The Dragon Star

I closed my eyes and expanded my energy beyond all of existence until there was nothing but darkness.
The intention was to visit the first dragons gate, it didn’t work out that way.

Within that darkness I dissolve and become it, then travel to where I want to go. Before I could do that I saw a dragon form, made of darkness. It opened its mouth and swallowed me, devouring me within it.

My eyes rolled back in my head as I was met with darkness within the dragon. Only to see another dragon rise from the darkness bigger than before and devour me within itself.

And once again a massive dragon within the second dragon appeared opened its massive jaws and devoured me again. This has happened before, always three times and I usualy see something I meant to see.

Within this third dragon was a sea of dragons, Blackness, darkness, shadows. And one massive dragon. All I could see was its head. Sitting right in front of it was an orb that looked like the ones in the dragon gateways.

It would change colours constantly. Interesting I thought. While watching this orb change colours A black serpent rose before me, opening its mouth and a devouring me. I seemed to dissolve with in it.

After a while it let me out, I wasn’t the same. I was shadowy, stumbling around trying to get my bearings. Very wierd feeling.
Then I started growing. Horns, scales, snout. I could feel myself changing. Legs, tail wings. I was turning into a dragon.
I got larger.

It was a awesome feeling. Then the massive dragon I saw before was tiny, so was the Orb that changed colours. I heard the big dragon speak in my head.
“Devour us, Bring us inside of you”

I asked my higher self it this was ok to do this.
I got a yes.
I opened my jaws and swallowed these dragon beings along with the Orb, bringing them within me.

I felt them inside shifting and changing me from within. As this was happening a dragon bigger than me appeared and again I got devoured. This has never happened more than three times. And again and again. Going deeper and deeper into madness. (Being devoured takes me into a trance state I’ve learned)

Things got a bit wierd after that. Dark flashes of creepy stuff, I saw stuff my brain couldn’t comprehend. I can’t even put it into words. It was like my brain was flashing on and off with imagery I couldn’t comprehend.

After things settled down, I asked what the purpose of all this is? “To make you stronger” was the answer I got. Couldn’t sleep so wrote this. :crazy_face:




Working through some internal issues that came up during the week. Observe and dissolve. Images are for reminders.


Closing your eyes and imagining a beam of darkness running from your left eye to your right eye.

Then imagining a beam of darkness from your right eye to your pinial Gland (Third eye)

Then imagining a beam of darkness from your pinial Gland (Third eye) to your Left eye.

See a triangle from the connection. Mentaly visualise the triangle standing up inside your physical head.

The top touch’s the top of your head (Crown Chakra) the bottom edges touch just below the ear lobes.

A dark being appears in front of you. It’s hand raises to your forehead. It shoots a beam of darkness into your head, hitting the pinial Gland (Third Eye). Feel it.

A black circle appears within the triangle, inside your head. Expanding from your pinial Gland (Third eye)

Expand the image of the black circle within the triangle out of your head until your whole body is within it. As it is expanded it becomes three dimensional.
A pyramid with a black sphere within.

Expand the pyramid with the black sphere within.
Until you are within the sphere.
The construct is large enough to house your entire body and then some.

See black triangles behind your closed eyelids.
They come into your head one after the other continuesly like a production line.

Then see black spheres behind your closed eyelids, They come into your head one after the other continuesly like a production line.

Then see Black spheres inside a triangle. They come into your head continuesly. Like a production line.

When it stops see your body as darkness as your physical body breaks apart. You now have no body and embody the Darkness.

From this point onwards, what you see is meant for you to see. Enjoy the expansion and illumination of darkness.


I mixed two rites together

One by @C.Kendall
And the other by @Micah
Thank you both.

I closed my eyes and relaxed.
I drew Azazels Sigil in my mind.
I then visualized my DNA

I shrunk Azazels Sigil and as it shrunk I multiplied it. I connected all the tiny sigils to my DNA until it was covered with Azazels Sigil.

I brought the DNA Strand within me.
Then visualizing Azazels sigil throughout every part of my body and energy field.

I then opened the sigils.
Darkness poored out of the sigils into me.
I was no longer…

Who am I?
I didn’t care
The vessel did what the vessel normally does, but with a observer was present. A Watcher.

The effect lasted throughout the day and is still present but not as strong. Interesting experience and effect.
Repeat application seems to be in order.

Doing this changed what happened when i visited the Dragons Gate of Azazel. Which i will post below.

I closed my eyes and relaxed.
Expanded my aura until no light was visable, merging with the darkness.

The dragons gate stood before me. I entered and made my way to the heart.
Expecting to see Azazel in dragon form.

I was instead met by a very large kind of crocodile being. It was huge and dinosaur looking.

“Azazel is not here.” This primordial crocodile being said then laughed.
(I done some research. Only two beings I know of with links to crocodiles are Sobek and Sallos? Will look more into it.)

Confusion hit me, kind of thrown off a bit. I didn’t know what to say. I didn’t know who this being was. I didn’t even ask.

Then my body transformed into a black dragon. I pranced around realising what just happened.
The crocodile being laughed and disappeared.

Then i shifted into Azazels form.
“Now you see” a voice said in my head.
Ok so I was Azazel, but i still thought like my usual self which was wierd.

There seemed to be a throne in the room I didn’t know was there before.
I sat down upon it. As I did nethers appeared around me. Floating above the ground. I sat there for a while puzzled, i didnt know what to do.

“Ant’harratu” I called out.
A black robed figure appeared before me, no face just void, A burning image adorned upon the hood.

“Yes Master” he said.
Again thrown back from those words.

“Show him” A voice rumbled from within my head. Ant’harratu heard this voice and seemed to merge with Azazel/Me?

Next I was in complete darkness, I was the darkness. I could hear voices, echoing throughout the darkness. “Azazel” “Azazel” “Azazel” thousands of voices from thousands of people calling Azazel.

A vision appeared showing me Azazel appearing for each call that was made. He was this void or darkness? He could appear everywhere. Though most did not see him, he was there always.

Then i was brought before an image of a alter that looked familiar. It was my alter. The day of making a pact. At the time i didn’t see or feel much.

In this moment I saw Azazel standing there before me. As I dropped the blood on the sigil to seal the pact, Azazel placed his hand over it. He had agreed.

Not that I ever doubted the pact, to much has happened. It’s been a roller coaster ride. I vaguely remember leaving the dragons gate. I don’t remember much after that.

It was a interesting experience. What brought this on was what i wrote in the post above. Be interesting to see what happens when i go back.

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Playing around with raising kundalini last night.
Imagining black energy raising from Gamaliel to Thaumiel (Root to crown)

Instead of the energy spiking straight up the spine when you use light. It swiveled like a DNA sequence.
Coming out my shoulders and meeting above my head.

I could see serpent heads at the top. Crown was buzzing with energy. Gonna add this to daily exercises, see where it takes me.

Thoth had been calling during the day. The image of the sigil came to mind that @Yberion was kind enough to share on how to construct it.
Thank you.

I went to bed early and brought forth the image of the sigil and traveled through it. I was met with a man in white robes holding a book. He opened the book and I saw a image of twin serpents coiled around each other, like a DNA sequence.

Interesting, I’ve added raising the black kundalini exercise to my daily routine.

He handed me the book and disappeared. I opened the book and traveled into it.
I just was, if that makes sense. Melting into consciousness. Expanding, stretching, remembering?

I fell asleep aftwards, but the sensation continued throughout the night. Half awake half asleep feeling this expansion.

I woke up tired. Thank you Thoth

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I stared into the darkness expanded my energy, feeling the darkness with no form beneath reality. My eyes were open.

Azazels Sigil was drawn in my mind. I called his name. My mind seemed to do the next steps of there own accord. Seeing azazels sigil in key points within my body.

The atmosphere changed, my body vibrated. The static rain began to form within the darkness. Reality shifted, mist appeared before my opened eyes. Swirling around me.

And then the mist slowly swirling came upto my face. And that’s when it happened.
I finaly saw past the mist. It formed around an image of a silowete almost as giving it form but not.

In the darkness it appeared as a shadowy figure stranding right in front of my face. My eyes were focused on one spot, but I could clearly see this shadow being before my very eyes.

Azazel, I said once again. Slight fears came up but I ignored them. It came into me. Only to reappear in front again. There were no words just the experience.

I thanked Azazel and went to bed.
Closing my eyes i focused on the feeling. Only to be devoured by dragons. This time they were more shadowy, less form more formless. Again expanding and stretching.

Today is different. My third eye is activated. I feel expanded, it feels like being in two places. I can see/Sense the underlying force hidden within reality.
Strange thing is while driving to work it seemed as if people I passed seemed to give off a light or glow.

As I walked through my workplace, I felt like I was walking within myself. It was Strange, but cool, and wierd and awesome haha.

Not much has happened with the Dragons gateways. I get a feeling its all connected. It always is.

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the Activation of the Seed of Darkness has taken good results so far.

Read the last 2 Entries from Shadowstorm 696 here.



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I went to bed late and thought I’d see if I could make sense of those images I saw about a week ago. That didn’t go according to my plan.

As I closed my eyes tapped into the darkness within breaking apart and becoming that darkness. Instead of going through the usual procedure of traveling there I was just there, as if tapping into something that is already there.

Shadowy jaws emerged from the darkness swallowing me, taking me into that trance state. My idea was to be devoured until i saw what I did a week ago to see if I could make sense of it.

There was something else I was to see though. The dragons gate appeared, instead of me walking through it, it came to me. Taking me within.

Inside I was surrounded my four dragon gateways in 4 directions. Azazel, Lilith, Hecate, Naamah.
Black, Red, Purple, Blue.

There was a fifth dragon that looked like smoke, the name Belial came into my head.

I didn’t have chance to ask any question, before I new it the black dragon appeared behind the Dragons Gateway, much larger than I’ve seen before.

Open it massive jaws and devoured me.
Then the red dragon done the same.
Then the purple dragon.
And finaly the blue dragon.

I don’t recall anything after that.
At least I have a direction to head towards now. Belial.

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I went to bed. As soon as I closed my eyes I was in a forest. unusual, but it was what it was. Hecate I wanted to visit. I had some questions.

I walked down the forest path to be met by a hell hound. I kneeled down and held my hand out. Not sure if I would get my hand bitten off or not haha. I didn’t care, these beautiful beings protecting their goddess. If I was any threat I would be ripped to shreds.

It allowed me to place my hand on its head. It then let out a bark. Feeling a presence behind me I stood up and turned around.

Dressed in white robes Hecate had come forth. " Hello Hecate" I said.
“Hello Dear” she responded.

I wanted to know what we’re my spirit animals. So I asked if she could help.
Though I had a feeling there was more to the experience than what I thought.

“Follow me” She said.
I wondered why her robes were white, in that instant they shifted to a black color.
They would change color from black to white and white to black throughout the remainder of my visit.

We walked down a forest path. As we we were walking a large owl flew down and landed on my shoulder. It felt like it belonged with me. It felt familiar.

As we walked further a Black Snake joined us on the path, it’s head shaped like that of a cobra. It also felt familiar for some reason I did not understand quite yet.

A wolf also joined us, along with a little green frog. We all walked to an opened clearing where Hecates Wheel was drawn on the forest ground. A full body sized alter was set In the middle of it.
I remembered this alter, I’ve been on it before. Initiating into her current.

“Lay down dear” Hecate said. I layed upon the alter. She raised her hands above her head, dagger in hand. And stabbed me in the chest. It didn’t hurt.

I saw a image of Hecates Wheel inside my chest. It went from a 2D image to a 3D image. She removed the dagger from my chest slit her wrist and poured blood into a Chalice. " Drink this Dear" she said handing me the chalice.

I closed my eyes and called my higher self. The image of dragons eyes opening from the darkness appeared. “Should I drink this?” The dragon nodded his head.
I always check with my higher self.

I opened my eyes and took the chalice from Hecate thanking her. And swallowed what was within. As I layed upon the alter the owl flew into me as if merging.
Then the snake slithered upon the alter and slithered inside me, coiling itself within.

Then the wolf pounced upon the alter also merging within.
And finaly the green frog jumped upon the alter and merged inside.

I asked Hecate to initiate me into the last three spheres of the Qlippoth before going to sleep.

Ni Arden Tush Ni Arden Tor
I awoke chanting this half asleep half awake this morning upon awakening, over and over again.

A visitor I had a couple of weeks ago

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I closed my eyes and called for Belial.
His sigil appeared. I traveled through it.
Belials energy spread within me. The 9 pointed star appeared between my forehead. It started spinning changing my physical/Astral body.

“Are you ready hahahaha” Belial said as he laughed. I shed my doubts and my fears by tapping into the darkness that surrounded me, becoming it.

“Let’s go” I said.
Before me the blackness seemed to part again and again and again. As if tearing the veil. I headed straight for the parted veil entering it.

It was like a tunnel. I got the sense of it slightly winding as if curved or a spiral. I got a sense of death if that makes sense, to me it felt like death.

This took a while to traverse but at the end was a shimmering thin portal. I entered and on the other side was a thick shadowy atmosphere. Shadow beings were here.

I seemed to assume a Smokey dragon form. Fears arose in this place. I will not let that stop me. The more I constrated on the Smokey dragon form, my fears would be no more. I waded through the shadows as far as I could go.

The beings there seemed to part and make a path accessable before me. I had to reinforce my will and strength to get through though. Hmmm a test?

I vaguely remember coming out of that atmosphere to another gateway but that’s all I remember.

I went to go turn on some music at work
“I shore do yearn for the abyss”
A league of legends add on YouTube haha.
Thanks for the message Belial.

Another interesting thing happened at work. Walking down one of the isles in my mind the veil split as I walked through it I could feel the energy shift.

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Fuck ya @SHaDoWSToRM696!

It’s feels like the red dragon without the Channeled name could be asmodeus… I feel like they are preparing you for the next alchemical step which for me… Working with amaymon, but am going through alchemical transmutation with Ak’anak… See conner Kendalls grimiore he gifted the forum. For more detail…


Thank Bro
Your spot on @Rory_Mclellan I figured it out the other day.
Was watching a Behemoth X Video where he had a sigil of Asmodeus, it was like it jumped out, my body straightened and I felt slightly possessed.

Meditating another day picturing Asmodeus’s sigil in my mind the bit that looks like a dragon tail, started wiggling and shot through into my third eye. Very intense.
Definitely got my attention.

Wasn’t sure why he turned up with lilith, just done a bit of research that answered my question

Will have to check out that grimoire, good stuff from C.Kendall

Be well bro


Just posting this hear for easy access
Thanks @Rory_Mclellan for bringing this to my attention. Thanks @C.Kendall for sharing


Working it right now bro… It’s fucking awesoen


You totally made my evening by confirming that scan…
I love asmodeus… Draconian aspect is hugely resonates with me as I’m a fire symbol like he is…

I remember the first time I saw him before any other demon during my draconian opening rite… Ill go. Into detail more after my meditation is done… Hang tight and thank u!


Haha your welcome, thanks for the confirmation.

Just read through it Looks very interesting, weekend rites :smiling_imp:

I’m a water sign, lots of feelings. Fire/water = Steam. Asmodeus his energy feels very dominant and unique. Awesome sense of humour, makes me laugh.

Happy to hear about your experiences anytime.

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I closed my eyes and was about to expand my awareness. But it seemed like something was pulling me back.

So I tapped into the surrounding darkness to tune in. The red dragon heart within started to glow. I expanded it.

As I did, the surroundings changed. A firey place with the Dragons Gate was before me. The place where I got taken to by lilith.

I walked through the flames and into the Dragons mouth and made my way to the heart of the dragon. The red heart set ablaze with flames was before me.

I expected lilith to come from the darkness behind the heart. A large red dragon with black stripes emerged from the darkness instead. Asmodeus.

He greeted me with my nickname. Why because he likes that name instead? (This makes me laugh) Every other being calls me by another name.

I did sense lilith here as well but I didn’t see her.

“You ready --------” he said.
Before I could even say anything his tail flicked around and went straight between my eyes. Energy surged through my third eye. It was fucking intense. It was as if a beam of red energy was pouring through my head. Thats all I remember.

I didn’t sleep well last night. Half awake, half asleep with this feeling between my eyes.

Can still feel it today at work.
Bit in the clouds this morning. Here but not.
Seem to be humming/Vibrating VavaV
Wonder what tunnel this is connected to?
Need to map all this out on the weekend.

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