The New Method Azazel Gave Me for Trance: Preparing for TGS


I was sitting down meditating on Azazels sigil to receive insight on how to get into Theta Gamma Sync fully as that is the key to making your magic work.

He said one word:

What This Is
This is a way of entraining and balancing your brainwaves to a normal state and also a form of hypnotism. This allows you to perceive Spirits, open sigils, Soul Travel, and scry just like a “normal” person would (in this case, E.A. Koetting type normal :joy:).

Sometimes, the reason people cant get into Theta Gamma Sync is that their brainwaves are imbalanced and they therefore cannot relax properly or at all.

This will correct that issue.

The Method

Have Azazels sigil and Enn in front of you and ready to go. You may use candles if you deem it necessary.

Enter meditation and meditate on his sigil with the intent of doing trancework. Then, focus on your breath while repeating his Enn/Mantra,
Itz Rel Itz Rel Azazel OR Eya On ca Azazel Avage Aloren.

What Will Happen
You will begin to sense energy building and fading. Do not stop until the connection to the sigil feels completely dead. This is your signal to stop and open your eyes.

You will not feel as if you are sinking into a deeper state. You will feel as if you are more involved in your surroundings and Alert.

When you reach this point, pick out a sigil of a spirit and open it.
The Theta Gamma Sync will hit you like a shit ton of fuckin bricks.

Mind you, this is a total of 20 min worth of Trancework. The results improve with everyday practice.

Ending Notes
It is best to use this only with Azazels sigil. Why? Honestly I dont know. He aint tell me that.
This rite is specifically for use with his sigil. None other (as far as the trancework part goes).

After you master this, you may use it to gain Seership for example, using Satagraal’s sigil.



Thanks, brother. I’m going to try this with my pact with Azazel.


@Micah just so I’m understanding correctly, you do the trancework with Azazel’s sigil and enn/mantra, but once his sigil falls dead as you described, the spirit sigil you select to open doesn’t matter, correct?


Exactly @DarkestKnight :sunglasses:


Sweet. i need to talk to Azazel about my pact but I think I will try this out with one of the Nethers. :+1:


I “channeled” him various times in February and he told me that I may progress through asanas, visualization etc. or, indeed, saying his enn and mantra.
However, thanks so much for the method! :slight_smile:


Fuck yeah this sounds great!


I’m definitely going to try this. Much appreciation


I will definitely try this. Thanks, @Micah.


@Micah do you think it matters which sigil for Azazel is used?

This one:


Or this one:



I would use the first one @DarkestKnight
Only reason is because thats the one i saw and he aint say use a alternate sigil for him

But of course, after mastery, you can use another sigil if you want


Thanks, man. The second one is the Gatekeeper sigil that EA released on the forum a long time ago, so I wasn’t sure if it would serve the same function as the original.


I’ve noticed the same by using the first sigil in a guided meditation by SerpentsFlame. For some reason I get really easy in the TGS with Azazel and it opened my third eye quickly. So thanks for explaining.


I just finished trying out this exercise and thought I’d describe my experience.

I lit a couple of candles, then held Azazel’s sigil in my left hand and gazed at it, with the intention of doing trancework, as Micah described above. It opened very fast, the lines fading in and out incredibly rapidly.

Once the sigl was open, I put it down on my altar, closed my eyes and began chanting 'Itz Rel Itz Rel Azazel." I started rocking back and forth in time to the chant, my voice rough and scratchy yet echoing inside my head. The centre of my forehead began to throb.

I opened my eyes and glanced at Azazel’s sigil, and it no longer faded in and out, but lay inert, so I figured it was time to gaze at the other sigil. I had decided to use the Abramelin money square so I picked it up and gazed at it, but it did not open. There was no response in the square at all. Most peculiar considering how fast Azazel’s sigil opened for me.

I did seem to get an effect from this exercise though, mainly some dizziness and throbbing of the Ajna. I will try the exercise again later and see if the square will open.


At least someone did the exercise XD


Just completed a second repetition of the exercise.

This time, after opening Azazel’s sigil, and chanting the mantra, I did not feel any throbbing in my Ajna, but when I opened my eyes, the environment seemed to be two dimensional instead of three. It was…weird. I got the impression that everything around me was made from cardboard, like it wasn’t real in any way, just a movie set.

When I gazed at the Abramelin square, it opened, with the middle spirit name popping out right away. The other names were slower to come forth but eventually they all began to become 3D, one after the other. I felt very drawn to the square; I felt like I was gazing through the paper. I started chanting the names, and projecting my intent as I gazed. When I felt the square was sufficiently opened, I vocalized my intention one last time, and then folded it over, and placed it in my wallet.

Then I blew out the candles and drank some water to come down from the trance state. The whole thing took me about 15 minutes from start to finish.

Time will tell if I receive anything from the square but the trance exercise is very simple and yet produces some deep results. I’m going to practice it at least once a day for the next week.


I plan to as soon as i can get up my stairs T.T


Hmm good idea guys, I will do the exercise tonight. Keep you posted.


Im glad you are getting results man! Shit is gonna get freakier the more you do it


@Micah, i drwawed the Sigil. Did the breathing exercise. Then tried to open the sigil. Didn’t work. So once more breathing, opening the sigil and saying the enn. I got in a super rexaled state. Got Lucifers Sigil and opened it. It was almost if i would fall a sleep and a bit dizzy.

I was not pleased with te self drawn Sigils. Tomorrow i will print Azazels Sigil. It works better. My drawing is terrible.

Althrough i can sense hearing is difficult maybe doubt to much