The Most Romantic Date: Time to VOTE!


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It was really fun to participate, I liked the idea
If you do one for Saint Patricks day I’ll be in as well :sunglasses: Love’s cool and all but I need to buy cool shit too so a prosperity servitor would be awesome :joy:


Yeah I was thinking of maybe taking @Mulberry’s idea and instead of doing the luckiest day of your life, cuz while we probably all have one, maybe doing the unluckiest day of your life. I’m certain to negate all the I’ve never won anything or had luck by chance do something amazing for me things that way, and both are real subjective, but everyone’s got an awful story of some sort lol.

I really thought I’d see a bunch of the ex backers enter this one, lol but I guess they didn’t want their ex back that bad lmao.


:joy: This is amazing, and I bet we are gonna laught a lot

yeah that’s what I thought as well but a lot of these people want their ex back out of the blue in less than 24 hours so… :rofl:


Hey there, @Uncle-Al I’ve had some members ask about whether or not you’ve chosen to use the servitor and who would love to hear if you have- they are expecting classical Uncle Al with a mix of sarcasm, truth and which part of this is actually fact.

So I’m just bumping this to see if you’ve attempted using the servitor and if you have, if you have any brilliant stories to share with your mates on balg?

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I’m so busy with what’s going on now that I haven’t had the chance.
I do appreciate your gift, but I’m flat out - like a lizard drinking.
If you wish to gift to the second most popular entrant, please feel free.

And whilst you’re at it; please get stocked up on whatever are your essentials. Events are moving very quickly - all one way: down. The UK had its worst financial year in about 300 years! Worse than the Great Depression and things are only just beginning! In Australia they are ploughing food into the ground. We are all fucked - each and every one!



Thanks @Uncle-Al I somehow didn’t figure servitors were you’re kinda thing.

I believe, and someone will have to correct me if I’m wrong, as I already archived the pms from this, that the runner up was @Alexane22.

I’m not by any means awake yet and have some mundane things to take care of but hit me up in pm Alexanne :slight_smile:

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