The Infernal Saga. ( The True Lore and Myths of Hell )


Yeah, I saw yesterday that power sensing post which reminded me to talk about it XD. But as I said, they could be another enemy race.


It was cool. After struggling a bit, reading this, gave me a strong connection yesterday when I went to sleep.


Hope it’s OK to bring up this old thread. I loved the saga and the initiation ritual is awesome!

One question about the ritual:

At the end you wrote:

My question is, I’m assuming the quoted part is what the demons say to us since they are the ones speaking here? But that last line of incantation, should we actually say that as well?

Really cool ritual :smiley:


<just started really digging into this forum.

<asked on a king paimon forum for king paimon to guide me on my journey of knowledge

<found this post immediately afterwards.

Thank you for your knowledge.



I…heard their voices as i read it…

This is not simply a story, this is a ritual, merely reading it is a rite in itself.

Absolutely amazing. Now i need to do research on Samael.


Hi, at what time is it appropriate to perform the infernal initiation


I just stumbled upon this post, this one of the most powerful things I have read on this forum. I was and still am in awe after reading this


Funny thing to bump.


I know I’m merely bumping this topic, but this thread has put me in trance twice, and led to a semi possessed State at least once.


Yeah even the mere reading of the words of the demons brings them to us


It’s honestly beautiful.

I want to hug all of the demonesses, I want to walk hand-in-hand with all of the Kings, I want to stand with Cain, I want to stand on the shores of the Lake of Fire and give thanks to Tiamat and Leviathan, this is not just something cool that somebody wrote.


Doing this ritual tonight.

Prep work.

Ill draw in Azazels sigil when i begin.


Haha a funny thing happened as i was reading this i notice that angel of darkness was playing

This is awesome i had to stopped reading every 2 minutes or so cause i felt like i was gonna burst
After reading i literally had to stand up cause i had too much energy
Doing this ritual when im free