The Decoding Your Dreams Thread

I must be one boring dreamer then because I rememeber this one dream I had this morning, I’ll divide the dream into two segments to make it an easier read, it was about the following.

  1. I was in a room full of people there talking mostly nonsense and it was an overall boring occassion. Then suddenly a white tiger with green eyes appeared and for some reason went for me. For some reason behind me there was a room with glass walls and a solid wooden door which I got rand right into and closed and locked the door. They key fell out after I had locked it and changed shape. The tiger was outside the glass walls and walked back and forth and tried to get in by bashing the door but it wouldn’t budge. There was me and about five kids in the room and I told them to not go out or we would be dinner more or less. The other people that had scattered when the tiger firsta rrived no where calm and collected and then suddenly became really angry that I had locked myself inside the room and attempted to break in.

  2. I realized the danger and ignored the kids and looked for some sort of escape route.And a back door leading out of the room appeared and I used the changed key on the floor to open it and make a run for it. In the same moment I had opened and ran throgh the door I heard a woman saying: "you won’t get away with this time and she ended up chasing me with a gun through the house all the wat to the bottom floor where I managed to lock myself inside a room once more and I realized I needed to flee once again I opened a window and just as I had crawled out I heard her voice once again saying: “You think you are so clever huh? You are dead.” And then lock was shot at and quickly made it back inside the house once more and back to the party it was calm, people weren’t trying to kill me or anything at all, it was just like before any of the madness with the tiger and crazy had occured. I then woke up from this nutty dream.


I also had a dream about a year ago. I saw a woman full of gold her shield is gold her cloth is white her stomach was gold

I am practicing luciferian / Satanic magic

I have continued to have dreams revolving around the woods, and a group of very self reliant men, who are almost ready to kick my ass in the dream, but I am a part of their group for some reason.

They have red eyes.

Yet the significance is that one of the men is specifically evil, he is blonde / red hair and a definitive aura surrounds him.

If anyone’s read Connelly’s Guide to Demonolatry, the description of the humanoid form the demons take is brought to mind.

I don’t feel like important or heavily involved in Satanism to the point of demons wanting me to join them in their exploits

Just a strange dream.


@Mani, your dream reminds me of a dream I had years ago, that seemed quite significant. I also remembered a symbol from mine (a rune), but haven’t completely figured it out, yet. Have you gotten closer to understanding what this dream of yours meant?

Dude, I have that same kind of recurring nightmare, too. Usually it’s wolves trying to get it, but sometimes it’s bad people. Is it always hard for you to close or lock the door or keep it shut, too? Like they’ll stick a snout or hand between the door & the frame, so I can’t get it closed or the key in the lock just goes around & around & the fucking lock won’t engage. Ugh! I HATE those dreams. My condolences.

I have weird-ass dreams like that all the time, lol. Do you think there was a message for you there, @Teras390, or do you think it was just random brain weirdness while asleep?

Oh yeah it was hard to keep them out. It was never wolves however for me, it was always something like a serial killer or things like these

As for this, well, it was a psychic link I had with the wolf Fenrir who was trapped on his island. Fenrir is my spiritual father and it was mostly as a warning basically telling me “Accept the shadow within, do not reject it” with his rule of shadow.

There is one or two dreams I’ve never decoded in my life before. In July 2016 there was a girl who visited me in my dreams and we were on a bus and I said “what’s your name” and what I heard was either “I’m Ba’al” or “I’m Bast”.

Roughly two years later around Easter time in 2018 I had a dream where I heard the name “Hosea” who was a prophet in the Old Testament (At this time I was one of the sheeple and went to church weekly)

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Hell, recently I had a dream of Archaelus. It was his workshop or whatever place he films his youtube videos in and I saw his Mala beads in thorough detail with each one being a skull. I cannot tell if that was Archaelus himself visiting my dreams or what.

Only real connection I’ve had to him is well, thinking he’s a great teacher, this forum and when he answered my question on his livestream about Abbadon sharing the secrets of the black sphinx.

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I hear you about the serial killers. Damn, those would really freak me out! I’m glad they disappeared when you asserted your authority!

Interesting. I feel like the similar dream of mine was of a spiritual teacher trying to connect with & teach me something. Hmmmm. I know who Fenrir is, but I don’t know his attributes. Is air his element? Maybe because the breaking of the chain/ribbon?

I know Bast is a female. Did she have any cat-like attributes, if you remember? I’m not real familiar with Ba’al – does he have any female forms? Maybe they want to work with you?

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Probably brain weirdness, however when someone or something is chasing you it usually means that you are not facing or dealing with a problem - you are running away from them. That’s about the rest I don’t know about.

I’ve had a few other weird ones as well. I should post about them here as well. One of which was definently as message.


Well from what I remember, the girl was acting kind of playful and it seems to kind of be rather not maternal but caring. It seemed to be a reoccurring thing as well because three years before that, this same girl and I took on the form of a shinx from Pokemon and we kissed then and I remember saying to some other entity there “Do not tell anyone”.

As for Fenrir’s attribute, it may well be air! Air’s the element of freedom and it seems most of the magicians in terms of Norse mythology have him binded simply because they fear he’ll take away their power and kill the one’s who have told them what to do. The ribbons/chains have been broken for me if I’m honest, I don’t have him binded to me because all he wants is freedom always appearing like this

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I hear you. I think a lot of my dreams of being chased also has to do with guilt & fear, too.

Ooooh, do it! :smiley:

I’ve no idea what I’d be guilty of to be honest, I’ve had these dreams since I was 4-5 years old. They continued on through my early teen years and eventually stopped for a while until I saw them again and asserted my authority which ended them entirely from happening

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That sounds like Bast, to me. I’m not super familiar with her (I’m more a Sekhmet/Anubis/Ma’at kinda girl, myself) but that Pokemon looks catlike & the name is similar to sphinx.

That’s awesome. :grinning:

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Oh, no, no! I didn’t mean you were guilty of anything. I meant in my dreams of being chased, I know that’s partially from me subconsciously feeling guilty about something & like I should be punished. That’s my hang-up, not a general interpretation.

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It’s kind of funny as well because when I began my pathworking in October starting with the Norse I eventually found my god-self again. It’s what my username is and from that, I began working with the Kemetics as well and I worked with Thoth/Djehuti who called me “Khonsu” the god of the moon and from doing research on this obscure name I saw I had found out that Bastet was the consort of Khonsu and I was curious as to what consort meant and when I looked at its meaning “a wife, husband, or companion, in particular the spouse of a reigning monarch.” I was just in utter shock.

How I managed to find my godself even was from the Kemetics. I was surrounded by Thoth, Ra, Anubis, Bastet, Isis and Osiris. Thoth handed me an Ankh of my own and they bowed before me saying “Lord of Ma’at”.

Seemed after I found my godself Bastet did stick around for a while but it’s kinda crazy if I’m honest. When I read all of that I just had the reaction of “What?”

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That’s really awesome, dude! I need to read up more on Thoth; he calls to me. You heard the story of how he gambled with the moon & won some time (related to the leap year) to party?

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Well yeah, as it goes it was either Thoth gambled with Khonsu so that the Goddess Nut so she could have five extra days to give birth to her children. Quite interesting really, I believe it was Senet they were playing

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The one dream that I had was really strange but it was a message. It began in the weirdest way. I were standing in a glade in an unknown location, the green grass and the leafs where emerald green. And the sky was clear blue, all the colors in the landscape was really intense.

Except me there were theee other people, E.A, Timothy, and another person with really short red pretty much stubby, and piercing blue eyes close to looking like the blue you find in electricity. I remember being asked what I am doing, and for some reason I was touching Timothy’s back seemingly transferring something to him. At least there was some energetic exchange that happened.

The red haired dude asked E.A - “why won’t you show him how to do evocation properly?”

To which E.A replied: “because he must find out on his own.”

That’s it, that’s when I woke up. I am pretty sure that’s Belial’s doing.

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@Teras390, Did you learn how to do evocation “properly”?

I love it when colors are super intense in dreams. Beautiful.

Well yes and no, it’s getting there. I can do basic Evocation but other than that, well I still have plenty of work to do.

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