The Decoding Your Dreams Thread

thank you very much for the explanation about the dream

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Words of Power

First time we encountered in a dream, I had approached him in his study and asked for guidance. I woke without being able to recall the words we had spoken.

The second, and most recent time, he approached me in the kitchen of a home I dream of frequently, turned my back to him and spoke a single word over and over again in my ear until I repeated it with him as he pressed himself against me. I awoke with the word intact, but by the time I began writing down the dream it had distorted.

“Dis-tra-yre” or “Driss-tyr” It was something like that, I’ve been meditating on it every chance I get but no clarification has come yet.

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A few years ago I had dreams about crossing water. The water was calm and there were rocks to walk across. One time it was a steam and another time it was an ocean. I recently had a similar dream. What is the purpose of crossing water using stones to get across?

My Gf had a dream about me Saturday

She see me , with a rock and a cigar I put the rock and the cigar behind my back and I had a Red shirt on…

I think I know what it mean
But I’d like to here from you guys also.

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I often have dreams of my deceased grandmothers house each time the house is unlivable rodents and rot everywhere this last dream we were trying to fix her kitchen.

I have a journal of logged vivid dreams from awhile ago. And recently I’ve gotten back into trying lucid dreaming although I’ve never fully had control of it. Best way I can describe it…like being awake in a dream but never really any control of it. Not yet.

Last night I was trying to do some lucid dreaming, and the details have pretty much all but been lost 2 things stand out: 1 I got this sort if letter, addressed to me in the dream itself! With no return address and the senders name (if any) is foggy to remember. But the handwriting on it was VERY feminine. As soon as I go to open it, my wife next to me in bed stirred to get into a comfortable position and I woke up at that point!! Mentally I was screaming “Nooooooooo!!” And was trying desperately to get back to the point I left off at but I realized i couldn’t force this kind of thing so i thought “ok, gotta let this sort of thing happen!” And was in a way praying basically to get back to that point but I never did LMAO. Oh man…I’m still alittle upset i woke up.

But later after that, when wanted to go back to the letter opening point but it never happened so I kept dreaming in the same environment (a sort of white hallways that interconnected. If any of you have seen star wars, episode 3, when the empire storms the rebel ship in the very beginning, it was ALOT LIKE THAT only without so many panels and colored buttons and lights) I remember a female voice telling me a name that even to now I can only remember a bit of.

Luckily for me, I was able to remember it as D.D.D. I am really sure it was a name of strong hispanic origins, and it was something like (started with a D) De Dominguez or Domingo. But the definite D.D.D. I remember clear as crystal. Saying the name out loud I’m not sure about the last part but the De I clearly remember.

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@Blightwall in your vision with receiving mail with no return address, you may have been thinking of somebody in the past with whom you have lost contact. You might want to communicate with that person in your subconscious mind.

Your other visions indicating a female voice and than being named indicate it might be the same person you have lost contact with and or in your first vision as indicated by the female writing on the envelope. Wandering down a strange white hallway indicates you are searching for something, perhaps someone you knew in your past.

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I dunno about the named individual that was spoken to me. Never met a Dominguez or Domingo before…

Unless…I thought that the name that was spoken was a guys name and seeing as how I can’t remember the first part…might be a ladies first name…this changes just about everything of what I thought I had figured out! Theres a chance that who I’m looking for might indeed be who I’ve been looking for for a while it feels like! Thanks so much!

I’ll post more excerpts from my journal at a later time for you to decode.

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When I was a young man I had a visceral dream about a dark (southern European) man with a hairy chest unbuttoning his shirt and breastfeeding a/his child. Said he was replacing the child’s body salts. Can still see the baby sucking on his curly nipple hairs. So what did that dream mean, apart from the fact I was sick from very young?


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Last night I had a dream where I knew I was dreaming, I was fully able to control myself but not my surroundings, I was wandering through different places I can’t really remember.

I then found a mirror that displayed not me but an opposite sex version of me, suddenly I was in a room in total darkness with a white candle and a plate bearing some sort of thick shinny water inside it at the center of the room, I went to the plate and candle and tried to evoke an entity that I’ve been researching a bit ( a very powerful one), I was not able to pronounce the name correctly in the dream ,don’t know why. The water moved as my calling words were being said but the entity didn’t come.

The entire dream felt like I was rushing through it.

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Mirrors in a lucid dream world allow them to make for portals, transporting the person into a totally different realm. You might see yourself as normal, sometimes you might see an old man, sometimes you might see a new reality awaiting exploration.

The strong emotional reaction we have to a visions like looking down and noticing that our bodies are changing before our eyes can be an opportunity to explore and change and grow.

In gender-switching dreams, be aware of what parts of yourself might be fighting their way out. This tends to be important than the outward appearance of something being different. Could be an imbalance rising to the surface, asking us to take notice? A mask we need to drop? Another part of our personality (masculine of feminine) that needs to take a stronger hold?


Ooh I want to play…

Had a dream a coworker I am attracted to gave me a gift at work. The item inside was a coiled snake coat hangar painted purple and gold.

Anyone have a thought on that? Much appreciated any insight.

@Mapachtli Sounds like something Paimon would give/ wear. He’s known for having beautiful royal like robes and and coats.

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Any thoughts to the dream overall then? I appreciate that bit too I’ll have to contact King Paimon as well. Thanks

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I’ll try to be more aware of imbalances, I appreciate your input. Thanks

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Strange vision. Receiving a coat hanger in your dream may represent people whom you will meet during a journey and or will influence your life and continued cooperation with these people. The painted coiled snake or a serpent may represent deception, envy, and an avowed enmity.

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Very insightful, I appreciate you taking the time to educate me here.


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Oh i hate my graphic dreams… so last night i was at a hospital to visit a family member give birth… the infant was giving birth to twins a boy, Caucasian and a girl dark skinned like my ancestors. I feel a member of my family calling out to me literally. I will not reach back out so she can hang up tgat esp… network

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White was introduced? Youve been given a gift. Thats white gold!


Um the family member was an infant upon walking the room they were in full labor… i will probably never erase that dream. That symbolism was beyond my comprehension

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