The Dark Humor Of Lord Asmodeus

I once gave a tribute to Lord Asmodeus in the link below:

But i didn’t mention the whole story. So here is the story.
Long ago i petitioned Lord Asmodeus, about fucking a certain hot chick, she was my crush. I just wanted a quick fuck, but later i realized i just wanted her to become my fuck buddy (keep her like a girlfriend, who i could fuck whenever). Lord Asmodeus, did bring her for me to fuck, which i did very gratefully. Actually, it didn’t take more than a week to get the results. Yeah, when it comes to lust or sex issues, Lord Asmodeus works very fast. Another day i asked Lord Asmodeus to bring her again, and he did bring her again to me. But what’s funny, i only fucked the girl for only 2 times, and now she hates me. Interestingly, she hates me for no reason at all. She kind of like snapped in just a day, turned cold on me and stopped talking to me. I even texted the girl to apologize for something i dont know about, but still she refused me. Then i was like, fuck it then, if she wants to be my hater then fine. Recently, just chilling back i remembered not only is Lord Asmodeus the Lord of Lust but also Wrath. I kinda felt that, Lord Asmodeus was using wrath to teach me a lesson. The lesson about: “Letting go!!!”
And now Lord Asmodeus brought me another fuck buddy, but now have learnt that eventually i will have to let her go, inorder for Lord Asmodeus to bring me more better fuck buddies. What’s your opinions or comments on this?


Cool experience, I’m thinking about working with him in the future perhaps

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Are you sure she only wanted to sleep with you and that you were on the same page about it?

Oh yes, pretty sure @PriestessLayla. She had just broken up with her boyfriend. Talking to her, she said she didn’t want any relationship at the moment. So i suggested for her friends for benefits with me, just fucking as friends with no relationships attached. She agreed. We even agreed if one of us gets a boyfriend or girlfriend first or before the other, no jealousy but pure support.

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Certainly, you can work with Lord Asmodeus for: Lust, Sex, Wrath, Strength, War, Protection, Gambling and another i have heard is Mind or Brain Performance (not sure about this.).
For me in future, i am thinking of putting Lord Asmodeus aside and try to find if there are other spirits who can work faster and efficient than him in the field of lust and sex. I have in mind : Gremory, Zepar, Frimost, Ladilok, Frog’hla’tashch, Sitri, Kret.
But for now, let Lord Asmodeus be my pussy wish granter.


Will Lord Asmodeus work with a woman to make a man feel sexually attracted to her?

Yes @PriestessLayla , he can do that for you. Lord Asmodeus has a mask known by many as Aeshma Diva, the goddess of love, lust and sex. Although it wouldn’t be wise to ask Lord Asmodeus for love issues. Lord Asmodeus is more of sex, lust and passion. So yes, Lord Asmodeus can create a strong aura around you, to attract sexual partners. The setback with Lord Asmodeus, is that the effect might be powerful and quick, but won’t last very long like months or years. And if you feel Lord Asmodeus isn’t for you, then try out: Beleth, Zepar or Gremory. They can give you that sexual attraction you desire.

@PriestessLayla apologies if i forgot this. There is another better alternative, if Lord Asmodeus decides for some reasons he doesn’t want to work with you (yes, it has happened to me also some spirits refused to work with me). The spirit is called Sargatanas.
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