Is King Asmoday a demon of skill and intelligence

Why is most discussions on Asmoday/Asmodeus refers to him as demon of lust?

The Ars Goetia, does not mention this aspect of him, and most modern books on Goetic spirits like the DoM advises that he is good for acquring skills in a particular area. Connolly states that he is good for building skills and intelligence.

Yet most literature found on him is all about his lust aspect. Is he superior to Sitri in this domain ?

Why is his other attributes never mentioned. J.K Vehannum states that he rules over luck etc.

Any guidance is appreciated.


Because the coowner of this forum, E.A. Koetting published the book on it. :smiley: It was very popular and people had a lot of success with working with Asmoday under this paradigm. E.A. is a foremost mage and a trailblazer in the field, it’s not really a surprise when people find his stuff works and follow him.

You can read this book to find out why E.A. characterized him this way.

The old makes way for the new.

That doesn’t mean you can’t work with Asmoday in other ways, I do, but like any other subculture the magick community has it’s trends. You can choose to explore them or not, it’s up to you.


Thanks for your prompt reply, Mulberry! That explains a lot.


have you worked with him for skill and inteligence matters?

There’s a book in Amazon called “Walk Through Darkness” which basically uses the same method from Corwin Hargrove in “Goetia Pathworking”, in “Walk Through Darkness” Amosdai is said to be used to achieve great success with a skill, but does not mention the lust side, even if in the pathworking the side is latent. I think both of them works, since Asmodai is referred as a King of the Djins.

Are you sure Asmodeus lustful aspect got popular because of Koetting? Whoah

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No, Asmodeus has been referred to as the Demon of Lust in Judaic myth for a thousand years :joy: :joy:

Koetting had nothing to do with it.


Asmodeus is believed to be the Lord of Gambling and i think that’s where the Luck comes in.
In terms of skills and intelligence, i believe its all related to his powers of wrath, lust, passion, pain, and some other marsian traits.
Let me explain:
Most people when they hear the word “Lust and Passion” they think of sex only. Where else Lord Asmodeus did say Lust and Passion is not only applied to sex but in other areas in life ie. science, arts and crafts.
Let’s say If you asked Asmodeus for any skills or intelligence in some area of life, I believe this is how he might work for you:

He will increase your passion to pursue that skill you desire, hence become intelligent in the skill in the process.

He will quench you thirst to seek that skill or intelligence you want.

He will give you strength, motivation, discipline and will power to work on the skill or intelligence you want.

He can also use pain and wrath, by making your life a living hell so that you focus on that skill or intelligence you seek. A good example : bringing disputes between you and your family/friends inorder to for you to have non to talk with but to stay lonely focusing on growing your skill. Think of it this way, He removes those obstacles (including your loved ones friends/family) taking much of your time or not assisting much and preventing you from focusing and growing your skills and intelligence.

He can also use shame, fear to bring wrath and pain, so that you can channel those dark energies, dark emotions, dark memories, dark thoughts as a fuel for hardworking to improve your desired skills, for example like Batman (Death of family Trauma) or like Reverse Flash (constantly using his hatred to increasing his intelligence to destroy the Flash) *apologies if you’re not a comic fun, but i hope you get the picture.

Lord Asmodeus, he is not that different from Lord Azazel’s or King Belial’s way of working. They all can be mean, harsh or even a pain in the ass in working to manifest your desires but when you get the results, you will surely love it, enjoy, learned a lot of valuable lessons and your results can endure for long.
Lord Asmodeus is a marsian spirit, hence be careful when asking for your desires. Please be specific as much as possible in your pact.
The results can be magnificent, but the process might be hell. Although this is not always the case all the time, but most times its like that. Also Sartunian spirits like Lord Azazel act similar. But the BEST thing is that, they are the best spirits to kick your ass and quickly turn on your gears, if you’re a lazy, over comfortable, procrastinating person or just a guy who is too much of a perfectionist. Thirsty and looking for more.

In my experience, Lord Asmodeus is best or good for :
Helping you get laid (sex or Lust), now and then. *notice i did not say Love.
Removing laziness, addictions and procrastination habits.
Motivation, willpower, discipline and passion to work on your goals.
Offence and Defense: Protection, War, Dealing with Enemies.
Using your dark-side or dark thoughts/feelings to accomplish your goals.
Baneful Magick: death spells, cursing spells, life destruction spells, chaos spells and bad luck spells.

There might be other things he can do for you, but for me i rank those skills as his top according to my experience and many other magicians i have heard from.

You can read my workings with them in my previous posts :


Lmao exactly

@KINGSMAN76 I appreciate the detailed explanation of Lord Asmodeus. Thank You! From all the demons of the Goetia I think he is king. Nothing against Lord Belail. And the comic book analogy rocks. Lord Asmodeus in a way incites you to be your own Odin.

Spirits have their skills but there’s a general nature that needs to be considered. Yes, they may be skilled. But there’s a whole personality underneath that could cause problems for people and the workplace. So be sure you’re able to connect well with a spirit above all else.

Asmoday enjoys causing hostility and breaking down people’s emotional tranquility.

This should be helpful… Asmodeus

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