Experiment and success with Sargatanas

Health !
I wanted to share with you this experience.
I evoked Sargatanas last Tuesday (it seemed like an opportune day to work with lust and attraction).
The purpose of this evocation was to investigate, measure success, learn and improve.
I made a very simple evocation, a circle, three candles forming a triangle and the sigil in my hand.

I proceeded to call it until I felt it, then I saw it internally, a being of small stature that moved around with a very mischievous expression.

I asked him to give me only a glamor of sexual attraction.
I fired him

That same night I got sick for two days, on the third day, I felt very calm of mind without any interest in lust (something that had not been happening to me, it is more, quite the opposite)
I went out for a walk enjoying the scenery and I begin to notice that the young women begin to look at me and smile at me, it began to attract my attention. At one point I sit down to have a coffee, a young woman walks by, looks at me and smiles, enters the premises, I take care of my business and suddenly asks if she can sit at my table. He sat down to eat his ice cream, me going about my business, chuckling to myself at the situation.
It wasn’t my purpose to do anything, I was just in research mode. After about 20 minutes, she bids her farewell in a very charming and seductive way.
Nothing like this ever happened to me, I really must say it was the work of Sargatanas, I’m still seeing its effects.
Maybe at some point I intend to do it with a target.
i will update anyway