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Entry 1:

Once took an ex of mine on a blindfolded date to a light sanctuary outside of a town that we were living in at the time. The light sanctuary was in the woods and located on top of a hill by some really old and beautiful buildings. To get into the sanctuary, we had to check in our car and it was a little tricky getting in without alerting her to the surprise. Anyhow, we finally make it up to the parking spot and she takes off the blind fold. We walk into the sanctuary and rays of rainbow light are shining all over the building. She is ecstatic! We walk around and just marvel at the cool lights. We both sit down and start to make out. Pretty heavily. She’s running her hand down my shirt and I’m gently holding the back of her head. She tells me that she has a surprise. I close my eyes and hear her walk towards the entrance. When I open my eyes, she is laying down her jacket over several yoga mats in the middle of the empty building. She takes her shirt off and the rest I will leave to myself :wink:

Entry 2:

okay so my friend was talking to a guy and they’ve met once before this and he really wanted to see her again and she agreed to meet him and it so happened to be her birthday that day they were going to meet.

he lives in another city so she took the bus and met him at the bus station. they were just walking around in the city if I remember correctly and this guy had paid for a hotel and spa for them to stay at so they get there and it’s all fancy, really beautiful and quite expensive too.
Don’t remember if they got food but they talk and watch the titanic and goes to the spa as well. they didn’t do anything like kissing or cuddling. he asked her for a kiss and she said no I believe and I think after that they were going to sleep but she couldn’t so she started pillow fighting him so he wouldn’t fall asleep, they started kissing and they ended up having sex.

I don’t remember if more things happened but this was the second time she met him and they haven’t known each other for more than like two-three months and only met once before and he did all that for her, the hotel and spa

like I can’t even get a guy to talk about anything besides sex and nudes let alone go on a date with a guy. she’s got some other date stories too lol but it was one entry and this I believe was the most romantic and sweet one

Entry 3:

She roused me from sleep on our first valentines with head pats and strokes. When I opened my eyes she smiled sweetly and nudged her nose up against mine and affectionately rubbed them together, from left to right, right to left.

I felt flustered! my dear soon to be wife is really too sickly sweet…
No! I cant be passive! As the man I have to take charge of our date!
I reached for her neck and choked her gently and shifted our position so that I was on top and dived for her lips.
I only stole a peck before she shifted our positions again, her straddling on top, me on the bottom. Only then did she continue our kiss. She savored my warmth as I did her cool lips.

“You’ve worked hard all year, take today off and let me handle the rest of today.”,she stroked my belly fat, hopped off of me like a cat and left the room .
I pinched at my fat and groaned. Ive really been stress eating lately.

The rest of the day was of her and me netflix and chilling. She spoon fed me breakfast in bed and served me lunch and dinner mouth-to-mouth.

almostWifey here didn’t let me do anything for the day, She sat on my lap and nuzzled up to me making soft purring noises. If I wanted something, she would get it for me, I was not allowed to get up from the bed after all.

I wasn’t even allowed to propose to her! Instead she proposed to me with a, Even doing the whole kneeling bit by the bed side, all while some random movie played in the background.

Isnt it nice to be appreciated and taken care off?I hug her tightly and stare at my silver and amethyst wedding ring. “Opps did I squeeze you to hard dear?”

Entry 4: (A dream Date)

First thing is I show up with her red tiger lilies and pick her up to go shopping for our evening atire I help her pick out her dress but let her pick out my clothes once dress we Uber to the best overlook of the city I can find with the sunset falling down upon us I hold her hand like there’s nothing else in this world that can give me joy only your touch we sip some red wine from the Uber eats delivery roasted duck an Pesto noodles I gaze deeply into her eyes to the point she just has to laugh at me cause it’s so intense I kiss her hand and brush her hair out of her eyes and point her face to the sunset while I squirm my way in close to her and nuzzle her, then we just sit there and enjoy the setting sun,
We hear a horse nay and I quickly pick up our mess and take her by the hand and pick her up and place her into the buggy I pick up the blanket we were sitting on and I drape it over her while giving her our flowers again because they were still on the ground when I picked out up, the horse and buggy takes up to a college showing of romeo and juliet they have in a drive up setting because of Covid so we never have to leave the biggie, she rest your head on my chest as we watch the show and that very action takes my breath away cause again as if nothing else could bring me joy it’s only her touch and smile, as we watch the young lover commit suicide I whisper I can’t believe we found each other again. We then start to leave and I kiss her hand while staring so intensely into her eyes again she laughs at me but feel the passion in my eyes and lips upon her hand. I pluck one of her flowers and put it into her hair and take a picture of her to always remember this night.

The horse and buggy take me to my place and I invite her inside presumptuous yet effective she enter the house has a sexual feeling to it itself she notices and says to me and I just smile and take her by the hand into the bed room where I have two alters allready decorated and sigils placed one for king and one for the queen, I leave the name out cause I’d find out who she would summon for this purpose before I’d set it up, we both invoke the higher powers Into ourselfs and fall into a frenzy of lust…

… The next morning I make her breakfast an omelet with ham cheese and a little spinach.

Entry 5: A dream date mixed with some bits that happened in reality.

My 4 year old daughter and husband wake me up dressed in matching red and purple outfits and clown wigs. They give me a matching outfit and prepare breakfast for me.
They made cute little cards. They left them for me to find in the bathroom, kitchen, and living room.
We all agree to switch off internet at home and on our phones for the day.
I suggest going on a bicycle ride. I had decorated our bicycles with kitsch red tissue paper and balloons. We cycle down in our matching outfits and clown wigs to our favourite ice-cream shop. I had a little surprise prepared, special editions of their favourite ice-creams with cards I made for each one of them.
We cycle back home and make a cake together.
A couple of weeks back I had finally managed to find hollyhock seeds. They’re not common where we live. I kept the seeds for us to plant on Valentine’s. We paint the pots and plant the seeds.
We prepare dinner together and have our cake. We carry on with our usual evening routine, bath time, story time, and putting our daughter to sleep.
My husband and I put our favourite mix of reggae, RNB, funk, jazz, latin and Cape Verdean music. We spend the night on our sofa with a couple of drinks and spliffs. We chat and look at our pictures. Our trips, silly moments, our daughter, and our dirty pictures.
We’re all hot for each other. We like the tension. We want to play it slow. We play a game. We tease, flirt, look into each others eyes, we whisper dirty, we strip, we stroke but we don’t touch. We hold the heat, the intense lust, we close our eyes and see ourselves making love. We snap out when it’s the nightly time for our daughter’s cry for a cuddle. We laugh it out and hold where we stopped in our minds.


Entry 6:

Best date I ever had was a blind date with a young woman knob-jockey called Barbie; but I found out that was her street name, and she was really Karen. I also discovered that she was covered in tattoos and that her ex (JOEL, tattooed in big, bold and black capital lettering on her back) was a jealous, violent prisoner still doing time for crimes against humanity, but soon up for a supervised access review.

Her inexpensive jewellery, cheap perfume and constant flirting with other men made it a night to remember – especially when she became intoxicated and flashed her tits to the full, front bar of the hotel/restaurant we attended. When I got her to my new car, she inadvertently dropped a burning piece of cigarette ash on the passenger’s seat and burnt a fucking hole in it – new car!

Entry 7:

Hi there, hope you are doing ok :slight_smile:
Here’s my entry for the game ! True story :sunglasses:

So, this was with my ex.

We were dating for two months at the time.
It was her birthday night.
I took her to one of the fanciest italian restaurant in Paris. We had dinner by the candelight. It was a lovely night.

Then, as we were heading back to her place, she stopped on her way, told me “We’re not going home just yet, there’s somewhere I wanna take you first”. She took me to a spot we used to walk by when going to the movies. It’s like a small tunnel with round shape neon lights on the ceiling, almost like balloon floating in the air. I had told her once this spot was dreamy. She remembered. It was almost midnight so there wasn’t anyone around but the two of us under the neon lights, on a snowy february night.

There, she looked at me and said “I know you love this spot. I wanted to take you there to thank you for this night, to thank you for everything, to thank you for being you. You changed everything and I…I think I’m falling in love with you”

It took my breath away and I could not bring myself to say it back right away but we kissed under the neon lights.
Then, back to her place. I gave her her birthday gift (a golden snowflake necklace cause she loves snow). Made her stand in front of the mirror, closed her eyes and put on the necklace myself. She loved it and was a bit teary eyed when she asked “Why are you doing all this ? It’s too much for me, I’m not sure I deserve it”

To which I replied “You do. I’m doing all this because I want you to be happy and…because I love you”

And I am afraid what happened next is Rated R :joy:
It was almost 2 years ago but still my best date to this day.

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