The Infernal Empire Agenda

What is your knowledge or experience on the topic of the infernal realm and their agenda. Could magicians of the infernal path or people dabbling are being misguided by lies to fulfill a mass deception or could they be telling the truth and freedom is the case to break these chains. “Fight The Power”.
what do you believe? whats your experience? i do hope this thread gets a great discussion going and not taken down. The moderators on this forum can be quite tyrannical when is comes to new ideas or discussion that ask such questions.

I haven’t seen tyrannical mods but from being here a while I know they aren’t tyrannical unless you blatantly break the no politics rules (or they dislike your meme).

I haven’t any experience with the infernal agenda and it doesn’t by particularly bother me I have my opinions but that’s all they are and they are of the go go infernal empire go rah rah rah sis boom bah variety because of unpleasant experiences with the mainstream RC religion

So I don’t think any moderator hammers are gonna come down on you for asking as long as you and the respondents keep it to discussing about the infernal empire and it’s agenda.

I for one am hoping to read some interesting replies to your question and will be reading this. Here’s hoping you get the information you’re looking for.

Add: RC = Roman Catholic (and my issues are not the headline kind. Just the I grew up in it kind)


Where can this Infernal Agenda be found? I’m deeply intrigued by that concept.


Also, I’ve never witnessed any tyranny. It would seem that harm reduction is the overall function for moderators.

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Unless you’re posting on politics, not sure I understand how you think the mods are tyrannical…

What infernal agenda are you referring to?


Sorry, but this seems mostly related to EA’s stuff. The general rule of thumb is that if you can’t find any whiff of it outside of Balg, yet, it’s pervasive in Balg, it’s largely their UPG. No disrespect, but a spade is a spade.

I work mostly with spirits outside of the Goetia. Genreally speaking, most predate the Goetia by hundreds or thousands of years. Nothing outside of Balg. This is generally problem when one source in a community references another, which references the same or their predecessor does.

In programming, this is called a circular reference.


I think OP might be trolling.

you’re on the forum where the moderators can see what you post then call them tyrannical, i would just say be careful with being rude or name calling. Moderators keep the peace regardless whether they agree with your ideas, so if you get in trouble it’s not likely because of your ideas but the way they were presented or how you behaved. I’ve shared a few new ideas here and was warmly welcomed and thanked a couple times.

Otherwise, it depends on what belief you go by. Paradise Lost was divined by Milton by invoking Urania, claimed by him to be the muse of heavenly bodies and celestial knowledge including its histories. Paradise Lost more or less illustrates that’s Lucifer simply wants to cause God grief for taking back a promise of rulership. There’s a bit more to it then that if you decide to study Miltons works, but that sums it up.

In my culture, the gods, including those of the underworld, are mostly just having relationship problems or family rivalries, and we in the earthly world just happen to get caught up in their games. There’s no “agenda” it’s just them existing.

If you mean specifically Heaven vs Hell’s agenda, then it’s limited to Christianity and it’s adjacent antithemic religions.

Assuming I understand what you’re referring to, anyway.


I’m curious what culture that is.

I submitted a paper last year in my writing class titled “God and the Devil are the Same.” The idea was that God creates problems so that he can advertise himself as the solution. And the devil is an identity he uses to cover his tracks. Somehow, I must’ve escaped being burnt at the stake.


That’s a pretty serious accusation and it would be helpful if you could back that up with a specific example. I don’t believe this is correct.

I’m not aware of discussions of the Infernal current being closed just for being about the Infernal, they would be closed if they broke the rules.
The rules are not that complicated and “don’t talk about the Infernal” is not one of them. They basically break down to "don’t be a dick’. :joy:

Let’s see… you have 4 deleted posts from 2020 and prior… One was closed because you brought Identify politics into it and insulted half the forum by calling “all women” “hoes” in doing so, which is against the rules. Another was deleted as a duplicate. Then you told the entire forum to "shut the fuck up" because you didn’t like the responses, again insulting forum members is against the rules… and finally one was part of a cleanup of the forum as we became more PC in the wake of the UK homicides, and you’re kind of full on edgelord. :smiley:

At no point have your posts been “tyranically” moderated, and nothing from you about the Infernal has ever been deleted.

If you have an issue with a post, please try to avoid needless drama and simply message @moderators.


This can be found used in the works of E.A. Koetting. Starting with the Book of Azazel. The gatekeeper series expanded on the concept and Connor Kendall also has done significant work on this current.

But the original is I believe from Dante’s Inferno, aka the Divine Comedy, and drawn on modern xtian views that the xtian hell is all fiery and shit.


Ah, this clears this up. Thanks, Mul.


Well, thank you for that explanation. I have, in fact, read The Book of Azazel and watched the Mastering Evocation video course. I wasn’t aware that the reference to the Agendas in question were dated so far back.

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Forgive my “back to back” post, if you will, but since I’m a new face to the forum I’d like to share a piece of my philosophy on this subject.

My one complaint, as an initiate into biblical esotericism and having extensively path worked the prophets and apocrypha, is the apparent enmity and strife between angelic and demonic magick. It just doesn’t make any sense to me. The entire point of it all should be reconciliation with and among your spiritual influences.

I have both demons and angels, as well as jinn and Orisha. This is not forbidden at all outside of organized religious conditioning, and in fact nearly all of the most prominent or influential patriarchs interacted with and constrained spirits regularly. Their constraint can be thought of through the ideas Carl Jung had pertaining to psychic constructs and their collective manifestations, and while these entities are not “just” compartments of the psyche, they do fill them and interact with us through them. It’s not about domineering or lording it over them, nor them over us. It’s about integration with them and freeing ourselves from their shadow aspects.


This is the entire agenda. Members of the Infernal Empire just living their lives out.

Think about any other Empire before the modern age when royals rule. It was a family business.

So, to is the Infernal Empire and it’s people.

There is an agenda, and it is probably complex
in nature. It encompasses multiple timelines, dimensions and entire creations.

The stars themselves. The road they will take.

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Good job. Great F*** response my dear. <3 <3

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You are awesome

It’s like imagine if you could plan something that would influence everything ever and you could see everything happening beyond what’s able to become a verbal thought, centuries of planning and calculated moves. I would presume that there is indeed a plan of sorts.

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I have heard many reasons what the agenda is and recently have my own experience with their agenda.

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I would argue that agenda means intent. A spider doesn’t have an agenda of evil against a fly, it just eats. So to me, spirits and gods and all things, though capable of having agendas, their overarching raison d’être is just existing. But maybe that’s splitting hairs unnecessarily.