The continuing education of Mike B

I tell you I’m partial to two seals of Lilith



Well I’ve had to temporarily relocate the Temple of Sitrah Ahra to it’s former location. My Foster moms son is a Jesuit priest and he’ll be staying with us for a few weeks.

My other temple location and set up would have caused him great offense and could have created an untoward situation.

So I made the decision to move myself back to my former secluded location in the back of the compound.

I’ll move back to the hillside pavilion once he leaves.

Good news is back here the table is 40% bigger so I have more space for tools and temple arrangements.



The evocation of Prince Orobas

Went really well. It feels good to be back in my former temple area. Feels like my practice got a face lift with the new table and extra space.



8-2-22 710 am

I wanted to say but forgot last night while I evoked Orobas a storm raged all around, the clouds opened and poured forth water, it was very dramatic to feel the thunder rumble and see the sky flash with lightning while calling forth the Mighty Prince Orobas. I think because my other temples structure and location were more closed off and walled off I would have been cut off from the raw power of nature. I loved my old temple and being the brujero on the hill bit I think I outgrew it. Time to stretch my wingspan.

In other news an acquaintance of mine was threatened by someone stalking thier online profile ( not in balg) this person threatened to expose my friend for being a crazed demon priest and vowed to stop them… police were contacted and the matter duly reported but I’ll tell you what it made me think “Bitch, I wish you’d swing that bullshit this way, Im gonna rock your fucking world! You want to hunt witches… becareful what you wish for, you just might get it”

Shit pissed me right off. Times are a changing we aren’t so easy to isolate and pick off anymore, the tide of this is turning on these hostile motherfuckers. Nuff said I think.

Lastly I landed a juicy new project ( thanks Prince Orobas :tada:) thank the Gods this isn’t about a love related matter ( please bring my ex back) this is a wealth and dignities magick project. My forte. Fuck yes! Here I can make a real difference fir someone else with my work ( Im guardedly optimistic anyway).

That’s it for now, I need to spend the morning devising the specific charges for each spirit in the working.


Big project starts tomorrow.

This uptown funk gonna give it to ya!


Don’t believe me, just watch…:laughing:


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Hi mike,so you did apact with prince orobas and after that you talk to him like walkie talkie?even though you not developed your clairaudience?

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@mulberry I genuinely apologize for this. I was wrong about what the rule was. I do however accept full responsibility for the incident in any case.


Guys I want to be a stand up guy here and say to the community.

I’m sorry, I made a mistake.

I way unclear on a specific rule and was in violation of it.

Ignorance is no valid excuse I’ve been having long enough to have known that.

So I’m manning up, hoping I didn’t lose any friends, or respect from the people here that matter to me.

I’m sorry to who ever I’ve let down, I didn’t intend for this to happen.

That’s all.


I had pacted prince Orobas in Nov of 2001. I could not actually start hearing Orobas with any real regularity until after I completed my 72 project last year ( the 72 project is evoking all 72 Goetic spirits). After all that hands ok evocation practice my clairaudience made breakthroughs. First I could hear him clearly during rituals like evocation. With time I realized this wasn’t necessary because of our pact link. Mind to mind is how I communicate with both king Bael and Prince Orobas and a few other spirits. The other spirits I still need to formally call and the. I can converse with them


so you talk to him mind to mind?i mean from2001

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No mind to mind began last year. I think I’ve had mind to mind 12-15 months now

I am now convinced anyone can do this. These are latent faculties of your mind and spirit. People hear spirits all the time and do stupid shot because of thoughts that weren’t even n thiers to begin with bit the whispers of the spirits. Only by slowing our thoughts and studying and observing our own thoughts can we make sense of which thoughts are genuinely our own self created thoughts vs spirit speak.



The amount of black horses i see that show love and attention to kids and People these past few days are crazy,i 100 percent sure prince orobas notice me study about him,On my behalf, give hem my greetings and respect

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According to VK jehennum and I believe this is true. When you are ruminating about a spirit or meditating on it. The spirit hears you and knows what you’re thinking. That’s why often the spirits will show up for our evocations knowing already why were calling.

When you’re studying the spirit, the spirit is thinking of you and studying you.


Cool,i have some Projects on my table that with a man like you(who can talk to a divination spirit like prince orobas without ritual)can be finished in few days insted of month,What do you think about this?should i evoke him and explain to him or he knows already?Assuming you want to work with me

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Let’s talk over the details of your project on pm ok?


I totally agree. Stating the request is to make it “formal”.


Yes @anon39079500 just a formality.

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I second that.


Mike, how exactly do you safely give a blood offering safely during an evocation?

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