The Dragon Star

As I closed my eyes and expanded my awareness into the darkest part of the void.

The dragons gate appeared. Traveling through the mouth and heading straight for the heart. Azazel was there in dragon form.
“What is it you seek” he rumbled.
“Belial” I replied
A familiar laugh chuckled from the darkness as a misty grey smoke appeared.

The grey mist took the form of a dragon and remained like mist. Belial in dragon form, He appeared next to Azazel. He looked cool in this form haha.

Not much was really said during my visit. Do what needs to be done with a sense of knowing.

Belials dragon mist form changed into a bald man in Brown robes. He opened a portal and stepped through. I followed.

I was surrounded by darkness, before me stood a dragons gateway surrounded my grey moving mist. I could only see the head with its jaws wide open. Belial seemed to have disappeared.

I entered through the mouth. A gray/silvery sparkling flicker I could see in the darkness ahead. I made my way towards it.

A huge silvery orb emanating grey mist was before me. From the darkness behind it, Belial appeared as a huge misty dragon.
The mist was hypnotizing.

No mucking around this time, he reached into the Heart bringing a miniature version of it out. Brought it upto my chest and pushed it in.
This time it wasn’t as intense, I still felt it, it just wasn’t as intense.

A portal opened beside me. Belials dragon form traveled through it as mist. I followed.
Through the portal was a a large pyramid covered in mist, it had that silvery sparkly glow to it. I could actualy see the dragon eye symbol in black on this one.

Belial towering above it, reached in and pulled a miniature one out. Reaching down to where I stood he pushed it into my head.
Again I felt it but not intensely.

We returned through the portal. I Thanked Belial and made my way out. Willing myself back to where I needed to be.

I did travel back to Liliths gateway twice over the weekend. Only to be told to rest from Asmodeus. The previous experience with Asmodeus shook things up a bit.

Just to note the experience

Different experience today.
Again the feeling of being within. Not the physical self. Something larger.
Best way to explain it is as if reality is but a dream state.

A strong urge to chant throughout the day.
Being nothing but everything.
Real but not real


We are you, You are us.

A mind within a mind.
A body within a body.
Not as we perceive body’s to be.

Existing within and without.
Just like thoughtforms?

A Storm is coming.
And it will water the seeds with Darkness. :wink:

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This looks familiar, Seed of Darkness :smiling_imp:

Preparations for the upcoming ritual :smiling_imp:



This ritual was dedicated to the dark goddesses Hecate and Lilith. Making use of the full moon on the 13th for inner alchemy work. Unlocking the potential within.

The two keys represent the aspects of Lilith and Hecate unlocked and unleashed within what this flesh calls the self. Is there a self? I keep questioning that.

The visions that came were first of the mind, then the body, then the DNA unlocking with both those keys. Be interesting to see what happens in the next couple of days.

A bracelet was infused as a link to the lyconthropy aspect of both Lilith and Hecate. A vision of two hell hounds energetically jumping into the bracelet presented itself.

Putting the bracelet on my right arm sends energy rippling up my arm. I wear my Qliphothic bound bracelet on my left arm. Putting this new bracelet on the same arm as the Qliphothic bracelet still sends energy rippling up the left arm. Interesting.

My right hands gone numb. Reminds me when I bound void energy to it and it was numb for days, had to unbind it. This should settle in a couple of days, Like the qlippothic Bracelet did.

Love and respect to these two dark goddesses for their guidence, honesty, kickass motivation reminders, love and support throughout my journey.

Hail Hecate
Hail Lilith


Interesting video on youtube

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Good video. I was a bit sceptical about the sacrifice part but the part about the difference between willpower and magical power is very helpful. Thx for sharing.

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No worries.
Lol yeah I had the same scepticism. It was well said and explained. Might have to check out the other videos see what’s hidden within.


I had the idea of going back to the Acasual. And creating a more symbolic representation of power through creating a body.

The idea was to form a dragon body. I wasn’t sure which gateway to go through. So I asked Azazel.
I was told to use the star systems.
Awesome. It is done then.

So I expanded my awareness until the star systems came into view. I activated Algol first. I reach out my hand and sent blood.

Then I usualy move onto the next one. This time I got sucked in to Algol. The energy shifted immediately. It was a weird feeling and energy. I was confused.

Visuals were a bit hazy. This energy seemed darker and sinister. Something I wasn’t used to? I sat with it for a while.

I’ll go back again tonight to find out more. Alchemical change before the upcoming outer darkness ritual maybe?

I been wondering what gate to work with. Maybe this is the answer. The connection I found was that of Madusa & Algol. Madusa made herself known a while ago, I posted pictures in my journal to remind myself.
Again more threads connecting.


Just thinking about Algol at work brought back that energy. I sat with the energy most of the day to assimilate to its vibrational frequency and get used to it.

I visited the other gateways before bed. They both had different energy’s. Interesting. While visiting Dabih I had a vision of a fire being charge at me.

Naos seemed to be calmer energy wise. It felt like something was hidden below the surface, waiting to be found. Silent but powerful.

Outer Darkness Ritual

It’s been an odd few days. The gatekeepers have appeared every night for the past three days.

I don’t feel my normal self. Lack of interest in anything. The seed of darkness appeared last night while meditating, seeming as if activated. While out in the backyard there were scrape marks of a nine pointed star. Which reminded me of the seed of darkness.

Will see what happens in the next couple of days. Tonight I travel to the eye of the storm.

What a morning, was so fucking energized felt like I could punch through a wall. Was buzzing with energy.

I packed all my ritual gear put it in the car and took it to work. The idea was to do the ritual at home but due to unforseen circumstances I had to change plans.

Where ever you go, There you are.

12:33Pm lighting the candles in my mind one by one vibrating each Gatekeepers name twice. Feeling them as they came forth once called. Then lighting a physical candle as a physical link to the nine.

Filling a bowl with my own blood to open the portal of Algol for the darkness to poor through.

At one point I started speaking in tongues, I don’t really recall when or what I was saying. It was different.

When the time came to connect to Algol that’s when the visions started. Darkness pouring out from the Demon Star in a massive mass of darkness.

Converging towards the earth. It’s energy was powerful. I could see the participants light up like black stars. Shining Black Beacons. This darkness merging with us. And spreading upon the earth. We are the children of darkness.

We are the 9 headed Dragon. We are the Gatekeepers. There is no them and us. We are one. We are the same. We are the infernal.
All parts are necessary that make the whole. Every cell has its purpose.
The more cells in harmony the stronger the whole becomes.
Merge into your full potential.

I’ve had something that didn’t quite sit right for a while now. The things I read, how they are separate. Existence is about merging back into its original form. That’s why theres war and conflict. I get it now.

Sure there’s more to remember or learn. It makes more sense now. And we fight what we truly are, every step of the way. We are afraid of our selves. We separate ourselves from that which we fear.
Bring it in and become it. If you can handle it.

I doubted this gnosis tonight. I doubled checked with Azazel.

After the ritual I was a bit shaky. Ham Ram Satalos keep going through my mind. As it did an eye opened before me, serpentine like. Red.

As it opened I got a sense of knowing that’s why I feel different. The crown activates and stays activated. It’s as if the 9 headed beast now has hundreds of new heads and eyes.

That’s why I said we are the beast, we are the Gatekeepers. It sees all through us, with us and around us.

Next step is to take action.

After waking this morning, this feeling is constant. The serpent eye is still there, my whole body feels different.

Wanting to test this out I visualized the serpent eye. The crown of my head opened, energy shot down my spine and my upper body tingles.

I brought forth my intention to know more about the Gatekeepers. And then a vision came. All nine of their sigils appeared. They started to shrink. I see DNA Strands. Then I see bone and flesh. Then I see outer flesh, then I see me.

In that moment there was no doubt, It was all knowing. When that eye is open beaming its knowledge into your head, there’s no doubt. The doubt comes after the eye closes.

“Shed your doubts and fears” I know I know.

So I asked why do I have a infinity with one particular GateKeeper. “That’s the Energy you resonate with. You haven’t fully merged with the others, you will, now that you understand”

I understand if your not ready this can totally Mess you up. Interesting.

Not sure if anyone shares this view?
Or understands it.
Words can’t explain it. End

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Was the vision like super vivid? As if your eyes were open and you were seeing it?

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The ritual vision above, my eyes were rolled back in my head.

The serpent eye vision below. My eyes were wide open. Beaming. Crystal clear.

That’s great. Can I make a weird request. Can you pull from the Gatekeepers emotions and see if they are missing Tiamat. I feel like this kid’s song might help with it. I think it might help ground your energies too.


Was actually going to ask about Tiamat tonight.
I’ll see what info I get and let you know.
The goddess are needed.
They keep balance.
For me anyways.


As silly as it sounds watch that video. It will help to tune into her vibes. She did bounce a long time ago. The Gatekeepers weren’t happy nor please when she did. Honestly, they are thoroughly mad at her about it. This is all about her by the way. Its what I have been told. I would like to hear what you can pull yourself about this situation. You guys deserve full disclosure on this matter.

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Wow both sound awesome, I’ve always wanted to have visions like the second.

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The thought of a 3D image of the Qliphothic spheres came to mind. Thought id google it see what came up.
To understand it better I’d have to do more research and make a model.

The image reminds me of when you lightly press on both the eyes and a grid forms behind your closed eyelids. Bringing the formation inwards.
As you let go, the formation spreads outwards.
Though it seems much larger.

Last night I visited Belials dragon gate.
Expanding my awareness into the void beyond all light.
Then expanding belials gateway from within my heart centre.
Smoke filled my vision as the dragon Gateway came within sight. Appearing and disappearing as the smoke danced around the atmosphere.

I entered through the mouth of the smoking dragon. Into the darkness within and straight to the heart.

As I approached the Heart I could see smoke appear from the darkness.
Hello Belial. As I said those words the a dragon made of smoke appeared from the darkness.

“Shadowstorm hahahaha” Belial laughed.
Not sure what the plan was tonight I asked.
“To the Abyss hahahaha” Belial said with more laughter.

Expecting to travel there the usual way I was surprised when the perceived floor below me opened up into a blacked pit and I started falling into its depths.

I could hear Belials laughter. I thought Fuck it, I’ll laugh with him. And there I was falling into the Abyss laughing like a mad man hahaha.

Darkness, thick darkness, images of shadows, continuous falling. I could see belials Smokey dragon form follow me down into the Abyss. Until it disappeared completely as laughter surrounded me.
As if he was the abyss.

At one point a shadow image of myself grabbed me. Somehow knowing it was my shadowself.
I grabbed it and pulled it within me.
I think I’ve done this before.

If your a part of me your coming with me I thought. At some point I stopped falling.
I was just there, soaking up the darkness.

I fell asleep while in that place.

Chanting and speaking in tongues I don’t understand, my usual morning ritual.
Vibrating the chant I made for hecate.

An image came to mind of Hecate holding a grey/whitish owl in both her hands.
She just stood there not saying a word.
Though nothing is said communication still occurs more like a knowing.

I held out my hands and the owl stepped forth onto my hands then dissolved into my arms. Interesting I thought.

I surely had the urge to chant lilith enn. And so I did. After a while an image of Lilith appeared holding a bat in her hands.
Take it she said. I held out my hands and the bat came into me.

I could see the bat on my right shoulder and the owl on my left. I Thanked both Hecate and Lilith and got ready for work.

Familiars? I’m not sure what to make of this, let’s see where this leads.

This symbol I’ve seen before.
Part of the pathworking of the dragon gateways.
I came across it while researching Tiamat.
I’ve ordered a copy for myself.
It will take a while to get here.
I wonder what the connection is?
The eleven pointed star!

images%20(65) images%20(66)

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