working for 6 hours on a Friday night. But I digress.

I promise you I’m going somewhere with this. Another of her issues that she projected onto me was her weight. My brothers were always super-athletes, and I was also an athlete, but not in as good of shape, so she’d make me eat more and would put fattening things in front of me. When she would buy me clothes for Christmas, she would always be there in the changing room, making me come out every time, looking me over, and would then say that I needed a size up, every time. I remember seeing my brother in a shirt that looked like a tent on him, and he is ripped. My father would just straight-up call me fat, but he’s easier to hate, so my mother’s actions cut deeper.

Fast forward now to recent times. I received more money than I have ever seen in my life. I’m out and about for a doctor’s appointment, and there’s a department store nearby. I never got to go shopping at a department store before. Too expensive, my mother would say, after spending a fortune on equipment, travel and hotel fees, brand new cars, building entire fucking buildings for my siblings while I sat alone in my bedroom.

I went inside the store, and I saw a wonderful hoodie. My ex never gave me back my last favorite hoodie, and I’d been without one ever since. One of those hoodies with the zipper in the front, not super poofy and shabby-looking, but made of a wonderfully soft though aesthetically pleasing material, slim but roomy in the right places, long enough for my body, and to top it all off, with a hood that fits just right - not blowing off in the wind, but not squeezing my head.

I checked the price tag. It was around 130ish dollars. I’d never spent that much money on a piece of clothing before. I’d gotten a suit before, sure, but this was just a hoodie. $130 for a hoodie. I bought it. I’ve worn that hoodie nearly every single day since I bought it. I love that hoodie. I’m wearing it right now.

But that’s not all I bought. I got some pants too, for around the same price, and some gloves. When I tried on the hoodie, I almost got the bigger size, but I knew it was too big, so I got the size that was right for me. When I tried on the pants, I at first wanted the smaller size, but the bigger ones did look better, so I got those. At the counter, the guy at the register was wearing a similar style pant, and my dude’s thighs looked like they were choking to death. I got the right sizes for me, and damn do I look good wearing them. This isn’t about me and my fashion. It’s about investments.

On the walk back to the train station, I put on my new hoodie. On the train, I held my shopping bag, and not gonna lie, checked myself out in the window. I saw a few women glance at me, some with attraction, some with desire at my bag. The men either ignored me or tried to hide their aggression. I felt rich. It’s an incredible feeling.

When I hear people ask about money magick, I sometimes feel compelled to justify my response in some way or try to make a result sound exaggerated and bigger than it was. It’s like if you don’t say that money magick immediately made you a multi-millionaire within 3 days people will call you a fraud and will blow you off and go find someone who will deceive them into believing some scam. If you can feel the energy of prosperity and wealth that radiates out of the 7 Occult Money Rituals, you can probably feel the intense desperation and fear in these people. It’s hyperactive and clingy and filled with this grossness that you don’t want rubbing off on you.

Whenever I talk to people about money (something you may notice about those stuck in poverty is they never talk about money), a not uncommon complaint I hear is them blaming me for their perceived lack of money to get started with, for example, investing in rental properties. Some people probably rolled their eyes at the idea of “investing in rental properties,” for whatever reason. Maybe it’s because they hate money. At the risk of sounding like literally everyone else who’s into real estate, let me introduce you to the single most powerful question I have ever heard.

“How am I supposed to do that?”

This is from the book Never Split the Difference, and it is the greatest text on negotiation that I have ever read (I actually listened to the audiobook, like I do for many business books). It is also the only book on negotiation that I have ever read, but the quality is clear. The author was an international negotiator for the FBI who dealt with terrorism and hostage cases before transitioning into education. I like to think that I’m good, but if I was across the table from this guy he’d almost certainly mirror and label me to death until I gave him everything he’s ever wanted and more.

Those who know anything about me likely know that I value learning and education above pretty much all else. I believe that learning is the greatest superpower that one can ever attain. Most people do not even realize that learning is a skill that can be cultivated and improved. insert shill. My last post was rather psychological, so I’ll largely keep to magick today, but I will talk about learning more in the future.

Perhaps you can see the influence of this on my sex magick. To clarify for those who may not have done all the reading, my primary book for sex magick is Adventures in Sex Magick, with additional ideas from The Masterworks of Chaos Magick. If you are a beginner there should still be value here for you, but if you want to do this sort of magick then you should read these books. As a side note, if you want to invest, then you should read books on investing. Makes sense, huh?

I’ll also say that I am obviously not the most experienced with this magick, but that I believe that I have ideas which are worth sharing. I enjoy writing about it, at the very least.

One of the strengths of this style of sex magick is that the sigils (and the words and requests) are so versatile. You can be very general or very specific, very abstract or very concrete. The act of performing the magick is also rather intrinsically motivating, so it is easy to do a lot of sex magick and to do sex magick alongside other magickal methods. This means that you can do more abstract workings or really hone-in on a certain subject or situation without neglecting other aspects of your life. There have been times in my life when I have done no more than one ritual a day, often even going several or many days without doing any magick, but for me at least angelic energy makes me want to do more magick, so having this flexibility is appealing.

I’ll assume that you are at least familiar with the workings I’ve posted above. These ere on the side of abstract, long-term workings that mostly work slowly and subtly, almost in the background. I like doing this sort of magick and I like the results, and sex magick has been great for this since I can focus on more immediate concerns with other methods, such as Enochian Universal Magick. Sex magick also has not felt appropriate for every result I have done magick for, such as cultivating non-sexual friendships, so having alternatives is appealing.

Now let’s say that you are looking to pursue a new project of some sort. Perhaps you are a new artist, or an artist who’s been at it for a while but is now looking to take their craft to the next level, or perhaps you want to build a business, or move up in your profession, or learn a language, or whatever your long-term project may happen to be. When you are working on a project like this with sex magick, it seems to an extent you just want to get on in there and keep blasting. The above workings sort of do this, but with the Music one, for instance, the rituals are aimed more at somewhat abstract concepts designed to improve your understanding of music.

This is all well and good, but for my own current artistic endeavours, it has felt good to do more rituals aimed at the “nitty gritty,” if you will. Simply raising more energy and directing it towards your project seems very useful, even if you don’t specify too much the intent of that energy beyond empowering your project, but another nice thing about this magick is that you can make sigils for all sorts of things. If there is a term, an action, a concept, a process, anything that you can label that is somehow involved with your project, you can empower it with sex magick.

So let’s say you are training to be a better musician. You could make sigils for “major” and “minor,” and some for all seven scale degrees, literally each of the individual different notes you can play, and you could make some for all the different keys like “C” or “Eb” and the rest, and you could do some for chords and different rhythms, you could do sigils for all the different intervals like “major 3rd” and “perfect 4th,” all of the little things that you actually do while involved with your project. This might seem a bit redundant or overkill, and if this style doesn’t appeal to you then obviously you don’t have to do magick like this, but the reason I like it is that it focuses my mind on the specifics of the craft so that I properly learn things and cultivate a strong and durable foundation. It helps me be where I am now. Just doing rituals for a project also has the effect of motivating me to actually do the thing and make progress.

If you are a particularly astute reader of mine, then you may wonder if you should do these sorts of rituals like I advise doing the workings I have posted, “batched” together with the rituals for these workings. I admire the use of interleaving (no one does that, it’s crazy!), and I think you could absolutely do this, but in some ways I think it is often better to group the “nitty-gritty” rituals together. I’ll get more into this and other learning concepts in the future, but sometimes it feels nice to step away from the super abstract and long-term for a bit and get really focused on the here-and-now of a project you want to get moving.

A few more notes and then that’ll be all for this week. This time let’s use a business example. Let’s say you have been doing the above style of sigil magick to improve your craft as a businessperson, and now you’ve got a project coming up to develop and ultimately launch a new product. You’ve been working on your craft, so you know some of the steps involved in this will be research and development, financing the project, getting people aligned and organized and clear on what to do, accounting for all the operational processes that go into the project from start to finish, marketing the product, and ultimately launching and shipping the product. You’ve probably done sigils to improve your knowledge and ability with all of these business domains, and probably more too for your other business skills, but here you can do a working just for this new product. You probably don’t even need to, really, since you’ve been doing so much learning and better know how to do things, but the magick is there to be used.

Alright, I think that’s a good post for this week. I’ll say again that I am happy to answer any questions if there is confusion regarding a method or idea I have discussed. I would first encourage you to read the material thoroughly, though. I don’t check this forum every day, but I like helping people with their magick.

Enjoy your week, dear reader.


If you believe you have something of value to share then by all means feel free to do so. I do ask that you do your best to make quality writing, though.

I don’t want this thread getting too cluttered, but it’s not exactly “my thread” or anything. I post my writing here because I like this community and people know they can find my stuff here. I basically treat this as a blog, but it’s kind of boring if it’s just me droning on about shit.

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I have a post about learning in the works that would take more energy to write than I have for today, so look out for that one another time. Today’s post will be a bit scattered but I’ll try not to inundate you too much with banal opinions or make you buy a thesaurus.

First, a book recommendation. This one’s a hefty one. I’ve mentioned before that Buddhism was my gateway drug into the occult, though I suppose really Western Super Duper Ultra Secular Don’t Worry About It McMindfulness was my gateway drug. I’d always thought the idea of meditation was pretty cool, and I even tried it once as a teenager when I was in a really dark place. I still remember that moment of brightness and peace I felt afterwards.

But anyways the book. I mentioned The Mind Illuminated earlier in this thread, and this I recommend for learning how to actually do meditation. For learning what meditation is going to do to you, I recommend Mastering the Core Teachings of the Buddha by Daniel Ingram. I suggest buying a copy to support the author but I first read it as a pdf I got for free from his website. I’ve implicitly thrown some shade at the author before, in good faith I might add, but he was the one who opened my mind to the possibility of magick, something I am eternally grateful for. With both of these books you may have to roll your eyes a bit at the RHP stuff but they are worth reading if you consider yourself a serious occultist (oh yeah I went there). I consider training in sila aka morality as training in mindset, personality, and lifestyle, by the way.

A bit of musing now. After living the spiritual/magickal life in a rather intense way for a few years now, it has occurred to me that there are quite a few different “skill trees,” if you will, to explore in the occult (I’ll count mindfulness meditation as the occult). I consider myself to be pretty reasonably attained in some aspects and pretty ordinary in others. We live in an interesting time when you can obtain occult knowledge that people have probably killed and been killed for back in the day within two days, and with free shipping!

It amuses me whenever Buddhist texts just straight-up say that you have spiritual seekers/yogis/monks/occultists/etc, and then you have ordinary people. There was a time when I considered becoming a psychotherapist, and although this isn’t why I ultimately didn’t pursue that I imagine it would have gotten extremely frustrating for me because I would ask people, have you tried abiding in rigpa (non-dual awareness, which I would currently say is coldness) (or summoning a healing spirit)? And they would reply that they couldn’t be fucked to meditate, and so I’d have to be like well I guess you can try and make note of bad thoughts or something but fuck dude it’s like giving people leeches because they refuse to acknowledge the efficacy or even the existence of antibiotics.

I may as well be a goddamn alien. It is frustrating and amusing and delightful and sickening and wonderful all at the same time. Ever been in that awkward situation where you are sexually attracted to someone, but they do not reciprocate (yes after you did seduction magick)? Sometimes I want to say that I really don’t mind just being friends cause I have a lucid dream practice so I can have sex with you anyways, but I probably don’t need to elaborate on how well that would probably go down. So I just do my best to make it clear that being non-sexual friends is cool too, but unfortunately not everyone can be cold (or lucid dream) so they get all caught up in their bullshit beliefs that society thrust upon them and sometimes there’s really not a more optimal way you could have played it.

I’m basically free associating right now so some sex magick notes. If you are following the ideas that I have shared in your practice, then you may have wondered how to integrate the long-term workings with the mountainous pile of rituals you have conceived for your project of choice, especially if you have really been listening and started with the absolute basics. The abstract long-term workings (just to clarify, Career Story Play Self, and also potentially [Name] and Music and whatever else you come up with in this style) are indeed long-term workings. You don’t have to be doing them constantly, and giving them some space can certainly be good. The super nitty-gritty workings I also consider to be long-term in nature. I’ve probably said enough with that.

Money, hooray! Two things here (have you enjoyed your golden week?). For the first, more real estate spam. There’s this thing called house hacking. I don’t know about other countries but you can do this in the US. There’s this thing called an FHA loan that only makes you put down 3.5%, but you have to live in the place. The idea is you buy a multi-unit property, live in one of the units, then rent out the others. These are sperate units, not roommates. If you do it correctly you’ll actually be getting paid to live there and you’ll own the place. This is apparently rather common as a first investment since you can stop paying rent and not get bogged down with a mortgage payment. From what I know you can re-finance down the line if you want to move out. You should definitely be doing your own research with this stuff.

Second thing. I highly recommend doing business with another trusted individual. It could be a friend, a colleague, family member, whomever, but certainly someone you respect and can get along with in a business context. Even hermit artists work with others when it comes to the business side of things. Not only does this spread out the workload, it helps you all learn more quickly and lets you pool together capital. It may sound kind of lame to cut your returns in half, but that’s not what you’re doing. You’re getting the same returns, maybe even better, and the pot is bigger. But unlike in poker, investment is a cooperative game. The odds are much better, too.

So a third thing. If you are in a spot where you are not making enough money to get the investment train moving, it is possible to make more. I don’t really know what else to say. I’m not blaming you for society being unfair, but people do climb out of poverty. You probably won’t climb out in your current shitty job, though. I generally suggest looking for work where you can earn commission or tips, or where there are big bonuses, or starting a business (not a fake scam like dropshipping or multi-level marketing) or doing creative work that can sell to many people. If you work fast food, do your damndest to get a job waiting tables at the nicest, most expensive restaurant you can. You could try being a car salesperson. Or being a real estate agent. If you really want to sell out (or as I like to say, cash in), then work in the finance industry. It turns out that when you interact with companies and people with huge piles of money, it tends to rub off on you. I don’t mean working at McDonalds, I mean selling insurance to McDonalds, or whatever.

Well I’m free associating so a fourth thing. If you actually do give a shit about financial freedom via real estate then you may have heard of BRRRR. This is buy, renovate, rent, refinance, repeat. Just google it. Basically once you buy the first place you can use it as collateral for a loan to go buy another place. Then you use that place as collateral and buy another place. On and on you go. You essentially recycle the same money over and over again. I’m probably slightly inaccurate with some of the details here so this isn’t financial advice, do your own due diligence.

Many people do not realize that financial freedom is a very real thing that can be attained by anyone. And let me tell you, hot fucking damn is it awesome. The other day I saw an online chatroom filled with people all saying things like “yep, poor gang”, “yep super poor”, “never gonna be rich fuck the rich.” Do you want that to be you, or do you want to be the person these people wallowing in their collective pools of misery hate? I certainly don’t mind being hated by people who hate money. I thoroughly enjoy my money. The fact that some people (probably a lot of people) will think that I’m gloating and not just stating a fact about my experience reveals the problem many people have. They hate money. And now they’re blaming me for the fact that they hate money. Have you tried abiding in rigpa? Or summoning Jupiter? And not like one time, more like every full moon. Wow, you’re just so materialistic and obsessed with money. Some people really are that bitter. I prefer hanging out with my dude Jupiter. He throws much better pool parties. I am referencing 7 Occult Money Rituals, just to be clear.

I think I’ve covered the sex money power today and even the RotNS, so that was fun.

Hello, dear readers. Today we will begin and end with dreams.

Dream practice would be one of those practices where it is best to let it take over your life. If you’ve read The Tibetan Yogas of Dream and Sleep, you may know that the author suggests associating dream with awareness and presence, which in the Tibetan tradition is known as rigpa. Yeah, no shit, that’s what lucid dreaming is - being aware of your experience while you are dreaming.

If you’ve read Exploring the World of Lucid Dreaming or been on any LD forum ever you will have heard of Reality Checks. I may be repeating myself some here but these things bear repeating. Reality Checks (RCs) are basically the watered down version of the more effective technique of mindfulness paired with the awareness that your experience is of the nature of the dream state. I have done the “nose pinch” RC, where you pinch your nose and if you can breath through it then you are certainly dreaming, but only after I already have attained lucidity due to the arising of the awareness that my experience is of the nature of the dream state. I intend to stop doing the RC because it is like anxiously checking your pockets for the fifth time to make sure your keys are in fact in the pocket that is deep and zipped close.

If you don’t want to be a dabbler then you should do some mindfulness meditation as part of your dream practice. One sit for an hour a day is good. You can build up to that. If you do not believe that you have time for that, I suppose we all make time for what is important to us. With a mindfulness practice, it is important to encourage the arising of awareness throughout the entire day, not just during your meditation sit. Bruh are you calling me unaware? Yes, yes I am. With dream practice, you take this a step further, recognizing all phenomena that arise in awareness as being of the nature of dream, and encouraging this awareness to continue into sleep as well as during the waking hours.

This post you’re reading. Dream! The phone or computer? Dream! The water you drank today? Dream! The food you’ll eat? Dream! The thoughts and emotions that arise? Dream? The people you interacted with? Dream! You? Dream! Me? Dream! Dream? Dream!

Here is part of my practice which I alluded to before but I’ll elaborate on more now. First, in case you haven’t read the (Dream!) book, you’ll want to start cataloguing your dreamsigns. These are anything that you frequently encounter in your dreams. People, places, events, anything. You can do a (Dream!) sex magick working with these, by the way. As you make a list of your dreamsigns, periodically review them and use them for the following technique (I loosely call it the MILD (mnemonic induced lucid dream) visualization).

I currently do this three times per day, though I may increase this as I get used to the routine. The first time is after my coffee and occult reading, the second time after doing (Dream!) hatha yoga, and the third time right before bed. I was having some trouble doing my kegels consistently so I started doing them right before this (three sets of 10, alternate between hold 10 seconds each direction and 10 quick pulses alternating directions). (Dream!) Big paragraph so new one.

After doing my kegels I go right into the visualization, no preparation or buildup or anything, like a dream. I imagine myself in a situation involving dreamsigns. I usually use locations, but you can include people in those locations too. Sometimes I will move around between locations, sometimes I’ll stay in just one. I’ll bring the dreamsign and its label to mind, and then think, wait a minute, [dreamsign]? Oh, of course I’m dreaming, what else could I possibly be doing? I’ll then imagine myself rubbing my dream hands together and examining my surroundings to stabilize the dream. Chill for a (Dream!) moment. Then I’ll imagine myself doing something in the dream. Maybe I’ll just walk around, maybe I’ll fly, maybe I’ll do something sexy with a dream partner, maybe I’ll stab something, maybe I’ll shoot laser beams out my eyeballs, whatever. Then I’ll ask myself, How did I remember, that I am dreaming? Then I’ll get on with my (Dream!) day.

Quick note - my current hatha yoga routine is a set of three videos which I do and then have a rest day, which I should probably use to go for a walk. If it’s a rest day I’ll do the second MILD visualization before showering. I also don’t do kegels on the rest day.

It is possible that you may find yourself getting somewhat frustrated by the practice of encouraging (Dream!) Dream! to pop into your head all the time, especially if you, like me, are still in the beginning stages of dream practice. The solution is to be aware of the dreamlike, illusory, transitory nature of that emotion and allow it to pass. The more you do the MILD visualization and the more you see the results of dream practice in your dreams the more you will come to associate dreaming with pleasurable feelings. Persistence is (Dream!) effective.

One more thing. Directly prior to going to (Dream!) bed (well I do this in my bed but you know what I mean), I do my kegels and then the MILD visualization. After this, I allow memories of the day to arise, and I recognize those memories as being of the nature of dream. Just as I remember these waking memories that are and were of the nature of dream, I want to remember the sleeping memories that are and will be of the nature of dream. When I (Dream!) awaken, I record my dream memories. When I awaken for the final time of the sleeping period, after recording my dream, I remember that I want to abide in rigpa and recognize my experience as being of the nature of dream. And so the wheel of practice turns through day and night.

The author also suggests visualizing many beautiful Dakinis in the room all around you as you go to bed, watching over you and protecting you. If you want to imagine a bunch of sexy people all hanging out in your bedroom you can certainly do that. The first dream visualization, Peace, should also serve as a reminder that you are protected by Enochian powers (or by spirits in the Tibetan tradition if you use the traditional Tibetan visualizations).

With these visualizations we have Peace and Power, Clarity and Corruption. We have the Peace of creation, the beginning of desirable things. We have the Power of destruction, the ending of undesirable things. We have the Clarity of light, knowing and abiding in pure supreme awareness. We have the Corruption of darkness, knowing ignorance.

I’m not really much of a chakras dude, but here we have red with Peace and blue with Power. Red symbolizes the root chakra (though the visualization is done in the throat), and the practice the peace that comes from the fulfillment of fundamental needs. Blue symbolizes the throat chakra, the power of making labels for forms, though the visualization is done in the chest. Red and blue blended together create shades of purple, the brow and crown chakras, which are about psychic and magick powers and connection to magick and stuff like that.

You know the practice is good if it’s got me talking about chakras.

On the note of practice, I almost talked about a good practice routine for learning music today, but I do have things I would like to do. I’ll give you the quick version today. Oops I basically typed it all. You don’t have to do the entire thing every time or every day, but if you are a serious artist then you will want this to be something you do quite regularly. If you primarily make music electronically, then I suggest learning to sing and doing singing for all but the last part. If you make music electronically and also play another instrument, then mostly practice your instrument and make tunes but also make some time for singing. The singing is mostly for building musicianship and improving your musical Ear. Ideally also have some exercises for rhythm. A good teacher whom you take lessons from helps. I suggest a jazz musician that has formal training since they’ll have good exercises. If you don’t know where to find one go to a jazz club when the pandemic ends. If the music you make isn’t really jazz then also find someone skilled and successful who does do your genre. The jazz cats have good technical stuff but can sometimes be kinda snooty if you’re not doing jazz (the cool ones aren’t snooty), so keep that in mind.

Settle in and warmup. Maybe make some tea (smoking weed before practice is a no no) or something and review what you want to get done with the session. Then, technical exercise. A few scales (played like you mean it) would be your warmup, so this is more like etudes (when I was a sax player I used the Charlie Parker Omnibook), chord progressions, arpeggiating chord progressions, improvisation patterns, stuff like that. Things that are not actual tunes that you want to play/make but that help you play your tunes a whole lot fucking better. In case I need to say it, use a metronome. Then, kinda halfway between technical exercise and actual playing of tunes. This is where you isolate stuff that you want to use in whatever tunes you may be practicing. You could consider chord progressions to fall into this category instead of the previous, for example. Lastly is actually playing/making some tunes.

The last part is the only part you’d really want to share with anyone else. You can share your technical practice with another musician for co-motivation, but that stuff isn’t really music for listening. I do also encourage you to share what you do with this last bit of your practice routine. Post stuff on soundcloud or instagram or whatever (or both). This is probably not where people will find your Masterworks of Grand Glorious and Supreme Awesomeness, but it will encourage you to finish and complete many, many, many, many, many bite-sized projects and will help you get used to sharing your stuff. I’m talking like 30 second (or shorter) (or longer) little tunes that you finish in a single session or a few, possibly taking a week at the absolute longest. Include in them whatever you like, but make them complete. Spam that shit. It may also help you start building a following. I’d say your artistic craft is the foundation of your artistic career, but your following is also pretty important.

Ok that’s all for (Dream!) today.

Remember to remember that your experience is of the nature of dream.

I think today I’ll just do a few notes on ritual practice.

For starters, I was using a slightly different variant of the RotNS previously and felt compelled to make a change right before I posted it. The gratitude section used to come after the questions, rather than the delightful part. I’m not settled on either version at this time and felt that I should share this in case anyone practicing the ritual wants to try a different version.

There’s nothing in particular I have to say about sex magick at this time, except maybe to remember to laugh a little.

With money magick, here’s a cleaned-up script for ritual 6 of the 7 Occult Money Rituals. But I’m almost done with that one! Well there’s always next time.

Begin the ritual as described, chanting the names (I chant them three times) and imagining the sun. I face West because that’s the direction my standing “altar” or “magick desk” or whatever faces. That’s the opposite direction of how the sun is supposed to rise but my magick is just that awesome. After chanting, project yourself into the future.

Do you remember, all the way back, all those decades ago (it can be less than that, but it should be a while back)? Imagine a moment from this time. That was back when I was [insert stuff you are doing nowadays, naming them and seeing yourself doing them] (create the feeling of this occurring long ago). Was I worried about something back then? Money? But everything unfolded so magnificently didn’t it? Feel the awe. There was no cause for concern at all. Call the angels, singing the names, imagining the blue lightning striking you. Then look up and see the brilliant blue sky that’s been there all along. Don’t try to imagine how the magick will work, what changes or opportunities it will bring. Just bask in the money energy and let it flow through you and into your life. Thank the angels.

Return to an earlier time. Do you remember way back when, all those years ago? Imagine a moment from this time a few years back (from the actual present time). That was back when I was [insert stuff you are doing nowadays, naming them and seeing yourself doing them] (create the feeling of this occurring some time ago). Was I worried about money back then? Maybe, but there was no need for me to feel that way at all, now was there. Feel the release. That’s right, I called to the three great angels of wealth, and everything worked itself out so easily, didn’t it? Feel the relief. There really was no cause for concern at all, now was there. Call to the angels, singing the names, and feeling gratitude with each strike of lightning. Look up and see the brilliant blue sky. Soak in all that money energy, and perhaps catch a glimpse of the sun in the sky. Thank the angels.

Return to the present day and see the sun that you imagined at the beginning of the ritual, feel the rays warming you and passing through you to the horizon. Then see the clouds come in from all sides, and see them cover and hide the sun. Feel whatever it is you feel. Feel any fear, any sadness, any longing. Slam down your fist. This can be gentle, but it should be impactful. Enough of this. I will have more money, because that is what I decided will be, with the power of magick. Call to the angels, singing the names, feeling the lightning strike you from the clouds. Then watch as the clouds depart, and watch as the brilliant blue sky emerges. Bask in the money energy, thank the angels, and then conclude the ritual and continue on with your day.

Next is the power of Universal Magick. As you begin the ritual, gaze into the sigil, and know that through it, you open a gateway to the Enochian Power of [whichever Power you are summoning]. Through this gateway, mighty beings hear your call. And through this sigil, you can bring the immense power of Enochian magick into your mind, into your life, and into the world around you. I then scan the outer ring of letters, then begin speaking the words and names. With each section (the Godname, the Elders, the second Godname, the words of summoning and the spirit of the elements, and then the word(s) of summoning and the name(s) of the spirit(s)), I first scan the letters, then state my request/desire/intent/magick phrase. Then I speak the names or words. The Godnames and words of summoning I chant normally. The angel names I sing and imagine white lightning striking me. The demon names come out sort of like a normal chant but more demony sounding. After speaking the words/names I state my request again, and then feel the energy of the magick, remaining open to potential messages from the magick. I move on to the next section when I feel like doing so and conclude the ritual after feeling the energy from the final spirit(s). It does not seem strictly necessary to linger in the energies, and perhaps not even necessary to speak the names at all, simply look at the letters, but in my experience to get the most out of the magick you should let it energize you.

If you would like to know my approach to working with the book Success Magick, here it is. Before going into this, I would suggest doing a Universal Magick ritual around once per week to act as a rest from the Success Magick ritual.

Bear in mind that this is not the only valid approach, and this way will have you living more of that monastic lifestyle. This is not practical for everyone depending on your life circumstances, but for those who now or in the future will have the freedom to do this I will give the full details. I do not suggest living fully in the clouds, as it were, and I believe it is important to continue to make progress in and live your mundane material life. You can look through my earlier Enochian journal thread for some of my previous thoughts on this topic, though I have been reminded of when I was younger and promised to myself that I would not do eponymous naming of things, and younger me in this instance had a nice idea. I also, of course, want to shill my ritual. (freedom) Sex, Money, Power, Success. Good ole magick.

Perform the ritual after a mindfulness meditation sit of one hour, and give yourself up to two hours for the ritual. You probably don’t need all this time but sometimes you might. If it is the day of a new ritual, prepare the sigil and have the Key written out prior to meditating. After contemplating the ideas, prepare your ritual space. Begin the ritual with the archangel centering/banishing. Even if you are not speaking the Keys or using the additional steps, I suggest doing this to balance out any potentially undesirable side effects of continually summoning the Enochian powers not for yourself, but for the good of all humanity. Periodically performing the RotNS should also help in this regard. But thems be the works of the Divell! You’re fuckin right it is

After the banishing, time for some energy work. Follow the “Magickal Chaos Energy” procedure to build up energy in your body, explode the fountain of light, and circulate light through your body. Then, imagine each chakra as a sphere of glowing, pulsing, swirling light. The root chakra is red. The sacral chakra (around your belly button) is orange. The solar plexus chakra is yellow. The heart chakra is green. The throat chakra is blue. The brow chakra is bluish purple. The crown chakra is reddish purple (this may be less a sphere and more the area on the surface of your head). Take a moment at each chakra to circulate the colored light through your body. As you proceed to each following chakra, take a moment to visualize each of the previous energy centers, practicing seeing them all. There is no particular conclusion to this exercise.

I will also note that in my previous work with this magick, the angels revealed a secret chakra around the center of the head, towards the crown, perhaps touching it, perhaps forward towards the face a bit. From this chakra the light of the body manifested. It’s been a minute so I’m not feeling very connected to it at the time of writing so the location as described here may be slightly inaccurate, but when I was working the magick I could connect to it at any time. It’s like seeing the continuous arising and passing away of the spiritual essence. There were times when my body felt definitively like a meatsack.

After the chakras, then perform Light from the Dark. This is a fast process, less than a minute, but it seems that the contemplation of infinity is worth doing.

After this, attain the Stillness.

Also, the Advanced Calling is probably worth doing in place of the regular Circle of Power ritual. It may seem strange to include archangels in Enochian magick, but the archangels were present during the original revelations of the magick, and again I believe it is important to include a centering/banishing ritual when doing this sort of magick.

Beware, walls of text approaching. From here, gaze at the sigil as normal, scan the letters, then speak the words. I now own Kevin Klein’s transcription of the original manuscripts so I can look up the Keys here, and I will probably create a separate post with each Key written out and a guide to my approach to Enochian pronunciation. I have previously looked for the Keys online, and the sources I found seem to have taken them from Crowley’s writings, which to my present recollection differed in places to Klein’s transcription of the manuscripts. I will also note here that I will likely experiment with the Sigillum Dei Aemeth, which I will probably create with Enochian letters (for the compound “el” I’ll probably just omit the “e”). The second layer I don’t know what to do with, perhaps just looking at the symbols is fine. The layers with names I’ll probably just speak once or three times each. The layers that are strings of letters, such as the outermost, I will speak each individual letter. In my system of pronunciation every letter is pronounced the same way wherever it appears. Vowels are fairly straightforward. In words with consecutive consonants I make an “ugh” sound, like in “fun,” between the letters. It might seem weird to make sounds that may seem like grunting a bunch, but I wouldn’t expect Angelical to sound normal to the English ear anyways. The major point of doing this is so that you can focus your attention on the sound of the consonant as you make it and then the after-image of the sound that is perceptible while you are vocalizing the “ugh” sound. There’s probably some wack-ass rabbit hole you can go down with the numbers, but for this ritual with the sigil I’ll probably just ignore them.

After speaking all the words and then the names, I remain open to what may happen. Sometimes nothing particularly interesting happens and I close the ritual. Sometimes I receive visions. When this happens, just let it happen. You don’t have to do anything. Just watch and let it happen. I do not record the vision in ritual as that would distract from the experience. Previously this is all I did. There were a couple times, however, when images spontaneously appeared in my carpet rug, plainly visible to the naked eye. It does seem appropriate to have some sort of equipment for scrying. As with internal visions, images will not always appear, but they have appeared to me outside of ritual and so I cannot deny the possibility of experiences that may be more effectively conveyed by the angels via scrying. There are various hand-held mirrors available for purchase at very affordable prices, though considering I have seen images appear in a towel and a rug it seems that many surfaces are workable. You may feel like a bit of a jackass at first, but there are also crystal balls you can acquire. If you’re gonna do it, fuckin do it. It seems that dark, reflective surfaces work best, but I’ll have to see. It also seems prudent to have a writing instrument and paper to hand. I have channeled things from angels in the past, and these words were conveyed entirely within my internal mind, auditorily. It is possible that things worth writing down may appear in the scrying object, and perhaps even in the room. The angels remarked to Dee and his scryer before Kelly that they would deafen the others in the house to their words. It is not clear to me the different ways in exactly how the angels communicated in the original transmission, but there are places where it seems that Dee himself heard the angels, presumably in addition to the scryer. Again I suppose I will have to see what happens.

Again as well, clearly this is some angel magick. Working in this way is perhaps not practical or desirable for everyone, and if you are reading this and want to work with the system as it is literally presented in Success Magick I trust that the Gallery has shared a simplified approach that brings good results. I am sharing this approach for those who are able and willing to live this sort of lifestyle for a time. It is an integrated approach that is designed to yield a wide and deep scope of both insight and material benefits.

Obviously, if you are following the complete system as I have presented it here (not to claim that this is “my magick”), then your life will be balanced more towards magick and spiritual practice than your mundane career and likely your social relationships. I would be surprised if there were not those who would argue that it should be adjusted more one way or the other. Some may say that one hour of mindfulness meditation is insufficient. This routine is focused more on magick than on traditional vipassana. Such insights will likely occur even with just one hour of formal practice, especially if care is taken to remind mindful (and aware that your experience is of the nature of the dream state). In some ways it is concentration that is really the point of including meditation, but the Enochian angels seem to be exceptionally compatible with insight meditation practices and may accelerate the results of this practice if care is taken to distinguish between mystical insights and the insights from investigating the characteristics of all sensate phenomena. I believe that both types of wisdom are of great value.

Before I go on to the next paragraph, I feel compelled to state again that this approach is set out for those who have reached a place in life where they are able to make magick their primary focus. This is not financially viable for everyone, and that is why I have elaborated on a mundane investing strategy that can be used to attain financial freedom, likely within four-fiveish years if done with diligence and the aid of magick. Some will likely resent me regardless, but I will not hold back my words. I can only encourage such individuals to perform the money magick I have shilled here to cleanse themselves of such damaging associations so that they can attain the freedom they desire. Magick allows for material attainments just as readily as it does mystical attainments. For those with the freedom to commit to this system, I believe that it is not strictly necessary to practice money magick to this extent. I still get a lot out of the rituals, but if you would prefer to use the morning ritual time on something else or some other magick that is up to you. Performing the Vision ritual from time to time seems valuable.

There are also likely those who feel that this is too much magick, and that one should spend more time on mundane activities and engaging in socialization. I do certainly believe that care should be taken to not completely abandon your material life and connections. The system as presented in Success Magick is at all times connected to the Great Table of the Earth, and I believe there is good reason for this. Spending all your time immersed in magick may prevent you from refreshing your perspective. It does also seem that with this magick in particular, the risk of outright delusions or insanity is something that should be seriously considered. I’m all for an open mind, but I am even moreso for true knowledge.

I will also say that a developed dream practice allows one to experience many things and fulfill many desires. Again, retaining a connection to the material world is something that I do not believe should be dismissed or forgone in the name of any spiritual practice or goal. Having said that, if you are doing this magick to its fullest extent, putting in the time to do the practices and study relevant materials to aid the practices, your time maintaining a material practice and maintaining social relationships will be quite limited relative to other times in your life. The emotions that we experience in dreams are just as real as the emotions we experience in the waking state. You do need to cultivate the state of mind that makes this fully possible, but dreams can provide the experiences that you may wish to have but have difficulty finding the time for when pursuing as extensive a magickal undertaking as this. Some may view this as an unhealthy avoidance of reality or a retreat into dysfunctional fantasy, and I will not argue with such people. I believe I have made myself quite clear on honestly discussing the things involved in seriously pursuing magick at this level. I do not encourage becoming an isolated hermit with no material goals and desires, but I will also not lie and deny the very real benefits and knowledge that is difficult to access without basing your lifestyle around the practice of magick.

Freedom, Sex, Money, Power, Success.

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I find it to be so interesting what magick does to you. At this point I almost don’t even think about manifesting results with magick. It’s interesting because back when I was first getting started, the results were what convinced me that magick is worth doing, and I would dwell often on moments that felt like magickal manifestations.

These were the things I would notice - when I got the money, when the curse worked, when the girls and the guys started tripping over themselves to get to me, when the influence I wanted to have on the mind of another made itself apparent, when behaviors of my own arose that seemed far beyond my capabilities with a particular skill, these sorts of things. Even more noticeable were the times when magick seemed to fail me. When she didn’t have sex with me, or even do a second date, when I didn’t get the job, when they didn’t drop dead immediately, these sorts of things. This was even moreso the case when I would read stories here from people using what I believe to be subpar magick. They’d do little more than look at a sigil and perhaps say some words of questionable authenticity, and that would work. The unyielding certainty often seen in the ignorant seems to have an amusingly beneficial effect on magick when the person doing the spell has an intent that is quite reasonable and able to manifest quickly.

This made me ask myself, am I the one who is wrong? Is it perhaps the case that essentially any and all magickal methods all work and fail equally? The environment in which I grew up caused me to be inclined towards self-doubt, which in some ways is exceptionally useful though unhelpful in others. After further consideration, my conclusion is that no, there are methods which are better than others. But what does that even mean?

A good and useful benchmark for evaluating the effectiveness of magick can be a tricky thing to figure out. We could say that magick should maximize pleasure and minimize pain. This seems reasonable enough. I do not believe it is possible to outright eliminate pain if you do not also accept that you will have to outright eliminate pleasure. This is what many traditional Buddhist practitioners attempt to do, or at least what they say they attempt to do. Some understand their own practices and philosophies much better than others.

This benchmark can be problematic, however. Some just get off on pain, or at least on the idea of pain. As a sadist I certainly appreciate the masochists out there, but really I cannot relate. But then what even is pain? There are physical sensations which create aversion and a perception that is deeply uncomfortable, but when investigated using meditative methods this can change and the perception viewed more as a neutral phenomenon that is simply occurring. So I suppose that is eliminating pain.
The thing is, performing such investigations on pleasurable sensations can have the very same eliminating effect.

This is what many Buddhists are referring to when they speak of liberation or freedom - a release from the compulsions of attraction and repulsion. Their goal is essentially to rid themselves of emotions and become absolutely neutral towards everything. I believe this is the main reason why training in “morality” is emphasized quite heavily from the earliest stages of meditative training.

Personally, I find this to be an unreasonable goal. Perhaps I have just not read or heard certain words of those who have gone much, much deeper than I into such things as vipassana, but from what I have read and heard, these practitioners tend to end up with mind states that are characterized by a sort of “joy.” If you have worked with the Enochian Rituals of the Keys, what I call the rituals in Success Magick (with the Keys added), and really it seems just the first ritual Vision with the Nalvage sigil, then you have probably felt this emotion or energy yourself. In my previous foray into the magick, I got up to the Boundary ritual (amusingly enough), and I would say that Happiness Magick would be a reasonable alternative title for the book. The Enochian angels have this energy that many call joy, though I prefer happiness because joy reminds me too much of New Age dipshits who rub themselves with crystals and smoke a bunch of weed and call that being spiritual. This happiness energy, under the emotional paradigm I have proposed, is a form of pleasure.

Pleasure is something that causes attraction. One thing the Enochian Angels (summoned by the Keys and the Nalvage sigil) seem to do is fill you with this energy so that it becomes your most prevalent default state, thereby creating an attraction to your everyday experience, or you could say an attraction to life. The metta-esque practice of summoning the angels with the intent of sharing the power with all humanity has the effect of creating a positive association with “humanity”, especially if you also thank the angels for this.

I believe that this magick has effects other than this, despite the lack of other intent, because the real power of magick often arises from just summoning spirits, or “invoking” or “evoking” them, whatever you want to call it. Simply being exposed to the presence of the spirits to the extent that occurs when magick is performed causes things to happen within your mind, within your life, and within the world around you. It is a fairly elementary idea within occultism that the inner world is a reflection of the outer, and that the outer world reflects the inner. Ultimately the separation of these worlds is illusory, which is why the act of magick, which occurs within your mind, causes effects external to oneself.

Ok that’s cool what the fuck is your point. Let us return to the observation that those who perform magick which I deem to be of dubious quality often get results which are comparable to those produced by magick which I deem to be of very high quality. I think the thing to look at here is the longer-term picture of someone’s life.

It is a common fallacy within investing that there is somehow a difference between “long-term” and “short-term” strategies. The outcome of an investment strategy over any time horizon is dependent on a continuous series of decisions. By continuous, I mean it in the sense of not broken down into discrete units, in this case discrete units of time. That’s a cool theory, but it’s not possible to make investment decisions in a non-discrete way. But considering that computers can now make such decisions on the millisecond level, let’s work there. It doesn’t matter if you are thinking about 1 day, 1 week, 1 month, 1 year, 10 years, whatever length of time into the future, the optimal decisions will be the ones which result in you having the most money that you possibly can at any given time. The more money you have now, the more you can make, so you should always try to be invested in things which will go up and shorting things which will go down. But even the best investors cannot be perfect, so really it’s about picking a portfolio which maximizes your expected return while minimizing your risk (measured with something called the Sharpe ratio). But then you have time spent managing your investments to consider.

Again, what the fuck is your point. Part of my point is to drip-feed you investment theory. The other is the weird analogy that my mind came up with between this and magick.

Let us consider a book which I consider to contain great magick - 7 Occult Money Rituals. Have I been doing this magick for years and years? No, so if for some reason you aren’t already, take everything I say with a grain of salt, meaning a healthy degree of skepticism. Each of these rituals has a distinct, unique effect. Ritual 1 eliminates fear regarding specific situations involving money, and also provides a sense of easy motivation with elemental Fire energy. Ritual 2 eliminates fear in a more general way, partly by making you feel rich relative to other people and by giving you experiences which you associate with rich people. I have also had dreams (as in the things you have while asleep) of places and situations that seemed teeming with wealth and riches. The ritual, at least for me, starts to make you put yourself into the category of “rich people” and to associate “rich people” with pleasure, aka positive feeling. It may also open up access to other people’s money, the main source likely being credit. This ritual also seems to be the one that loosens you up when it comes to spending money, which makes sense given its other effects. Ritual 3 has caused me to become aware of dysfunctional emotional associations involving money, primarily hatred towards money itself, and also of emotional associations, again mostly hatred (aka resentment or jealousy) involving actions and ideas which could lead to having more money. After becoming aware of these emotions, they have been removed and often had pleasure take their place. Ritual 4 has always caused me to have more physical things every time I’ve done it. Sometimes it’s straight-up cash money, but sometimes it’s things like access to more physical goods of some sort, such as artworks, at no expense (or exceptionally minimal expense). The power of Jupiter seems to increase abundance in a huge variety of ways. The ritual also generates a feeling of confidence in the magick, and a feeling that you deserve more money, no matter how rich you may be. Ritual 5 seems to attract money in a variety of forms, including such things as discounts and good deals, while also getting you used to doing things that may initially make you feel uncomfortable, though eventually they may become thrilling. It also opens your mind to numbers that may have previously seemed ridiculous or unattainable. I don’t personally ask for chump change with this ritual, though it does seem that this brings more of that “bronze” or perhaps “copper” energy. Ritual 6 seems like more of that silver energy, but perhaps I’m wrong on this. This ritual creates the feeling that the future will entail having more money, and that your money will continually increase even as you spend it. It also encourages you to act on potential opportunities and to make beneficial changes in your life, just as the book suggests. It also further encourages associating pleasure with money in a very direct way, especially if you consider the energy generated by contemplating the brilliant blue sky to be money energy. Ritual 7 creates the feeling that you are lucky. It also attracts good luck in situations that involve randomness or probabilities of any sort. I have used it before a poker game, and the result was that I came out slightly ahead, but with much less profit than the biggest winner. This was also a game with massively fragile egomaniacs, so I considered myself lucky. I also got to be the bank, so that was fun. I’ve also used it before rolling for skins/characters in video games, essentially gambling for non-monetary items, and have gotten some pretty lucky hits.

Again, is there a point? My point is that I believe this to be quality magick because it is an integrated system of effects that blend together to create a greater overall pattern of results that will cause the manifestation of the ultimate end goal, in this case continuous growth in wealth to the largest extent possible and the mindset that allows you to enjoy such wealth, as efficiently and effectively as possible.

What about, say, the Ritual of the Neutron Star? If I may be so indulgent, I would consider the magick as I have presented it here to be of high quality, though also incomplete as I have yet to elaborate upon all of the ideas which I believe are essential to derive the most benefit from the ritual. I’m not trying to write a five gazzilion page mega-tome full of ramblings, but there’s a lot to the ritual, and many ideas which are of practical value. What would the end goal of this magick (which I consider to be a form of Lucifer magick, considering that Lucifer did give the ritual to me) be? At this moment, I would say the maximization of knowledge. From this you get things like maximizing pleasure, eliminating fear, attaining wealth and control, those things you find in the ritual.

To me, knowledge is like a puzzle, of the jigsaw variety. Jigsaw puzzles represent an image of something which is put together, piece by piece. But with knowledge, you also have to paint the image on each individual piece without a perfect reference to the whole, complete image. You also have to form each piece to interlock with the others. This happens on an individual and on a collective level. Often, it is the case that after creating many pieces and assembling them together, usually at various different locations amidst the interior of the puzzle, it is discovered that the wrong images were painted and the wrong forms molded with some of the pieces, and so the puzzle must be taken apart and the pieces modified, and then put together again. The irony of the situation is that the puzzle will never be complete. There is also the question, where does the puzzle reside? And where does that which contains the puzzle reside? And on it goes.

What we have here today is a rather scattered collection of ideas, some conveyed explicitly and others via implication. I’m going to be hungry soon and this seems satisfactory enough so I’ll leave it at that.


No content this week cause life is happening. I have been typing up the Enochian Keys from Klein since they appear to differ from some of the online sources I checked before, and when I’m done with that I’ll post those in a different thread and link to it here (for the good of humanity I guess).

I did quickly look through the dictionary bit in the appendix of the third book in the paperback edition, and here’s what seems to be the text spoken in the Sex Magick ritual:

gohia bien yolcam ialpirgah laiad auauago malpirgi cicle moz ouof ozazma ul(?) urbs

We say | unto my voice | bring forth | the flames of first glory | the secrets of truth | the thunders of increase | the fires of life and increase | the mysteries | joy | may be magnified | make us | nor end | beautified.

This could perhaps be re-written as "We say unto my voice, bring forth the flames of first glory, the secrets of truth, the thunders and fires of life and increase, the mysteries, so that joy may be magnified. Make us, without end, beautified.

olani oln olpirt

For two times | made | light

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First, here’s a link to a thread I created with the Enochian Keys. I will check it periodically to ensure there are no errors, but I already double-checked all the Keys so any potential errors should be relatively insignificant. I will write out my approach to pronunciation here in this thread. I’d rather keep the thread with the Keys unbiased, but if you are familiar with the source materials you may know that there are some places where it is not 100% clear exactly what the words are supposed to be, so there is no avoiding some personal bias on my part. To my recollection there are very few such instances and I tended to follow Klein’s notes. When I did some of this magick previously I was using something that differed from the original manuscripts in places and still felt the intensity of the magick, so it seems that perfection is not to be expected or required.

Second, it seems that I have been guided to make further changes to the ritual process. I am wary of creating needless complexity, but I also do not want to ignore what I know and what the spirits reveal to me. Complexity is not bad, nor is it good, it just is what it is, and with this magick, complexity seems very useful because it is complicated fuckin magick.

The structure is now as follows - banishing/centering, fountain of light & chakras, Enochian Empowerment or Universal Magick (whatever you want to call it), Light from the Dark, the Stillness, The Key, The Names, sharing the power, communion, close.

The addition from my previous structure is the Universal Magick ritual. I was partly inspired by the extended ritual process when summoning Shem Angels with the 72 Angels of Magick book, where one of the 72 Godnames is used prior to summoning the angel. This addition does make the ritual significantly longer, and this is acceptable to me. I will now describe how to perform this section.

The rituals with the initial 18 Keys (the “Rituals of the Angels” as described in Success Magick) each call upon three angels of different types. The Clarity ritual (of the 1st Key) calls an angel of secrets, an angel of transformation, and an angel of conjoining. The idea is to include empowerments with the three Primary Powers that correspond to the angel types, as well as one with one of the demonic powers. The phrases used in these empowerments should relate to the power of the Ritual of the Key. I may or may not share my phrases as I go along, but for the sake of example here are my empowerments for Clarity.

Truth - I knew the clear truth.
Transformation - I acted on the clear truth.
Belonging - The clear truth brought me belonging.
Fortune - Greed was good.

To be clear, these empowerments are done one at a time over the course of four days of doing the entire ritual process. On this note, here is the approach to how long to do ritual I have come up with or perhaps received (the distinction is not always obvious). Within one week, the ritual is done for 5 days. One of the other days may be a rest day, one may be for a different ritual, perhaps a Universal Magick ritual, perhaps a 7OMR ritual, perhaps the RotNS. The 5 days of doing the Rituals of the Keys seems significant.

Here’s where it gets complicated. You start with the first ritual, Vision. Then you do ritual 2, Clarity. After this, you do Vision again (for another week). Then you do ritual 3, Pathway. Then you go back to Clarity. Then on to ritual 4, Confidence. Then back to Pathway. Then on to ritual 5, Desire. Etc. This way, each ritual is done for two weeks in total, five days each week.

To clarify the empowerment section (my writing today is super boring but I’m just trying to convey information), one day of the five days performing the entire ritual will not have an empowerment. I suggest the last of the five days, to remind yourself that the angels you are calling and the Key have intense power on their own and are supported by the empowerments in these rituals, not the other way around. What I am currently not clear on is the second week. Repetition of the exact same phrases seems not useful. One approach would be to do a similar style of empowerments that relate to the Key, another would be to use the Universal Magick like how you would on its own - targeting it at results that you want to see in your life. You could also omit the empowerments from the second week. I’ll see how I’m feeling about this when the time comes. Again, the empowerments are by no means essential, but they really juice you up.

This approach will make the entire pathworking (I like this term more than “magickal journey” or the others) last for around two years and change, especially if there are breaks, which is likely. If this seems like a bad thing rather than a good thing, then perhaps it is not a good time to go into this magick. I am reminded of my foray into Lucifer magick, which resulted in many changes to my fundamental being that still impact me today and I imagine will impact me until I shuffle off this mortal coil. I am quite at ease with the idea of opening the gates of hell, and this is something I believe I have done to a significant extent. Is there more to know and experience? I imagine so. But I do believe that magick guides us to find balance, and I believe that the gates of both heaven and hell may be opened.

Part of the point of doing this magick is to cause an extremely thorough re-wiring of your mind. The ideas and the empowerments play their part, but simply abiding in the energy of the magick for an extended period of time has a dramatic effect on one’s mind. I could see others being concerned that this is too much magick, that doing this is more likely to cause stagnation or insanity. I can appreciate the concern, but I am just so curious to see what happens to a mind so awash in magick.


I feel like my last few posts have been kinda lame so ima try and hit you with some top-tier shinri ramblings today. I’ll start with my approach to Enochian pronunciation, which I will elaborate on further in the future (Enochian seems like it’s rabbit holes all the way down). I’ve got some ritual practice notes as well and perhaps some ideas on cognitive dissonance. Musings at the end.

Enochian Pronunciation
A - ah, like claw
B - buh, like book
C - kuh, like cook
D - duh, like duh
E - eh, like fell (not ey or ei like skate)
F - fuh, like fell
G - guh, like gush
H - hhhh or huh, like hush or the sound of an out-breath
I - ee, like feel
L - luh, like loose
M - muh, like massive
N - nuh, like nut
O - oh, like open
P - puh, like paper
Q - wuh, like the ‘w’ in water
R - er, like rhapsody
S - sss, like snake
T - tuh, like talk
U - ooh, like cool
(V is U)
X - sh, like shelter
Y - yuh, like yes
Z - zzz, like zap
TH - th, like thread

Vowels (A, E, I, O, U) are the same wherever they are found. Consonants can vary depending on the context. F, H, L, M, N, R, S, X, Z, TH can be held like vowels. It may sound strange to hold the “m” sound with your mouth closed while vocalizing a word, or to go hhhhhh like an outbreath, but try it and see how it goes. If one of the other consonants is before or after a vowel then let it act like the beginning or ending of that syllable. If two of the other consonants (like g, c, t, etc) are next to each other, you can make an “ugh” sound (like fun) between the letters.

I’ll do some examples another time cause I don’t want to spend forever on this topic today. You may be wondering why “th” is the only sound made by combining two letters. Fuck if I know, that’s just the vibe I’ve picked up. “sh” sounds like ‘sssss hhhh’ like a hiss then an outbreath (‘x’ sounds like the English ‘sh’). “ch” sounds like “cuh, hhhh”. “Chis” is like “cuh hees” because there’s a vowel after the consonant “h”. “qu” sounds like “woo” like “that’s some woo-woo shit.” If this sounds convoluted it kind of is but that’s the pronunciation rabbit hole for yah. Wildly different approaches to this have presumably worked just fine for many people, so if you want to try doing it this way know that perfection is not required. I like it because it’s consistent and it sounds cool.

Other notes on ritual practice

I have recently been reminded of the last time I went deep into angelic magick. Back then I was more concerned with discovering my identity or true will or what I really wanted out of life, and mystical insights came almost as a side-effect of this. This time around I am more interested in the mystical stuff, but also in how the magick will affect me on the psychological level. Insights into myself have already come as well, almost as a side-effect, and the same goes for external results and manifestations.

Back in the day I was shown an energy work technique by Metatron. I saw spikes of vibrant white light pierce through each of my chakras, which I saw then as glowing spheres of white light. I didn’t do much in the way of straight-up energy work in the interim between then and now so I didn’t use the technique, but here is how I have integrated this into the fountain of light/chakras exercise.

Begin as normal, breathing in light. Allow your body to gradually be filled with light, and when you feel you are about to burst, allow the light to explode out the top of your head and radiate around you in a sphere, gathering around your feet, where it flows back up into your body and circulates in this loop. Every in-breath brings in more light, and this light is not lost, but circulated through your aura and through your body. Feel the light surge up through your legs, torso and arms, and then out through your head.

When you are ready, begin visualizing your chakras, starting with the root and working up. As you inhale, focus on the chakra, and as you exhale focus on your aura. At all times continue to feel the light circulating through you and around you. At each chakra, allow the light to be the color of the chakra, so that the light within you and around you is colored by the chakra. I focus on each chakra for three breathes before moving on to the next. If you want to spend more time doing this, I’d personally suggest setting aside a different time exclusively for energy work to keep your focus on the ritual and manage your time, but you can do what works for your schedule. (the book Astral Dynamics by Robert Bruce has good techniques, though I don’t subscribe to all the theories, also can google his NEW Energy Ways)

After working with all seven chakras, pause for a moment and allow an awareness of each chakra to arise as you circulate the white light. If you can see them all, cool, if not, don’t worry about it and just practice. Then, starting with the root chakra, visualize a spike of bright white light pierce through the chakra and infuse it with light, the white mixing with the color of the chakra. See the chakra expand and then burst, white light exploding out from it and shooting up through your body, out your head, and circulating. See that the chakra has become a point of white light, and then proceed to the next. When you have done this for each chakra, take a moment to continue circulating the light/energy, and then proceed with the ritual.

You may wonder what is happening to your chakras if you do this exercise. If your “energy organs” explode, wouldn’t they stay that way, like a physical organ would? Although there is a power to this pattern, it is still a combination of imagined sensory phenomenon that you control, not a definitely objective reality like things in the material world. If you visualize the chakras, they exist. If you believe you have removed your chakras, then they won’t exist. The way I think about it is that my energy body is empowered and transformed through this technique, and although the chakras may appear to pass away, they re-form naturally without the need for conscious input from me.

A few other things

With sex magick, you can move around the sexual energy (which you are instructed to consider to be a bright white light) like how you do with the fountain of light, as the author suggests in the book. I imagine you can do all sorts of things with this, solo and with others.

Also, another point that the author suggests in the book, after you attain the Stillness and before you scan the sigil for the Ritual of the Key, take a moment to remind yourself, “I look forward to connecting with the energy of this magick, and I am grateful for the opportunity to work with such wondrous power.” Something not suggested by the author but by me is this sequence of thoughts when gazing into the sigil (this differs from other rituals) - “Gaze now, at this sigil, and know that through it, I open a gateway to the Enochian Watchtower of the __ (or the Enochian Aethyr of __). Through this gateway, countless beings of infinite might hear my call. And through this sigil, I can bring the immense power of magick into my mind, into my life, and into the world around me.”

Ok cool time for cognitive dissonance. This is a term I’ve heard thrown around by people who don’t know what it really means, and pop pseudo-psychology is a plague which I detest, so here we go.

Remember that psychological post I did about ideas and emotions and associations and the neural network stuff? Basically cognitive dissonance is what happens when you associate conflicting emotions with the same idea.

Money is a really easy example to use for this. If you work with the 7OMR, you will likely have experienced the pleasurable energy in the rituals associating itself with your concept of “money”. If previously you have associated negative emotions, such as fear, rage, and/or hatred with money, then what happens is your mind enters a state of cognitive dissonance and seeks to resolve this conflict.

What this means in terms of experience is that the negative emotions will tend to arise to the level of conscious awareness more strongly than you may have previously experienced. If this happens that means these emotional associations already existed, but you were not aware of them. This is essentially your mind trying to figure out how the hell it’s supposed to feel.

The Universal Magick rituals have had a similar effect for me. If you are like me, then you probably have (or had) an amount of doubt that magick exists and works, likely because of the beliefs prevalent in modern Western society and the potential social consequences of being known as one who believes in magick. When I have done the “Enochian Empowerment” like the author describes, where you go “my whatever magick was always effective,” my mind sometimes will try to read it as “ineffective” while feelings of fear or embarrassment (a form of self-hatred) arise. This has lessened as I do more of this magick, but I say this here to provide an example and to provide some insight as to what the point of doing that sort of ritual is on a psychological level.

When I previously did some of the Rituals of the Keys, I experienced the mind state that seems to naturally arise from summoning this energy, a state which you could label as a degree of tranquility and equanimity, and perhaps happiness. There were moments when I was very surprised by the complete absence of rage following an event which would have previously triggered at least a little bit of this.

I can’t claim to know this for certain as I have only worked these rituals with the inclusion of the Keys, not the stripped-down version literally presented in Success Magick, but it seems that speaking the Keys causes this energy to be summoned to a more intense degree than if you did not do this. I believe this is why the magick can sometimes “get heavy” or have effects that do not exactly feel like joyfully frolicking through a field of flowers and rainbow sunshine. It seems that the magick creates deep beliefs which conflict with fears that can run just as deep, and associations do not seem to go away without some sort of conscious intervention. Magick is what does this. “Your half” of the work is performing the ritual, and then magick takes care of the rest.

I tend to mainly dwell on the psychological aspects of magick as that is something I generally understand rather well and enjoy learning more about, but I feel it is important to comment on something which will probably happen with you if you go deep with this magick. It’s been happening with me and it happened the last time. Boundaries exist in this material world for a good reason. If you are reading this then you probably have at least some idea as to what you are getting into with this magick. I always encourage people to listen to magick. Resisting this is like deciding to drive to disney world, waiting a long-ass time in line (or fast passing I guess), and then when you finally get to the ride you refuse to strap yourself in cause you don’t wanna and then they kick you out. If you want to experience the ride you need to listen to the instructions and allow yourself to be taken into the experience.

That being said, it is also important to remember that we are living here in this material world as well, and here in the material there is much corruption. The magick should protect you from the ignorance of others to a degree, but you need to ensure that you are not letting yourself be taken advantage of, exploited, or made to do something you do not want to do that will cause you displeasure. I could say more, but I think that is sufficient to get the point across.

That about does it for today. I’ll share some of my thoughts regarding my activity here to close this one out. I think that I will share the empowerments that go along with each Key as I figure them out. Just keep in mind that this is obviously experimental magick and not “The One True Way tm”. I could wait until after the whole process is complete, or even after many years have passed and the long-term effects become more apparent, but I have benefited hugely from other occultists sharing their stuff so I’d like to do the same. Regarding my experiences, though, I will be taking a different approach than what I was doing with the journal thread. I don’t really want to have to share every single interesting thing that happens, partially for personal privacy, partially because I don’t want to “spoil” the magick for anyone, though I don’t think this is really much of a concern, and partially because I don’t want to feel any pressure to have outrageous crazy visions and stuff every week. I’ll share the goods as it feels appropriate to do so.

Speaking of the goods, here are some excerpts (with minor paraphrasing) from my journal. Thank you for reading. Take it easy my dudes.

I feel so bright.

I am a bounded infinity.

When I attain the Stillness, I observe time flowing through me, and so I know that I am beyond time, gazing into it.

I have the feeling that my consciousness is now connected to this physical body for the duration of its life.

I can feel myself expanding into universal consciousness. The boundary between the internal contents of my mind and my external circumstances has never seemed more thin.

I feel like I am undergoing a transformation that will radically change my experience of the world. I want to look at other humans and feel like an alien because of how different our experiences are.

I saw two circles, light and shadow, revolving around nothing.

I’ve got some ideas brewing to write about but nothing that’s quite ready so not much this week. I wanted to post the empowerments for Pathway though, and these are at the bottom. I think I’ll put any of my musings and experiences with the Keys at the end of my posts for consistency along with the empowerments. I’ll probably end up talking about the ideas and whatnot throughout but I mostly mean things like notes from my journal.

And just to be clear, I don’t claim these to be the only way to phrase the empowerments if you want to include them. The rituals of the Aethyrs don’t have specific types of angels listed for each ritual, but I imagine I’ll still want to do empowerments, and I could see some of these being more suited to my own personal magick, so basically feel free to adjust any of these if you are following along and feel like doing so.

Also, the post with the Keys got taken down for legal concerns. If you’d like a copy you can PM me and I’ll send you them as I have typed them up from Klein’s work. Maybe you can find them online elsewhere and I took a bunch of time to copy them for no reason like a chump but when I looked before various websites had various errors to my recollection and doing things like this seems like part of the magick anyways. I understand that not everyone wants to drop $100 on a transcription of some obscure old documents though, which is partially why I copied them into a digital format. If some lawyers want to come at me I can stop.

Ok readers stay sexy. Enjoy looping time through yourself.


Protection - I stayed on my path.
Transformation - My path brought me freedom.
Truth - I knew my path.
Corruption - Corruption was good.

I have intentions for tomorrow dear readers so I’ll write you some stuff early this time.

I recently picked up the book Dreaming Yourself Awake by Dr. B Alan Wallace (religious studies Ph.D., sometimes a monk) and Brian Hodel. Honestly I just wanted another dream practice book to read and this one seemed like one of the more legit ones. The opening words of the book are “Meditate, you fuck,” so indeed seems legit.

Last night I had the opportunity to enjoy a rather interesting lucid dream. I don’t quite recall exactly when or how I attained lucidity, but what I do remember is the long chain of false awakenings that kept occurring one after another. There’d usually be around 30 seconds to a minute or so of spelunking around between the FAs. I do use my “of course I’m dreaming, what else could I possibly be doing?” phrase, but it seems that my mind is still being trained to really believe this at a deep level, so I also will do reality checks. Normally I pinch my nose and try to breathe (I only ever do this while asleep - in waking life I just say the phrase and become mindful), but this time I felt the urge to look at my hands, which were growing and morphing fingers together, so that was kinda trippy.

Right before fading into one of the FAs, I was sitting on my (dream) bed, and I saw my third eye open, like a vertical eye on my forehead, and saw the purple of the brow chakra glowing in my head. I then had a FA, and subsequently walked into my apartment. The windows were covered with blinds, but I could see a purple glow coming from outside. I dove through the window like diving into a pool of water and floated down to the street. This was after some number of false awakenings already, so I had my bearings about me enough to want to try and go somewhere. I thought to myself, I want to go to the succubus tower from Ishuzoku Reviewers cause they have infinite succubi there so you can request exactly what you want. Upon doing this, it was like everything around me was painted over with a sort of “anime-style” paint. After looking around for a moment, it was like this “layer” was pulled off and I could see the “normal” looking environment around me, and then the paint went back on. I flew, somewhat awkwardly, towards a city district I know, thinking that maybe it’ll be over there, and then had another FA.

I was then surrounded by some people who said something along the lines of, “Ah, you’re back from all that now.” Don’t listen to the dream characters if they tell you that you aren’t dreaming!

Another interesting point I’m just jamming in there - before I went to sleep and had this dream sequence, after recording my previous dream, I noticed that the notecard app I use glitched, and the last two entries, which are displayed as two columns of square cards, were hidden beneath the two entries before them (all of the same sleeping period), and I could see them when I scrolled the cards a bit. I closed the app before going back to sleep and re-opened it after the lucid dream sequence above. I do advocate for mindfulness meditation, but I do perform sex magick to aid my dream practice (I do sigils for my dreamsigns at the moment), and it certainly seems like magick can move the process along smoothly and quickly when done alongside the other practices.

It seems that perhaps the reason why I had these false awakenings over and over again is because I am used to lucid dreams only lasting for a very short amount of time, so somewhat subconsciously I expected that to happen again, and so it did, but instead of outright waking up I “woke up” (experienced what I expected to happen) while remaining asleep. I am currently thinking that to change this I need to set the intention to have longer lucid dreams and to expect this to happen. I think one way to do this is to imagine an entire scenario playing out to completion in the MILD visualizations during the day (this is easy for sex, and for something like flying perhaps something like imagining I made a cool discovery (just feeling that feeling, not imagining anything specific) after exploring around for a bit), and whenever I get lucid to take a bit longer to settle in and become mindful rather than desperately rushing into the dream experience out of fear of the dream dissolving.

Time for the wacky bit. If you’ve read Exploring the World of Lucid Dreaming, you may recall the story of the person who lived an entire alternate life within the dream state for what he perceived to be decades. Immortality, question mark? Do ancient beings with aeons of memory walk among us?

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It’s that time once again. Today I would like to talk about the challenges that can come from living with freedom and a bit on learning. Maybe some finance too.

Oh, and if you are curious about what the approach to the Rituals of the Keys may signify, I don’t think of it as two steps forward, one step back, but as two steps forward, consolidation, two steps forward, consolidation. It is not so much a regression as a solidification of the concepts and powers.

If you regularly perform the RotNS (with this whole system I got going on here I do it every New Moon, when the light from the sun that shines on all is gone), then you either now or likely eventually will be faced with what naturally occurs when one has greater freedom, especially with regards to your time and how you spend it.

If you are anything like me, then you probably have a variety of projects that you’d like to be engaged with, some at different stages than others. I have things which I need to do if I want to have more money (real estate empire, anyone?) (link to the sacred text, in case you haven’t gotten it already), and I have magickal and artistic projects, as well as social relationships and my physical health and fitness. Even with magick taking up a reasonable amount of my time, and with needing to make money, I can still find the time to do all of this. How?

The name of the game is interleaving. Generally speaking, when it comes to learning, it is better to do smaller amounts of something across more time than to do a whole bunch of something all at once. This stands in contrast to some advice you may hear on productivity, which states that you should batch together work in chunks so you get it all done at once. There is a place for both of these, in my opinion.

For things like emails and similar communication, and for things that require large amounts of setup, batching seems like the way to go. These are activities that aren’t so much about learning as they are about executing a necessary step in the process of doing the thing. These are the things that you’d kinda like someone else to do but for whatever reason you have to do it yourself. If you create video content, for example, and need to be in the videos yourself, not just write the script, it can make a lot of sense to get the crew together and bang out a bunch all at once after the creative work is done. This saves time.

Ideally, you want to eliminate or automate as much of this as is absolutely possible. If your work involves communicating with a team and you enjoy talking to these people anyways, it still behooves you to be as efficient as possible with regards to work. You’ll either get to be more productive together, getting more done in the same time and enjoying working with each other, or you’ll free up some time to casually socialize. If you are not working with a team that values being efficient and effective demons, then either align everyone so they are or reconsider your people.

So batching is one side of the coin, while the other is interleaving. If you gave me the option to practice music for either 4 hours once a week or 1 hour across four days, I would choose the latter, 1 hour across four days. What you are looking to do is balance how much time you can devote across days in your week so that you put in enough time in individual sessions to do what you want to do while getting enough repetitions across time that the learning can process and sink in without decaying too much. You actually want some decay to occur, but you also want the overall trend to be going up.

In case it is not clear already, the learning rabbit hole is far, far deeper than you may expect if you haven’t explored this before. I’ve been in it for around five years now and it’s still getting deeper. It is perhaps the most fascinating thing I’ve ever studied and experimented with.

While I’m tangenting, I will speak the somewhat controversial idea that I believe intelligence to be a somewhat overrated concept. I think what really matters is your ability to learn. What really matters with learning seems to be personal motivation, caused primarily by passion, and quality of learning, which involves personal abilities as well as the instruction one receives.

Quality of instruction seems to be extremely influential. Not to dig too hard on these people, but of the relatively small number of engineering and mathematics professors I have had, every single one of them has been absolute shit garbage at teaching. My high school calculus teacher is a shining exemption, but anyways.

There is only so much information our mind can process all at once, consciously and subconsciously. When engaged in the process of learning, the mind has to take in new information, understand what it means on its own, and understand how it fits into the bigger picture of the subject. Occasionally the bigger picture itself needs to be re-considered and re-evaluated. What excellent teachers do is present information in a way that is clear and easy to understand on its own while managing how much new information the student is processing. If you are right at your threshold, pushing yourself but not dealing with too much, then learning is optimized.

Some would argue that certain topics are just inherently more difficult than others and so that’s why the educational process is more difficult. I believe this to be 99% bullshit. I believe what happens is certain people get labelled as “smart” and others as “dumb” because of differences in personal interests (passions) that start at a young age, as well as things like racism and misogyny. The “smart” kids are encouraged to learn and to study specific subjects that tend to be in high economic demand in society, while the “dumb” kids are encouraged to just get by in school and end up wherever they end up. Am I oversimplifying enormously complex psycho-social phenomenon? Yes, but perhaps you see my point.

I believe that anyone can learn how to learn, and that by doing so you learn how to do anything.

I’m really going off the deep end here, but it is clear to me that some people were infected by toxic ideas that they don’t need to carry around anymore. If you encounter some dipshit who tries to proliferate such toxic ideas and force them onto you, then I’d encourage you to stab them. For legal purposes that’s a joke.

I also believe that authentically connecting with ancient and deep magickal forces infuses your mind with an intelligence beyond your own.

I’ve hinted at a few financial things in the above writing, and I don’t believe this is the appropriate post to cover some more concrete finance topics, which I will get to in the future, but I do want to say that I believe the quest for money to be fair and noble. Not everyone may understand, and many would ridicule such a thing, but I disagree. Those who commit themselves to this quest, however it may manifest in their own life, are the ones who increase prosperity for all, not just themselves. Being a value creator is one of the most admirable qualities one can have, in my opinion.

And not to shill too hard, but I really do recommend that book (this is not financial advice). I’ve been on the quest for a number of years at this point, and this is by far the easiest, most straightforward, relatively low risk way of making obscene amounts of money relatively quickly that I have ever seen. The author also seems like someone who understands the value in putting it all on the altar.

Wrapping it up now. I don’t have empowerments for you this week as I took an extra week, so expect the Confidence empowerments next time. It’s called listening to the magick and listening to myself. I have worked out the empowerments for most of the Rituals of the Angels, but I think I’ll drip drip drip them to you. But what if this or that!? I want them all now!!!

Patience, mage. In due time.


Some bonus content. Hooray!

If you’re speaking the Keys, you may experience some soreness in your throat from chanting/vibrating so many words. I have two suggestions. Some warm tea does wonders for the vocal chords. Flush your mouth with water after a cup to protect against teeth stains. Neck and throat stretches are also wonderful, but take it slow and gradually so you don’t injure yourself. It’s nothing to be scared about, just listen to your body. It might not seem all that worth it while your throat is feeling scratchy and tired, but I’ve found that the Keys have unlocked a new resonance with which I can sing or chant the words and names that has a very nice sound to it.

Now some sex stuff. I picked up this idea from a video on pornhub titled “How to have tantric sex for couples, what is tantra” by Robbie OZ. An amusing source for magickal technique but there yah go. This is a daily (or most daily) practice which I do before getting out of bed, after dream practice stuff. You can do this physically or mentally/psychically. If your partner is not physically with you, you can use something like a pillow to support, but the focus is really on the energy, and this entire practice could be done in any position with no props.

Spend some time relaxing and cuddling with your partner. You don’t have to try to get horny. It’s probably going to happen, but if you just end up relaxing together that is ok too. After a bit of rubbing and breathing and stuff, if someone’s gonna put their dick in the other person, go ahead and insert the penis. Again, this can be physical, or it can be mental/psychic. If there’s no dick involved, then do whatever you’d like to do to connect with your partner’s sexual organ while closely embracing them but not outright having sex. It’s like super cuddling.

Spend some time basking in your partner’s presence. You may be sleepy and fuzzily relaxed, or you may be super mega aroused. If you end up fucking then have a good time, but otherwise remain somewhat still and simmer in the energy. If you’d like to, whether or not you are physically with someone, you can also look at some images in this time, or read some words. It’s called ecchi, and it’s art! You can drink in as much sexual energy from these as you desire, but keep your attention with your partner as well.

There are various merits to this practice, aside from it just being a good time and a nice way to start the day. For one, it will do wonders to increase your sexual energy. It will also strengthen your bond and union with your partner (I suggest doing this with one person at a time if you have multiple people you’d like to connect with in this way). Even doing this psychically, I have experienced intense rushes of sexual energy, like electricity shooting up through me from the genitals, unlike anything I’d experienced before.

If you feel a bit ridiculous doing this “by yourself” in your bed, it’s really no more ridiculous than your other magick rituals, really.

I felt like tossing this in there this week, and I don’t want to go on and on with the bonus post, but something I’ve been musing about is how this system uses both what I think of as layering and blending. The Freedom, Sex, Money, Power, Success paradigm (is “paradigm” a good word for that?) allows for great flexibility while building a core of ideas and powers. It is interesting to ponder these words, in both directions, and see how they relate. Notice how key words from Freedom (the RotNS) are used in the Sex and Power rituals, and how the Success rituals define the Power rituals and relate to the insights of the Sex rituals. Notice how the Money rituals cascade and flow into Freedom and Success. Notice how Sex brings Freedom and Money, how Power brings Money and Success, and how Sex and Power relate. Consider how Freedom is fundamental, how none of the other ideas matter without Freedom, and how paradoxically, none of the ideas matter without the energy that comes from the Success rituals. Strange, how one may even lean one way or the other.

Enjoy your week my dudes.


Gonna pop a quick one in here for now and then come back later with some sex magick workings, with commentary. Part of me feels kinda weird sharing my rituals, but even if we’re not using the same sigils, sharing similar workings feels to me like it has power.

First, some recommendations. In terms of new books, Seeing that Frees - Meditations on Emptiness and Dependent Arising by Rob Burbea and The Tibetan Yogas of Body, Speech, and Mind by Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche. There is also Right Concentration by Leigh Brasington.

If you are relatively new to meditation, I suggest that you first read The Mind Illuminated and start cultivating a practice of mindfulness of the sensations of the breath at the tip of the nose (and as a side effect start referring to everything as a cultivation). Once you have a practice going, I’d then read Mastering the Core Teachings of the Buddha, probably Part 1 and then Part 4, and then the rest if you’d like. This author does not shy away from magickal material, by the way. These texts will give you a solid foundation in meditation and the various abilities and insights it can give you. They were my gateway drugs, way back in the day, and if you are interested in exploring more Buddhist teachings and practices, a solid foundation in mindfulness I would argue is essential.

I currently do 1 hour of TMI-style meditation right before doing the Ritual of the Key. Recently I have picked up a 30-minute Zhine practice as well, from The Tibetan Yogas of Dream and Sleep, as I had a bit of time after ritual before sleep. TMI-style focuses on the breath and tactile sensations, while “forceful zhine” focuses on an external object with the eyes. I do zhine right before bed. For a couple days I did some journalling right before bed, and that is just asking for samsaric dreams. I drew an Enochian ‘A’ in red color pencil like a “bubble letter” or a blocky letter so it looks more like the dream WILD visualization. I used a square index card (I could only find rectangles when I bought them so I cut them in half) like I use for my sex magick sigils. I also intend to do an ‘O’ in blue, and probably objects for the other two visualizations, either a white dot and a black dot, or a blank white card and a shaded-in black card. Usually when focusing with the eyes in ritual I get kinda tranced out, so this practice challenges me to remain more alert and mindful with visual perception.

Seeing that Frees, though. This one seems like it takes you places. Empty thoughts, arising from emptiness and passing into emptiness.

A quote from The Tibetan Yogas of Body, Speech, and Mind
“Whether physically, energetically, or psychologically, we experience ourselves mainly through our pain. It is hard to recognize riga, the enlightened nature that is our self, the nature that we share with the deities. The small self is more familiar to us. The small self is the one through which we express our pain, and because it is so familiar, it becomes an important door through which we may discover our bigger self - and through this discovery, release our pain.”

Right Concentration I recommend if you are curious about experiencing the jhanas, which are meditative states of extreme concentration or undistractability. They range from absolute focus without distraction on pleasurable sensations of mind and body to states of formlessness. It is a good book, but I do feel compelled to say that it is somewhat annoying when spiritual teachers bend over backwards to appease the materialists. I get that sometimes it needs to be done, but if someone is so dead-set on interpreting ideas like “gaining the ability to pass through walls” literally and then uses that as reason to discard Buddhist writings, then perhaps meditation just isn’t for them. I pass through walls all the time in lucid dreams, but that kinda works as a cop-out answer to everything, so there is also the allegorical interpretation of gaining the ability to cross boundaries. I have also noticed that electrical outlets have changed locations upon returning to a room I knew very well in the waking world, so there’s that. I don’t recommend being stupid, but we’re all meatsacks composed of sub-atomic particles embedded in the fabric of space-time existing in quantum probability states, so there’s that.

In terms of films, I recommend The House that Jack Built. Know that I am not easily disturbed, but if you need to take a break to watch this all the way through, then do that. This one’s not exactly the best choice for family movie night. If you’d like to know what probably pushed me over the edge to pursuing studies in Psychology, it was the show Hannibal.

What house will you build, dear readers?

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Transformation - I let go of needless fear.
Healing - The clear truth healed me.
Belonging - I had the people I needed.
Decay - Decay was good.

This is not financial advice (don’t sue me). Lecture series on investment theory basics. Video from the same channel on the infinite money machine. Buy and hold baby

Sex Magick Working

How did I come to have such wonderful investments?

How did I come to have such wonderful public equities investments?
Public Equities
(the S&P 500 Index)

How did I come to have such wonderful government bonds investments?
Government Bonds
(30 year Bond Ladder)

How did I come to have such wonderful commodities investments?
(broadly diversified, perhaps also gold & silver, for funsies)

How did I come to have such wonderful real estate investments?
Real Estate

How did I come to have such wonderful crypto investments?
(just a splash, for diversification)

How did I come to have such wonderful corporate bonds investments?
Corporate Bonds
(bond ladder, diversified, investment grade and junk)

How did I come to have such wonderful private equity investments?
Private Equity
(companies that are not publicly traded on the stock market)

How did I come to have such wonderful venture capital investments?
Venture Capital
(like private equity but more early-stage)

How did I come to have such wonderful hedge fund investments?
Hedge Fund
(if you ask for it with magick, it will manifest eventually)

How did I come to have such wonderful capital?

Sex Magick Working

How did I come to be so wonderfully skilled at BRRRR?

How did I come to be so wonderful at buying?

How did I come to be so wonderful at rehabbing?

How did I come to be so wonderful at renting?

How did I come to be so wonderful at refinancing?

How did I come to be so wonderful at repeating?

How did I come to be such a wonderful BRRRR investor?

Sex Magick Working

How did I come to have such a wonderful lifestyle?

How did I come to have such a wonderful sex life?

How did I come to have such a wonderful social life?

How did I come to have such a wonderful art life?

How did I come to have such a wonderfully quiet life?

How did I come to have such a wonderfully calm life?

How did I come to have such a wonderful life?

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I feel compelled to say here again that none of this is financial advice and that you need to do your own research. Don’t buy stuff because some dude on the internet told you to.

By far almost every single source of financial content you can find on the internet is terrible. At best it is people getting paid to pump and dump stocks (illegal), at worst it’s people who “day trade” in a bull market, don’t even beat the market, have absolutely no idea in the slightest about anything related to financial economics, and are so deluded by their ignorance they actually think they’re helping.

If you want to get rich by investing (not financial advice), investing in a diversified portfolio of assets like stocks and bonds and pretty much not touching it ever will lead to increased wealth over many years. The real estate strategy I shared (not financial advice) is a faster way that requires more active involvement and more risk. I’ll probably share some risk management systems, but again none of this is financial advice, you need to do your own research.

The reason I suggest the S&P 500 Index for stocks is because trying to pick and choose individual stocks is a very difficult game that most professionals lose at. Investing in the S&P is like buying a little bit of most all public US companies. You can easily look up the historical performance of the S&P so you can see how much an investment would have grown that year.

A bond ladder is where you buy bonds that expire in 1 year, 2 years, 3 years, 4 years, all the way to 30 years when you initially invest. After that, you always buy 30 year. That way you get the best interest rate every year on bonds (so it averages across time) but still get some principle back every year.

If you have more bonds in your portfolio, it will be lower risk and with lower expected return. More stocks means more risk but more potential return. Sometimes, the stocks dip. If you panic and sell, I’ll thank you for letting me buy stocks for super cheap. You can try to sell high buy low, but you’ll probably fuck it up and blow yourself up (wall street talk for lose all your money). Buy and hold baby (not financial advice)

The goal of investing is not to make a quick buck. Some investing strategies, like BRRRR, are designed to be faster, but the mindset that works best is thinking about the next 30 years (or whatever). If you build enough wealth, you’ll be able to live completely off of investments. But you need to get yourself educated if you want that to happen. Put in the time, get the results. Do the money magick. Or don’t, and look back over your life in 30 years and wonder why you’re still humping into work every day, selling your life for money.

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Heyy girl you wanna conjoin our natural substances?

Starting with a lame joke today cause the next section is a bit dry, some notes on ritual practice. After that there should be some fun stuff. I have some sex magick workings to post as well. I’ll do those in another post and I may come back to that later tonight cause I gotta do my yoga (the exercise stretchy kind) and stuff.

I have started speaking the Keys by saying one word at a time, one word for each breath instead of chanting however many you can fit into an outbreath. This has extended my time in ritual. I don’t know by how much exactly, nor do I particularly mind, but in total it takes me around two hours to do the entire Ritual of the Key, banishing/centering, chakras, empowerment, light from the dark, the stillness, the key, the names, sharing the power, communion, close.

The point of speaking the Keys this way is to make it into a proper mantra-style meditation within the overall ritual. I’ll say here that this is not strictly necessary if you want to work with these energies in a way that does not require you to live as a pseudo-monastic, but if you want to do what I’m doing at this time, the goal is to cultivate more-or-less 24/7 concentrated awareness. I do still like to party, but the rest of the time I’m pretty much always in magick mode (I’m still in magick mode while I’m partying, it’s just a different kind of magick mode), which in this pathworking means abiding in rigpa.

Unless I’m overinflating my own impact, it seems that I have a wide variety of readers with a wide variety of backgrounds and levels of attainment and spiritual experience, so a few notes on meditation. It may seem boring at first, but meditation is sort of like looking at your own mind through an increasingly powerful microscope. It is, in my opinion, extremely interesting.

These ideas are best applied first in a formal meditation practice, but then they should start to carry over into other moments in your daily life. In meditation, generally speaking, your goal is to direct your attention onto a specific object chosen for the meditation. This can be, for example, the tactile sensations of the breath that arise at the tip of the nose, or the auditory sensations from chanting a mantra, or the visual sensations from an external object.

Whatever object you decide on, the goal is to keep your attention on the object. Until your concentration develops to a more advanced point, thoughts will arise and your attention will automatically move to these thoughts as that is what your mind is habituated to do by default. Meditation is essentially building the habit of ignoring everything but a certain, specific thing.

I’ve already listed books with step-by-step guides to working through various stages of meditative training, the best one to start with being The Mind Illuminated imo, so the last thing I’ll say here is to pay attention to the vividness of the sensations you have chosen to be your object. The more vivid and clear, the better. It takes practice and it takes patience, but the reward is a mind that can bring powerful focus to anything.

I suppose there is also this to say. For the post Ritual of the Key zhine meditation (meditation on an external object), I do indeed have four cards with each of the dream visualizations - Peace, Clarity, Power, and Corruption. These line-up with the four empowerments from the Rituals of the Keys. To be honest with yah dear readers I haven’t actually done any of the rituals for five days yet, just the four empowerment days and then like four days in the consolidation week, so it’s a good thing that perfection is not required. I have, however, recently taken an interest in the Fire Kasina Book (check out the glossary on the website for a quick peek at some of the wacky shit). I’m thinking that every additional day of doing the Ritual of the Key I will reward myself with a fire kasina meditation session. This one just sounds really cool, but I can tell zhine is doing good things (and don’t be surprised if weird things start to happen by meditating on the symbol for magick Power), so if I want to do the cool meditation then I have to do the work.

But what about the consolidation week? I’m thinking similar vibes for that week - four days of zhine, fire kasina for any additional days. Maybe at some point I’ll switch over to only fire kasina.

Speaking of being a pseudo-monastic, I have thought about adding some more meditations or energy work or the like, but the thing with being a psuedo monastic is that I do still want to have normal things that I do, like play with my kneaded eraser after some art practice. It also takes time to operate a business, even when that business is automated exceptionally well and relatively not time intensive anyways. Being a rich pseudo-monastic is more fun than being a broke pseudo-monastic, if you could even afford to be a pseudo-monastic at that point. If you yourself would like to live this lifestyle but can’t afford to yet, just know that I spent a good several years with essentially the entire focus of my being directed at money. It is incredible what can happen with such determination and focus. I wasn’t even particularly patient, but money was always on the mind, and it paid off in knowledge and opportunity.

I’ve also had some thoughts regarding duration of this pathworking arise. I could do around two years, working through all the Rituals of the Keys as set out here. I could also do four years, doing the entire process twice. I could also do eight years. What would be the point in doing that? I think that understanding will come to you if you do the magick.

A B C D, who is me? Not you, not you, not you, not you, not you.

just me