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@Jetsetrose hey, this :point_down:

Is called an auto injector pen. The head is unscrewed and a small sharp piece of metal called a lancet goes inside. Then you’re able to put the device to your finger and and get one small sharp poke to draw blood. This is mainly used by diabetics to check blood sugar. Most pharmacies carry these and they and the lancets are cheap.


It doesn’t hurt much.


I have 2 and prefer them to scalpels, if pain isn’t part of the offering.


I really hate those kind of offerings…( Belial)


I don’t mind them, but do get asked about my angry cats. I have 3, who aren’t angry, but it works out.


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I’d say you really need to understand the link you’re creating between yourself and the spirit with a blood offering. Dont do it with spirits you don’t trust.

And… @anon39079500 is right, this is the wrong place for that @Babyswampfire

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Sorry didnt mean to offend anyone i was just curious.


It’s ok to ask questions here but this isn’t like a main balg thread. If you have a magick related question go ahead and ask because other people may want to know the answer to what you’re asking also.

But plz don’t go off into “when should I call x, ect” because I don’t know when you should call x only you do



Evocation of Prince Orobas this morning.


I had an afternoon free today so I went sleuthing through old grimoires online and found several spells and rites that I liked a great deal. I took the time to transcribe these tires in my personal grimoire . I think I got 4 or 5 of them in one shot. Then I embarked on an ambitions art project to really put the finishing touches on my temple.

I went through and designed seals for Sitrah Ahras Qlippoth.

I had a great time with this excercise. In fact I think just the creation of these seals by hand and meditating on what they represent really connected me to Qlippothic energies closely. I highly recommend the activity.

I took my seals and afixed them to the wall behind where I’m seated in the now when I stand I will be backing into the tree of death.

For bonus I took and made to banners of Emperor Lucifers sigil and hung that up on either side of the tree of death.

Now this really looks badass. Only drawback, my silver sharpie marker tip got a little worn and the Hebrew lettering around the seals of Qlippoth was quite difficult to do and make it look passable. I did the best I could though and I’m satisfied.

Now I really have a proper place to work my Magick and miracles in.

I took a few photos of the partials of the tree. This is because the clairity ony phone camera diminishes too much with range. I wanted you guys to see some detail.

Hope everything likes it. I know I do.