The Dating Game: The Most Romantic Date

Alright so I am hosting another contest, but this one is geared towards Valentines Day. The challenge will to be pm me, the short story of the most romantic date you, or someone you know has been on. I only want real experiences, not works of fiction or stolen from a book/movie the Internet etc.

The reason I am going to have the entrants pm me these entries, is that after the seven days I intend to share them all for a poll/vote- anonymously so that the entire forum has an opportunity to vote for what they believe is the most romantic date submitted.

I’ll copy each experience, use page breaks and label them something like: Entry 1, Entry 2 etc. By sharing them for vote anonymously means that we won’t be able to vote based on who is liked best on the forum, and that we can truly vote on the most romantic date.


  • One entry per individual.

  • Entries must be pmd to me

  • Deadline for entries: 1/25/21 6pm Eastern Standard Time

  • Each forum member will be able to vote one time, so be sure to vote for your own date when the time comes.

  • Deadline for votes: 2/1/21 6pm Eastern Standard Time

  • Prize Details: You are competing for a servitor that is designed to aid in all aspects of love magic, but particularly with increasing the intimacy, love, romance and sexuality within a relationships. The information for the servitor will be pmd to the winning entrant on 2/1/26

To start things off right, I’ll go first and give you an example. (No my little story won’t be submitted for votes, it’s just here to give you an idea.)

We had only been dating officially for about a month. I’d already slept with the boyfriend so, when my period came and I felt like crap, I tried to call of our weekly two day dates. Usually we would spend the entirety of his two days off, doing whatever. This time I knew I didn’t feel up to anything, I was tired, I was grouchy and well I was female.

The boyfriend didn’t really take my no however. I woke up around 7 am to the sound of his old ford f150 pulling in my country driveway. I stomped out to the door, opened it and left it open, while I retreated back to my bed and dove under the covers.

A few minutes later I heard my fridge open and close, and then watched my boyfriend change into jammies beside my bed. He climbed into bed with me and held me. I fell asleep, and didn’t wake up till around 1pm. He was still holding me.

I went to the bathroom, brushed my teeth and came out to my boyfriend making me lunch and telling me he’d brought me a pepsi.

We didn’t do anything special, or go out- yet it was one of the sweetest early moments in a relationship that I have experienced. We had many more, but not many that fall into the dating category, as it wasn’t long before I stayed with him more than my place, and I eventually moved in with him as well.


Hah I wish I could do this but I’ve never been on a date before🙃 not even in my dreams💀 idk where everybody gets guys that actually wanna date you




Lol well maybe you have a friend that has been on a date and you can steal their story?

I just don’t want all hollywood fake stories from movies, I don’t think that would be fair. I could see value in it being you’re dream date however, so reach out to your friends and if you can’t find someone to share a date, send me your ideal dream date instead.

But if you do that, please mark it for me as this is my dream date, I have no real ones to share or something like that.


I would participate if my romantic life hasn’t been so dry :crying_cat_face:


Same as the above guys. I’m willing to take your ideal dream date if you can’t find a friend with a romantic story, just don’t steal them from a book or movie and let me know, so I can label them.

That might be all we get too, but just so our voters can know which happened and which are our Dreams.

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Wouldn’t the people with the worst romantic experience be the ones most in need of this? I think the winner here would have that level of manifestation pretty much covered.


Debatable. I agree and yet I don’t, we all have exes if we’ve dated usually and sometimes the dating period was amazing and we’ve yet to find someone that is right for us today.

I think the worst romantic experience would be interesting, but also you get into those who haven’t been on a date don’t have that anymore than they do what I asked for, and I feel like asking for the worst experience is opposite of what we want to manifest with this exercise.

Maybe I’m wrong on it, though I have already received some pms so it seems at least some do have a romantic experience to share, that doesn’t necessarily apply to current situation.

The other thing is the servitor I am offering has emphasis on working within relationships, so while she is designed to aid in all aspects of love magic, she will help those who want to take their relationship to the next level as well.


Great work! But a small suggestion if I may!

5 years is too long! :joy:


Lmao thanks, Fat fingered that one! I’ll have to get @Lady_Eva to fix it, I didn’t wiki this one!


I’ve only been on two dates and they both sucked.


Never been on a date in this life :pensive:


Well as I stated in the original post and in replies, try to find a friend that has a neat experience and if you can’t, you can send me your ideal dream date, just label it as such so that I can mark which are which when it comes time vote please :stuck_out_tongue:

That way you all get a chance to enter and the voters can choose if they want to vote for a real experience or the ideal dream date experience :slight_smile:

I want everyone to be able to enter so, that’s why I’m willing to take you’re dream experience if you can’t find a super romantic fit from your friends or family. It’s nearly Valentines day, and since there is no magical requirement, it’s not odd imop to go around asking people you know what their most romantic experience is- and you might even find some details to add to your dream book experience.



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Bump! Just a few days left till I stop taking entries and the odds of winning are still reallllll good! Plus it’s just fun :joy:

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same, but with girls


Dream dates or friends experiences guys. I’ve got a few of both in my inbox so, just let me know and send what you can if you want to play too

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I just wanted to bump this again, because we are under a day left for entries, there’s still plenty of room for competition and if you don’t have an experience of your own, please remember I will take your dream made up scenario, what you wish you could do if you could go on the most romantic date ever. The few entries I’ve gotten like that are pretty realistic- so that’s awesome.

Good luck guys, I look forward to seeing how voting goes.

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Time to vote everyone :slight_smile: