The continuing education of Mike B

Satania has a few good enn recordings. Some even have a male and female version.


Lilith is interesting. I’ve worked with her a few times. She can be… Capricious

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His Azazel black mirror ritual looks good too. Haven’t tried that yet though.

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The Evocation of Astaroth

In the crystal I saw a dark haired man speaking to a middle eastern high priestess with a tall headdress. She was reading a scroll and giving some kind of dictum.



7-30-22 938 am

Well I had an interesting morning. I cast my first death curse by way of evocation.

I a situation had reached my royal ear about a very serious matter involving mistreatment of a child. This was so egregious I cannot and will not speak of details. Only know I was completely justified in taking this to the max. That was the ONLY solution.

I called Astaroth as I could feel him seething. Astaroth came on a black dragon with a flaming sword. He was a very fearsome sight.

This individual now will have a face to face with his final judge. Astaroth.

All my hate and rage are gone and I feel peace

Nothing else to say.


I might be wrong about that being my first death curse by way of evocation. Actually I think it’s my second maybe. All I know is I don’t go there very often. :wink:

I did get a cool omen from Astaroth about it later in the day. Let’s see what happens.


Hi Mike :slight_smile: Did the prophecy you received come directly to you (telepathically) as Astaroth contacted you during the day, or did you use tarot for control or wake/summon?


No it was a song actually that randomly played on my YouTube that I associate with Astaroth.


I get it, man. As far as I remember, a user on the forum asked you a question, and you asked orobas via telepathy without making any associations while you were online and immediately conveyed the answer you received to the person. I haven’t reached that level yet but whenever I perform rituals with orobas and bael. I feel pressure in my mind all day. It’s like they’re there… not at the level of pain more like a touch Prince Orobas shoots the left side of my head just above my ear, and bael shoots into the center of my mind :slight_smile: )


That’s amazing you hear it that way. That’s almost exactly how I experience it too.

I noticed mind to mind communication came to me after I was pacted with Bael. I’ve always had it ( 22 years) with Orobas but I wasn’t aware of it or how it worked until last year.

I don’t have direct mind to mind with other spirits outside evocation. I can hear snippets or maybe simple sentences or pictures or feelings but not like walkie talkie communication.

When I heard about the troubling situation from my journal entry from yesterday I could feel Astaroth trying to tear down the gates of sitrah ahra trying to get to this world to exact punishment on the perpetrator. I feel his anger and gnawing hunger. I think it’s because I’ve been working with Astaroth on a bi weekly basis for almost three months now. I’m not sure.

Mind to mind is probably enhanced by blood pacting and is something that can be developed with time and practice.

Another big key is slowing ones thoughts enough to recognize thoughts that aren’t self willed or created. I liken my head to an antenna or a receiver. Something that picks up thoughts and vibrations.


I had an order mate tell me King Paimon needs to talk to me and I knew immediately the basis of what he wanted to talk about. I need to evoke him formally before I am 100% sure I’m right though.


We look forward to what’s going to happen mike, even though I haven’t met you in person, I feel like you’re a nice person. Take care of yourself


7-31-22 1237pm

Well king Paimon was really mad at me. I can’t tell you why it’s to do with the order to which I belong that he is the patron of. He was awful,a real condescending prick. Finally I got tired of his judgements and castigation and stood up for myself and fought back. He seemed to respect that.

Can’t discuss more I’m afraid. It’s all good now though. Felt good to stand my ground against a hostile Goetic King. New experience. Btw guys they have no concept of Mercy or pity so if you try to curl into a ball and wait for them to get tires of kicking you or feel that your pitiful you better pack a lunch. Only thing they respect is honesty , honor and strength. Better know it.


Hi mike,if i want to send life force to a spirit via blood or sexual fluied on hes or her sigil,what should do to sigil after that?

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I often reuse the same seal until it’s so bloody that it’s ugly. That’s my cue to make a new one. I burn the old one with the intent to respectfully send the seal back to the spirit


Thank for answering,i want to offer prince orobas blood,just drop on his sigil or i need evokation?

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Piece of advice. He doesn’t like it accept blood offerings but on special occasions and with the right people or relationships.

I’ve given him 5 in 22 years.

It actually has been known by other magicians to actually offend Orobas which I know isn’t your intention.

Why don’t you offer him a nice glass of red wine and light him a cigarette. He’d appreciate that much more, so he tells me.


Tnx for advice,the thing is i stuck in a stupid muslim country and i not acces to alcohol,what can i offer him insted?

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Tobacco or cedar incense, oats, a glass of cold water too.


You know i think you one of top sources for information here in balg and i like you,your a good magician,another question:what sigil you use for lilith?i dont trust internet

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