The Decoding Your Dreams Thread

Your vision is intetesting. Giving birth to twins, one is white, the other black, one is a boy the other a girl is often a sign of engaging in two things at the same time. That can be two projects, two adventures, two creative processes, opposites, and two paths in life.

You might have been overwhelmed with two ideas or goals recently, and you don’t know which one to choose, so your vision about having twins. This dream can also be a sign of an important change in your life.

From a positive viewpoint, having twins in the dream represent the family and also the fact that you can manage multiple tasks in order to balance your needs with other people in your family.

Twins themselves from a spiritual perspective could indicate the balance between happiness and sadness or black and white or male and female. It can represent that events will work out for the better in the future.

I am extremely overwhelmed. I almost walked out of my job after 12 years.

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This actually happened a few days after I contacted Azazel for the first time, and it could be related or it could just be a dream. I can’t decide, so I wanna see what everyone else thinks. I do have a theory though.

So my dream starts with me driving from my parent’s house in my hometown back to my house. My parents warn me that I shouldn’t drive because there’s going to be a storm coming, but much like I would be in real life, I wasn’t trying to do that and decided to drive home anyways. I get to a particular stretch of road and the storm really is hella bad. It almost looks dark outside even though it’s mid-afternoon, and the sky is almost green looking when the lightning hits and lights the sky up, and I start thinking about pulling over until the rain slows down, but it starts raining harder and harder, and the next thing I know this huge tsunami sized flash flood comes barreling down the interstate and sweeps my car up with it. My car starts to sink so I climb out of it, and I’m being carried with the current but I’m managing to stay above the water until I hit a spot where the water is more rough and I’m pulled under. When I try to come up, I realize that there are bars right above the water, so I can’t get my head up. I can barely stick my face out enough to catch a little air and see a little. Since dreams are weird, I look around and I see…my middle school English teacher just standing there on a rock, just out of the water’s reach watching me. I start screaming for her to do something to help me, but she just looks like she’s waiting for something; and she keeps watching. At some,I get desperate and start feeling hopeless, like I’m definitely going to die right now, and all the sudden I realize that I’ve been dreaming the entire time, open the latch to the bars above my head, and climb out of the water. My old teacher just smiles and walks away, then I wake up.

If anyone is good at decoding dreams, have at it. That was a wild one.

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Back to the same person in my dream @lawclerk and @EmmaDawn

Today I dreamed she stole my shoes for fun,

it’s probably a stupid little moment in dream world, but any interpretation there? Thanks :sunglasses:


The vision could have several meanings because it is work related if someone steals your shoes in the dream, implies that someone might be sabotaging you at work. The stolen shoes can represent a lost opportunity.

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That’s rough, thank you

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The vision of a storm implies that you are experiencing hardships or perhaps misfortunes in your life. The storm may also symbolize suppressed feelings of hostility. On a more positive note, the storm indicates that your personality is emerging to the surface.

The vision of seeing more than one storm may indicate a significant change in life, you are headed toward a goal or moving ahead in general. A raging storm with heavy winds and heavy rains may represent repressed anger or rage being released; or turmoil or conflict.

With the struggle against raging currents or drowning in the dream might be struggling to survive as a person, so it applies to your identity as it is dealing with relationship with other people, but also with your own internal world of instincts, feelings of being overwhelmed can be caused by fear or anxiety. The teacher watching you in the water implies conflict with the teacher who is not helping you with your struggles.

Finally pulling yourself out of the water indicates you will find your own solution to your own problems.


The vision of theft could also indicate financial or emotional loss. Perhaps a fear of losing employment.

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Well does it change that she gave the shoes back and laughed jokingly?

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What i am getting putting the visions or dreams together is that although you like this person at work she is using the relationship for her own ends and might be using your discussions and conversions against you in a very two faced way. Although she is playing nice she really isn’t, you might want to put some distance between you and be more cautious as she is playing games.

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Noted, will play the distance game

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Good idea as what i am getting is that she is playing games and it might go against you.

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(I’m also putting this in my journal)

I had a dream last night about an army that called themselves the Enuma Elish (yes, like the Tablets of Destiny from Mesopotamian mythology). They were attacking a man with wavy black hair tied in a low ponytail, dark armor and a large black battleaxe. The first wave of soldiers wore gold and turquoise armor. They didn’t last long against the man in dark armor and were brutally slaughtered. Then came the second wave of soldiers, who wore crimson and black armor and had glowing, piercing eyes, some that were orange, and others violet.

I didn’t see the carnage that ensued, but I could tell they were terrifying and powerful; not a group you want to take lightly.

I personally was on the run from these people. I had stopped in an abandoned stable to feed my horse. The stable was surprisingly small and could only fit half of my horse in it. There was also one door and my horse was (unintentionally) blocking it. So I made a hole in the back of the stable when my horse was done feeding. “I need to get to the next town,” I said to myself. “Then I’ll be safe.” For a brief moment I considered sending the horse ahead of me.

I noticed that the town I was speaking of was actually down the hill within walking distance. “Oh,” I said. “I didn’t need to go that far at all.”

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Just wanted to recap, situation occurred that seemed to pull us a lot closer. Its quite odd really there was even talk of trust.
Turns out she is a psych major and has been using techniques she learned to better work with me.

But still heeding your advice for safety.

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Had a dream that I was with someone standing in a doorway that was underneath some stairs in an old looking house. I didn’t recognize who this person was. They said they were waiting to speak to Odin. Then they turned to me and said; he’s coming through the door now. There was a loud rumbling sound and I got scared and said that I can’t let Odin see me. I started running and went up the stairs. Then the wall started to move back and forth in a wave motion. Kind of like how a waterbed would move if you sat down on it. After the wall started moving I heard a deep voice say “You can’t hide from me. I can see you wherever you are.” I have never worked with any norse deities or Odin himself. I have a set of runes but have never really learned to use them. It was all very strange. I have no idea why I would be scared. Don’t have a reason to be.

Hi i want to share my dreams as well😁

  1. I was in a very empty version of where i live in washington. I was at a very nice house i had just moved into. My gf and i went in and were immediatly haunted. We fled the house but something grabbed me by my shirt and started pulliing me to the house. Next thing i knew i was at the top of a hill viewing a park and a black/gray wolf comes up behind me. I wasnt afraid of this wolf. I thought “oh yea everyone is gone” the wolf guided me through the town. We ran together and he brought me back home. When i got home there was a tall black man with pale blue eyes, long talon like nails, and he was with a blonde woman. I felt like i knew this man. He told me “theyre down stairs” i went downstairs and saw someone who looked like me fucking my girlfriend. I wasnt mad, it was very weird. Then i woke up.

  2. I was with my girlfriend enjoying the sun in a resort area. My stomache started moving and i said “something is inside me”. When the paramedic got their he smiled and said “this is why you dont eat people”. I said “im satanist not a cannibal”. In the ambulance, i cut open my own stomache. I remember having to hold it shut out of,fear of my insides falling out. The man pulled what looked like a blonde toupe. Like that blonde hair catapillar thats very dangerous. Then i had to stitch up my own stomache. “I survived” was my thought. Next i was back home in my bathroom. A slender man that looked like lucifer from the show lucifer was sitting on the side of the tub. He smiled, “we didnt do this to you, but we can give you the power to protect yourself”. Then he placed his hand on my chest and a couple women walked in behind me. I looked at them and they did something to me. Then i looked in the mirror at my self, i remember thinking “i should check out my demon self”. This dream was on my mind for days after and noticed a week later that i could trace my merdian network with ease. So i dont know what they did to me but i do think they did something.

  3. This was my first dream, it was short but very vivid and left me perplexed. I was on a mountain viewing the morning sun rise. I held out my arm and what looked like a hawk flew to it and looked at me its left eye. Then i woke up.

  4. I was guided by my,grandpa he said “i know we havent talked but let me introduce you”. Then he guided me to a car and in there was a blonde woman with blue eyes. She seemed know me and i felt like i knew her. There was a little girl in the back seat. I dont remember our conversation. Just that she was blond, had blue eyes and just sat and smiled at me.

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This is the most vivid dream I remember. So my family on my mom’s side are the MacLeod’s, we’re the sons of Fenrir as it goes and in my dream I was filled with rage and hatred inside of me and I was chained up as I shouted runes for air began to enter into my body and I was choking on air and I have no idea why. This was when I first began my astral journey and I was ill-prepared. About a week before the dream I made my way to Fenrir and boy was I in for a shock. Some spirit had injected me with something with a needle and Fenrir himself was not pleased with me yet and my ribs were completely shattered-like pulverised into dust
this is the symbol I was choking on

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I won’t go into it, but I have been dreaming of zombies alot lately.

I had a dream way before I began may path back in July 2016 of a girl on the bus that I ended up going on a date with as we ate at a buffet restaurant and then we get back on the bus and I asked
“Wait! What’s your name?”

“I’m Ba’al”

Fastforward to when I was a Christian last year and I hear in my dreams “Hosea” and as I read the book of Hosea I see the name I heard in my dream back in July “Baal”

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Throughout my life I always had reoccurring nightmare of some entity/ies always entering my house whenever I see them outside my window and I’d always have to keep the door shut because they would always attack me if I let them in. Eventually I go in and say(this was a few weeks ago) as I see them again “I AM NOT AFRAID” and then poof. Like that, they vanished

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