The continuing education of Mike B

Salve Ducis Murmur

Agios Murmur Rex Mormoylceae

This Journal will serve as my daily journal which will primarily be devoted to my study of Necromancy under the tutaledge of Duke Murmur.

I have pacted Murmur for a year and a day for instruction in the Necromantic arts.

I will include in this journal daily divinations
Daily demonic card of the day
Magickal evocation works with the 72
And conjurations of the dead and what transpires during those ceremonies.

I hope you enjoy this Journal and the journey were going to make here.


Sounds awesome!!!


Thanks @Rav



I wore my Necromancy bracelet that has been blessed by Murmur to the cemetery.

I believe in careful work to avoid bringing home any ghosts, or forming any attachments to dead spirits.
This bracelet protects from possession, attachment and death energy.
It’s made of Matte onyx and skull charms.

Today I went to the local cemetery. I walked around the tombs for awhile ( this is a crypt style catholic cemetery where the bodies are stacked in a wall. The individual internment sites have the person’s name date of birth and date of death and some message from from family typically.

I walked through the maze of walls of the dead until I found a spirit who spoke to me. Her stone said she was an old woman named Elizatireth.
I gave her my new bottle of water and asked if I could take a stone and a small bit of earth. She said yes serenely.

Murmur’s Rules for working with the dead
Rule number one
ALWAYS respect the dead, always.
That’s my dead, his dead, thier dead, anybody’s dead. They should all be treated with dignity and respect.

That’s coming straight from the mouth of Murmur and I will keep to it or face peril.


Welcome back, Mike!



The spirit of the day is Duke Aim

I’ve had nothing but good luck working with Duke Aim. He gives an intelligent kind of courage that allows you to tackle serious problems that you’ve been avoiding dealing with. I will say his service doesn’t come cheap however but his bargain is worth every penny.

This is my snazzy new Triangle of Art. Complete with serpents ringing it an the names of the four kings of hell in thier respective directions.

This is what I place my spirits seals inside when I evoke them.

Today I’ll be meditating on the grave stone I took home yesterday from the cemetery and the mystery of giving and taking with a spirit.

Rule number two
Always give as you take…
I took a stone and gravel dirt, I gave fresh cold water for the spirit to absorb the life force from.
In every transaction with the dead be ethical and consider thier interests as well as your own.


Good to have you back, brother. I’m looking forward to this.
The bracelet looks badass :fire:



The card of the day


This is not a spirit I choose to do with business at this point. We have an awful history of “fowl” ( yes as in bird shit fowl) conflicts. Nothing else to say about him or to him.

Insight from Murmur this morning

“You talk too much. Less talking, more doing”.

Yeah that was the tone and tenor of this mornings communication. Guess it’s time to get to work. I’ve got journals to sift through and things to hash out in my mind.

Good news is I’ve pretty much worked out how I want necromancy and it’s practices to fit within my personal system and practice.

More on this later though.


Ah it has arrived

My new wand. This is a pre fab wand I got from the internet. Reasonably priced, attractive ( to me) and will work perfectly for it’s intended job.

Tonight I’ll evoke Murmur and we’ll consecrate and dedicate this bad lad. :muscle::fire:


I’ve decided tonight before evoking Duke Murmur to have a special cleansing and banishing for myself and my temple.

I have a sage smudge stick here.
I’m going to mix it with cedar and tobacco and burn it to cleanse my body and astral body and my tools and temple.

I don’t have a problem or particular reason for this except it’s good to practice good spiritual hygiene.

It seems like everytime I turn around on balg somebody’s screaming about some kind of fucking parasite.

Alot of people need to chill the fuck out and stop trying to conjure spirits without knowing how to banish your sacred space and protect yourself. That’s real talk.


Whatever King Bael wants…

King Bael gets…

Reminds me of a song…

A couple of my order mates were discussing offering Mangos to thier respective Patron spirits today and King Bael was lurking around ( I mean that lovingly) shoulder surfing the messages I was reading and I hear “I want a mango!”.

I said “wait a minute you didn’t even know you wanted a mango until you heard the other spirits were getting mango”

“So?!?” He said peevishly

“Well we haven’t got any mangos and I’m not going to town today just for your mango fix” I said.

“What do you have?” He said

“Chocolate or avocado :avocado: , you pick”

He chose the avocado.

Jesus sometimes these spirits are so spoiled.


Wednesday 6-8-22

Spirit of the day


Don’t know why this song came to mind.

Ole Andrealphus…
This spirit has been using me as a messenger for his own agendas with another human. I think he’s out reaching out again to him through me. I don’t mind passing the “occasional” message from spirit to man or vice versa. This is getting excessive though.
Now I know if I refuse to send the message we’re gonna have a fucking problem. So I’ll play ball and deliver the message but for fucks sake you can’t contact him in dreamscape… alright.

Basically the deal is my client/friend has a vengeance related issue that Andrealphus has grown attached to. Don’t ask me why I don’t know the details or why he wants to be involved but he does…but he does.

Moving on

I felt like shit most of yesterday. Badly hung over. I did my smudge ritual with my sage bundle and felt a whole lot better. I was supposed to do my dedication of my wand last night but my bones ached and I didn’t want to get out of bed with my cat. So I’m going do it now.

I need to buy more brandy for the spirits today. Or maybe I’ll switch it up and give them rum. I may pick up a couple Mangos as a surprise treat for Orobas and Bael. ( I can’t give Bael a Mango and not give Orobas something. It doesn’t sit well when ones offering plate is empty and the others is full. That’s how jealousy and bad feelings start.)

I did my Djinn rite this morning. That’s documented in my other journal.

I got an excellent message from a good friend of mine and mentor on the subject of passing on the souls of the deceased to the afterlife and on what shades are, what they do, what they can do for you.

Absolutely fascinating stuff. He explained to me I should probably not be telling spirits “just go into the light” and he’s absolutely right. Alit of spirits are going to fear a judgement scenario or just plain don’t resonate with that paradigm. So I got a good LHP way of handling that out of the material he sent. Good stuff, good stuff.
I know if I’m dead and struggling to make the journey the last god-damned thing I want to hear is “just go into the light Mike…”. I’d be like bullshit you go in there! Hahaha when I pass I’ve got other arrangements already made. Hopefully they hold like I want them too. ( Involves Orobas!)

I’m glad I’m back from my balg vacation. I know for me personally it’s not healthy for me to spend much time away from my peers. I get listless and sleepy and risk veering off my path into hedonism and time wasting behavior. Sometimes solitude is good though to help you hear only your own voice when making big decisions.

Anyway good to be back. Let me get of my ass and evoke Murmur and get to work.

Gotta say this just looks cool. Awesome triangle of art, scary snakes and demonic king names!
Sitrah Ahra Gloria!



My how things unfold.

The client/friend I was to reach out to on behalf on Andrealphus today has cut ties with me.

At the behest of his family pressuring him he can’t associate with me anymore because of my workings with spirits that dark like shadows. Hrs a grown man but still caved to family pressure.

This is very unfortunate and distressing as I liked my friend a great deal.

This is the downside of becoming the famous BRUJERO…



Got alot to do today so let’s get started

Spirit of the day

This is a very powerful, fast acting spirit. From my experience with him he demands privacy and secrecy about the costs of his deals. Atleast he did with me anyway.

He delivers what more need I say.

Yesterday I did my evocation of Murmur and dedication and blessings of my tools. This necklace is so highly charged with death energy and the Qlippothic vibrations I’m scared to put it on again almost.

I’m getting ahead of myself though let me explain what happened the very first time I put on after a preliminary blessing and charging. My throat immediately closed and I felt like I was being force choked by Darth Vader. I dry heave vomited five times. That’s how intense the vibe on this is.

The next time I put it on was yesterday before the formalizing rituals to dedicate it to my work. Damn thing choked me again and gave me dry heaves again.

If you don’t know you better ask somebody who does. Qlippoth energy and the vibration of Sitrah Ahra can have very pronounced effects on people.

I need to do more to acclimate to the energies of this current I think.

I’m other news. I was so depressed after yesterday’s bad news I just went and slept the day the day away.

Today I have a clients weightloss project to work on.

That and I have a finance, money related djinn working in the hour of Jupiter.

So let’s get to it.


Oh I needed to mention too

I’m very satisfied with the familiar that Amduscias has bestowed to me per our agreement.

The spirit is subtle and powerful.

If you need an excellent familiar go to Amduscias. He’s reasonable to work with.


Thursday night

Here’s some visual that strongly resonate with me to show you how Duke Murmur looks.



He’s somber and solemn, very polite and dignified.


Friday before dawn

Spirit of the day

Crocell is a spirit I’ve met but never worked with.

Today’s agenda

Invocation of Lucifer for a secret project

Evocation of Orobas for secret project

Maybe some baneful djinn work if I get a special request from a friend.

I’ll be going through some necromancy related journals today also. So today is a fun day and fairly light day.

Tomorrow is gonna be heavy duty. It’s super top secret per the clients instructions. :muscle:


I’m telling you this is your most improved diary ever :slight_smile: It’s a pleasure to read and benefit from their experience.


6-11-22 Saturday morning

Spirit of the day


Today was a day of secret baneful working. The moon in Scorpio is just the right sign for vengeance and retribution. Most excellent :ok_hand:.

Ceremonies took me almost an hour and I was drenched in sweat afterwards.

Now I’m working on a Goetic maintenance project clearing out old bloody seals from my box and re making them.

Then I’ve got some study to do. Hopefully a light day.


6-11-22 Saturday morning

Ok I’ve got my Goetic seals remade and boxed up.

Yesterday I had a tarot reading that revealed murmur may be getting testy with my lack of progress. Honestly I’ve been hitting the pills a little too hard and it’s been ungodly hot where I live so I’ve been sleeping the day away in the air conditioning as much as I can.

But Murmur wants results and progress not excuses so the rest of today and tomorrow I’m all his.

Here is an oil lamp called a “mantika” lamp I use for a candle for murmur.

Ok I’m getting to work now