The power of large gatherings? AstroWorld 2021?

I’m not sure if my topic is allowed… But anyways.
I feel like we focus more on our individual rituals that ones with thousands of people.

Friday the fifth of November, 2021, another tragic festival event happened where some kids and young adults were killed and/or critically injured.

I am debating on posting links of live videos but others can add. Just because I am not sure what the rules are for posting social media links.

Heres a short recap -

The hip hop/rap artist Travis Scott, signed under Kanye west, had a festival in Houston, Texas where many young adults lives where in danger. It’s not unusual for crowds to mosh and be reckless. It’s also not unusual that the event was overcapacity by 50,000. Festivals can have way more than that outdoors.
It was strange that 8 people and possibly counting have died. Almost 300 injured.

The negative
I was watching videos of event. I felt a pit in my stomach. The fear was written over many faces, and if you didn’t see fear…it was confusion and a daze. There are interviews of goers that describe people screaming for help for hours, standing on people faces and lack of help from organizers. Many of the employees looks like how Travis Scott normally looks, “numb”.

I was distraught seeing young adults screaming for help in videos…and next to a unconscious person, people are raving, and then there are unconscious bodies being crowd surfed. There are accounts that people were trampled including a boy young as ten years old.
911 was called several times to stop the event, and I guess nothing happened. Ambulances were sent in, but no one called anything off.
Many accounts posted online share that it relatively normal and safe until 9 pm. This was around the time Drake and Travis Scott went on stage. People rushed in and it got too packed. Many people were struggling to breathe and most lost mobility to the mass wave of bodies.
Travis has a record for getting the crowd going aggressively, so I honestly have no idea how the story will end.

The positive

There are no accounts of people fist fighting or sexual assaults from Friday, so it could have been worse.

My friends and I have experienced getting groped at raves and festivals, but I guess Gen Z is better than my generation. In some events, gun shots have gone off too, and people get trampled in those incidents.

Festivals can be amazing when you share music you enjoy with others and the artist you follow.
I have been to a couple festivals and concerts, and it happens often where you are squished in tight. It’s often hard to breathe, and you are stuck where you are. There’s always people to help you most of the time. I heard it was just too packed for people to lift people up at this event.

What do you think of concerts and festivals **
“Mass rituals”?

I can describe that I always felt drained after events too, but I never really thought it was a metaphysical reason for it… Just a physical reason of dancing, jumping or screaming out the songs.

I haven’t really researched this stuff in a long while.
I have read articles, but I’m not quite sure if there is actual literature or studies into the power of mass gatherings.
Some performers describe it being addicting and filling a space in their soul.
I have done some stage work, and I can definitely say it feels good when you can get a good interaction form the crowd.

All I know about large gatherings come from researching the VMAs and award shows. My research based around the Illuminati theory was popular in the 2000s and early 2010s. There used to be a website that broke down music videos, movies and performances in a way that related it to books, art history and books from the occult.
Things like the super bowl and concerts were gathering energy. Performance and moments with the mic show the lose of innocence of artists… Their humiliation and their success. It was kind of fun when I was a teen finding symbols in videos, music, and concerts… But I never took it more than art.

I was watching a hip hop artist reviewer and he has the idea that musicians troll nowadays embracing satanic and religious themes. This is a valid view.

There are times in which i participated in masses as a devout Catholic. The feeling of praying to something in unison and singing hymns still gives me very fond memories.
Concerts give me that feeling.

Am I overthinking?

It was just weird seeing the crowd surfing of unconscious bodies with Travis scotts music…he’s particularly into subversive themes.

Or is it just another tragedy due to human fallibility?
If you listen to these artists, do you think there is some magic happening?
Would you ever possibly participate or lead a mass ritual?

Edit - typos, punctuation and clarity corrections due to me typing on my phone.

Did you have the same feelings when it happened at that Jewish festival this past year in Israel?

It’s probably just a tragic occurrence. I don’t think there’s much connection between Jewish religious festivals and rappers. But there is the underlying event mismanagement cause that they both shared.


Wow I’m glad I only ever went to heavy metal festivals. Whenever someone fell on the floor or was too drunk, people always helped them and the atmosphere was always good and friendly. I never felt uncomfortable even as a female.
I never saw unconscious people getting crowdsurfed, instead I saw a guy in a wheelchair getting crowdsurfed and having the time of his life.

I guess what you described is a combination of incredibly bad management and aggressive clientele.

*edit: the festivals I used to go to were 80.000+ people


This has nothing to do with magick.

“Never underestimate the stupidity of people in large groups.”

For there to have been magick worked here, the group would have had to unite vibration with intention towards changing reality, which is what magick is.

That’s possible at some events, but would need to be organized, preferably understood in advance… there’s no common goal for alchemy here. It’s just mindless entertainment.

This event sounds simply chaotic and very badly managed, that’s not how you get a successful group working underway.

Lots of energy was around, but wasted, magickally speaking, because it wasn’t directed anywhere useful. Instead it just made a mess. That’s the opposite of church events where the crowd is focused, in control, led by a common goal and all putting energy safely and mindfully towards desired results.


But I would argue that music and lyrics hones in on people’s energy.

Not trying to argue with you on the astroworld event and if it was magic or not… Because I disagree, the people that attended there on reddit, Twitter and other platforms describe feeling horrible for many reasons. Many that were in it were traumatized, but a couple felt extreme panic just from the music played and a sense of disease.
I wasn’t there, so I can’t confirm or deny if magic happened.

Reciting things in unison with people I thought was a form of spiritual power.

I don’t have the vocabulary of occult readings to describe it.

I was hoping other people would on here.


I did research and this definitely is a case of human crush.

It’s happened before in how people died that day

I have only attended christian masses and mosques, but the form of worship is different slightly.

I was more curious on large gatherings in general and people’s experience… More than the astroworld incident.

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What do you think of large concerts and some peoples speculative claims in this thread…

I don’t think there was anything magickal in what happened.

What I do think however is some artists not saying this one in particular may energize the crowd with their act in order to feed vampirically on the energy. Possibly he’s one of those.

That said I totally do not believe anyone magicked the crowd to cause that chaos that resulted in some deaths.

What happened was a very very unfortunate case of too many people in one place and typical crowd psychology mechanics once bad shit (people passing out) started happening.If there’s a crowd and 1 person panics or runs it starts a chain reaction (like the wave at a sporting event only in this case a negative chain of events rather then a good one).

To try and say someone made it happen with magick is well unrealistic. What would anyone gain from that? Nothing. Even if the artist were vampirizing his audience he’d have a much easier time doing it with a happy peaceful satisfied willing crowd then with one panicking that’s in turmoil and chaos.

So do I think magick was involved? No! Vehemently I do not. So no no no no no I do not.


I am horrified by the horribleness of the imagery and it is making me question why people would be involved with it? The idea of a mass ritual what would be the purpose of it why would something want this??


Money and Power. Why else?

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My feeling is, the "z0mG! it’s a rItUaL!!! :fearful: " is controlled sensationalism and shit stirring, and we have to keep a clear head.

We know as real occultists, what we can do with a candle and TGS, this… this is bullshit. A con job. Whatever’s going on here is not magick. It’s “headology”, as Granny Weatherwax would say.

Don’t fall for it.


All I see when I look at this is a poorly managed concert that had a very unfortunate incident. I don’t see anything magickal about it at all.


Absolute terrible management is all it is that very unfortunately took a horrible cause behind it in the end. The disaster of Woodstock 99 was another prime example.


I think it was honestly an energy harvest. You can’t deny the symbolism, the mass panic, the violence. There are certain frequencies that can drive people mad. The 741 frequency for example. Many of the survivors noted the dark energy, strange sonic vibrations. Literally said they felt like they were in hell. After I left the Army, I worked in event security. I literally can not fathom the crowd control and barricade arrangement at this venue. The organizers had to know people would be hurt just from the general layout. No egress routes, mass overflow of people. Masses of zombies rushing over barricades. No proper security screening, no cell signal during Travis’s performance. Something is off.


Not really. These sort of things have happened before and this is sadly not the last time it’s going to happen.

One example was at a concert for The Who in 1979. The concert completely sold out, and when it was time to open the doors at the same time, only two of them opened. People were so excited and impatient that they stampeded in. Eleven people were crushed to death in the process.

It still blows my mind that the lengths people go to to even get a glimpse of a celebrity.


Probably not a mass ritual. I doubt any celebrity who does something like that will do it publicly to get caught.

A lot of people use occult symbolism and references in their stuff. Doesn’t make them occultists and people do die at events, doesn’t make it a mass ritual


People on the ground claim it was way more than eight.

At an end of an Iron Maiden, I opted to be the fool, and started shouting “6 6 6”, and after a few rounds momentum started until they came back on stage and started playing the song.

So yes, energy feeds off one party or the other, sometimes both.

Yeah, I heard it was at least thirteen.

Could you please check out my latest post? Its about frequencies and evil energys and i‘d like to hear what you would say about it.

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