{The Book of King Paimon} - An Ongoing Pathworking

I don’t know if this is a technique that already exists but you know how the heart pumps blood? I like to visualize the chakras doing the same and meditate on it with some balancing music or during a bath. The excess does get grounded. In this experiment the chakras are like a “pump”, similar to the heart. Half of the body circulates the “light” (I like to think of them as solar and lunar for now) energy and the other “dark” energy, so there’s a balance and middle ground and not a complete immersion in one type of energy. I was pretty grounded and able to receive messages from my guides and spirits so I’m thinking of developing this even more.

Edit: I did this when I was overcoming a black and white mentality. Each chakra works for the region of the body they’re associated with, so that each one has an equal role and one doesn’t take up too much and gets overloaded/unbalanced.


30 of 30.

I have been having a hard time communicating, with myself and with spirits.

I will simply relate my experience with Yekuzi. In time, I may revisit and refine this ritual.

The aim of this is to learn how to recycle blockages. This means breaking 'em down and putting the leftovers to use.

This ritual is feminine in nature, and heavily water-emotive based. The expectation is that this is successful.

I begin by seeing an undifferentiated heaven and earth, also called upper and lower waters. It feels primordial, like the beginning of a creation myth.

Here, I meditate on blockages. I meditate on my blockages, and they reveal themselves. I see blockages as literally cubes that pop into existence. I meditate on the cubes/blockages and sometimes find certain clues - elemental correspondences.

I place these cubes in a bag. This is acknowledgment and acceptance that there is work to be done.

I see myself holding a jar of water, which contains Yekuzi’s sigil on the jar. In front of me are the cubes, now outside the bag.

I pour water on these cube-blockages. I just know this breaks them down. I see the cubes melt, and form stranger items, the subcomponents.

I tell the subcomponents to “return from the waters whence you came”.

I then open my eyes and walk away from the ritual space.


Odds and Ends Update

Remember the surgery I had? Turns out I was in so much pain, I started to cry and then laugh. I laughed because my brain was overloaded with pain. I have never been in so much pain that I laugh. So there’s that. I did meet a new spirit. It’s name is Metrekiax, and it is a healer. I wanna thank Metrekiax for helping me manage pain, decrease swelling and inflammation, and for wanting to be known.

The Book of King Paimon has many, many spirits. I have modified my approach. I will evoke and work with spirits that are applicable to my goals. Not all are. I am pursuing a career in the financial sector, and will work with spirits who are relevant to this aim.

I’m continuing this journal because we all benefit from seeing how other people do magic. Plus, if you are reading this and are thinking about starting a journal- do it!

Today, I am beginning to work with Rtut. She is a guide. I have an itch that tells me to take time to find the right question or approach with Rtut. Something about remembering that I am Rtut, or integrating Rtut…


Shifts and Stuff

Hello folks! Thanks for reading.

There are several shifts I must convey. The first concerns the overall “feel” of the Pathworking. Before, it was masculine and now it is feminine. Before, I had a set amount of days with an entity. Now, I simply experience what I will, without rushing. Smelling the roses, as it were.

The second shift concerns the elements. Now, all my present work seems rooted in the water element. My work is far more based in feelings, emotions and imagination. I have received several rituals that don’t use a single world of power, godname, or any of that. All I need is myself.

This pathworking is work. Opportunities are open to myself- education and career based. I’m also working part time, so it is alot to juggle. I can feel a tougher version of myself emerging.

Rtut is the 6th demon from the demonic house, under King Paimon. Rtut’s office is to guide and navigate the Operator though darkness.

The listed power has many applications. Suppose you experience loss and confusion in a field of life. This can be considered darkness. Rtut can help here.

I must say the style of Rtut is quite special. You see, Rtut has a unique approach. A practioner would note the qualities of water and femininity.

Rtut prefers to raise memories into consious awareness. She then “threads”, resulting in a realization. I will list several realizations I have had. (Note: “threads” refers to an act that I do not understand. Rtut is primordial, understandably there may be gaps in our understanding of each other.


1: Up till now, what I have loved is not self-development. I have loved the idea of self-development. To me, this is gold. I loved the idea of xyz and not xyz itself.

2: I’m a resentful fucker. :rofl: I choose to no longer give power and fuel to persons and events that I dislike. This is pragmatic, I ain’t gonna give energy to anybody that isn’t aligned with my goals and desire.

3: I’m a different self than I was several months ago, when I was in college. I realize how discipline and self-accountability can benefit me. I no longer derive a sense of worth and value from one night stands ect.


Awesome! Thank you for sharing this pathworking💜 It was you doing the work but I learnt something too!

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Gosh I love Paymon. I worked with him a few years ago for music things and he gave me these rush of energies and downloads to a point I could not sleep for 2 days.
Nowadays when I call Paymon he seems more “Yoda” like to me? But he is also testing me. I unfortunately failed the test two times. He created some romantic feelings towards certain people to see if i can see through deception, and of course me being a romantic i failed big time.
I would like to get back on where i could feel him intensely. Is that book good?

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Yes, the book is an excellent purchase. I enjoy how the book includes several forms of invocation, and how to make an idol. This makes connecting with Paimon quite effective. (I can feel him show up, it feels like a liquid that increases in density. Cool stuff!)
I hear you. The thing about tests is there are always more tests. Always more chances to improve and forge yourself.

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Lol, I had a feeling my experiences were for an audience and not just myself. Thanks for confirming! :smiley:

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Rtut, a really swell pal

So, Rtut is really helpful and loyal. I haven’t evoked her today, just had her sigil out as I work on work. I felt her presence arrive, as I sat in a Starbucks. It felt like a cooler sort of temperature, and something like a ripple. I felt cool ripples enter the right side of my head, close to the Ze’Al chakra. I then got brief chills, and felt invigorated. I have never experienced an entity going out of their way in this manner.

This is in accordance with the Book of King Paimon, which states “this spirit is one of the most helpful spirits out there”. (Page 50)

Last night, as I was falling asleep, Rtut brought up memories. I said something about “I accept that this occurred in the way it did. I hold no resentment.”

Friends, consider working with Rtut - as it is “the guiding black light in the darkness of black Magick”. (Page 50)

The final quote is really something to consider and apply. Don’t get lost in the darkness, work with Rtut!

Ninja edit: I suspect Rtut has a connection with Venus.


Cool, this sounds great. I will consider the book. It’s time to get back on track with the king

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Experiments with RTUT

This pathworking has taken a unique turn. I find myself running into Rtut as I go about my day. It feels like Rtut is summoning me, rather than the other way. I find myself busy with education and work - and Rtut keeps showing up. This makes sense, as Rtut is a guiding spirit.

Rtut is not a “flashy” entity. A practitioner can infer the wisdom this spirit has by the quality of the advice given, and by the subtleness of it. For example, this spirit has revealed to me that I do not actually desire an excess of sex. It has shown me that this is myself mistranslating my own desires. What I actually want are friends.

I also want to apologize to Rtut. Apologies are not something I issue lightly.

You see, I was experimenting by using the “Alash tad alash” chant while imagining the sigil of the entity within me. The aim was a sort of merger, a mild invocation. Rtut spoke and said,
I don’t want that.
There was a childlike innocence in the voice, and man I still feel bad about it.
(Note: I suspect this may be due to the feminine nature of this spirit. It has been very gentle, and subtle. I attempted to invoke it without any sort of heads-up; and it did not agree with that.)

Tips for working with Rtut
Consider exactly what feminine means. Consider how a feminine presenting spirit may have a different protocol than a hypermasculine entity, such as Belial.
When in doubt, ask Rtut.
Respect the boundaries of this entity.
It’s possible she will work in a manner that you are not used to. When in doubt, go with the flow - like water.
You may find this entity helping you out outside of a ritual space.

Quick Explanation
Rtut’s sigil has several circles. I asked if two of the four circles were of Lucifer. (Note: the sigil initially reminded me of Lucifer’s sigil). Rtut told me,
No. Of light, of guidance
So, two circles on Rtut’s sigil roughly translate to “of light, of guidance.”

I charged Rtut to be present in my present life, and all incarnations. She said,
A wise thing to ask for.

These are my notes for this pathworking. To those who will work with spirits for their whole lives, developing a working relationship with Rtut is a wise career move.

Till the next post, and thanks for reading folks!

Ninja edit: Consent. I wonder if consent is a key feature, or fundamental trait/ability of Rtut. That word popped into my head as soon as I published the entry above. Consent, of the Summoner and the Summoned.


Consent does seem like a key. I haven’t worked with many feminine spirits but in the mundane consent is quite important for everyone🤔

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Insight with Rtut

Rtut informed me that she does not “like” being summoned with the “Etsel Mala’kel” chant. She enjoys when the Summoner simply calls her with her name and calling chant (the chant in the Book of King Paimon).
Part of me suspects that the “Etsel Mala’kel” chant is unapologetically masculine, and this does not jive with Rtut. I have only attempted the “Etsel” chant once, so there may additional factors at play.

Also, Rtut has guided me to simply spend time with her. As in, looking at the sigil and simply observing. I have noticed certain memories rise up to my conscious awareness.

These memories are those associated with unsavory emotions: bullying, feeling unwanted, resentment, anger, rage ect. Rtut is most helpful to “digest” those memories. To me, this means accepting a memory so that it no longer holds power over you.

For example, in grade school I was bullied to the point of wanting to take my own life. Fun stuff. Rtut showed me that every time I think about those memories, I always get more and more angry and worked up.

Rtut showed me I was basically feeding said memories, so that they remain strong and painful. Rtut helped me to accept these memories. Bad stuff happened, and I can choose to accept this, and live a more fulfilling life in the present. One that is focused on what I can accomplish now, rather than the ills done to me before.

A key feature of Rtut is the quality of acceptance.

She also told me she enjoys worms, and fresh grass as gifts. I went with the fresh grass.

Till the next, and thanks for reading!

Edit: Practically, I have been working on a certification course. Rtut has helped me with motivation. I need to say this motivation is of a feminine nature. Think of the flow of water - that is the sort of motivation I feel. Thanks Rtut!



Yeesch is a spirit under the House of the Demons. He is a spirit that kills parasites, and offers “protection against malevolent energies and forces.” (P. 52)

When calling this spirit, it asked me if my energy field was clear. (Note: A recommendation was to “have a clear as possible aura field”.) I told it I did not, and that I was led to call him nonetheless.

I tasked this spirit to protect against malevolent energies and forces within my home. I felt the spirit consent and felt something of high temperature upon my right arm.

We briefly spoke, and the spirit departed.


I briefly spoke with a spirit who made himself known, Metrekiax. I tasked this spirit to heal, as this is its office. Depending on the results, I may share more about this entity.


A First
Rentanez is a spirit under the house of demons. To recap: I am using the Book of King Paimon, and it is written by Xag Darklight. In the book, three houses are given. They are general categories of spirits: demons, angels and djinn. Rentanez is listed as under the category of demons, and is equally an angel.

Early morning, I call Rentanez. The sigil is open and I hear,
not yet

This confirms a suspicion I had earlier - that I am to spend time with and not rush my work with Rtut. I really feel that Rtut is an untapped goldmine.

I have spent about a week working on a financial certification course. It’s been about 6-8 hours of work every day - basically an upper level college course. It is not easy. It is a challenge that I enjoy.

I think this is some of what Rtut is showing me. Finding a set of challenges that I enjoy, and actually follow though on - consistent, applied effort.

I believe Rtut is showing me that I should move away from “magic” and “mundane”. It’s all the same stuff. I’ve had this realizations as I am sitting in a Starbucks, of all places.

Rtut’s Energy

As I work with Rtut, I believe I have something to say about it’s energy. It feels angelic in nature. By this, there are qualities that I would categorize under the word “architect”. It provides the quality of calm, the quality of serenity, a in-the-moment perspective that doesn’t obsess over the past or the future. Elementally, Rtut feels like peaceful earth. Like a seed in soil that has sprouted roots, and is glad to do so.

Now, I must get back to my certification course.
Till the next, and thanks for reading!


This update concerns spirits indirectly. It is about people; specifically, magicians and practioners.

We disagree. Sometimes we disagree often.

Friends, it is possible for us to disagree and leave it at that.

Magician X thinks godhood is such and such. Magician Y thinks goodhood is not such and such.

Why not leave it at that? I see magicians tearing each other down, so quick to insult a persons being simply because of what? Disagreement?

Disagreement is not a reason to attack the personhood of another.

Two magicians can have completely different views on whatever - and guess what?

If it works for each of them, they do not have to agree!

Food for thought.

Edit: Here’s another one:
Ascent. Define it for yourself. I see Ascent used as a term that makes everyone nod their heads in agreement. If you don’t actually know what Ascent means to you - you aren’t growing. You are copying others.


Do the Work

Hey folks! Thanks for reading. You may have noticed my posts are becoming slightly infrequent. This is purposeful.

You see, Rtut has guided me to do the work on this plane. This is pragmatic, it is practical. I am working 6-8 hours a day on a financial certification course. The gist of Rtut’s lesson is : to not look for shortcuts or way of avoiding work. I am to simply work on this certification course. Good ol fashioned work.

As an Aquarius, with Air dominant signs - doing work (element of earth) is sort of my polar opposite. I used to be quick to daydream and think about my goals and aims - without following any of it through with actual work.

I appreciate how this pathworking has led me to actual real world results, and not spirit-stuff. Sometimes, that is what we like to avoid. Work! We want to summon spirits and gain all this knowledge, but how much of it do we ground in this plane by doing actual work?

I suspect many more spiritual doors and wealth will continue to reveal themselves to me, provided I keep up this real world effort.

For posterity, this certification will provide a job that is base pay + commission. [I get a certain % of every sale I make]. The commission aspect can open up a serious flow of wealth. I suspect I will have less free time, as I must work to earn the flow of wealth.

Upon the successful completion of this certification course, I will continue with the other spirits in the Book of King Paimon. I am roughly halfway through the house of the demons. Next is angels, and then the djinn.

Rtut, you are appreciated and I value the work we will continue to do.

A Question

This question is for anybody who has done pathworking with any spirit. Anybody who has any input can comment or PM me.

Has a pathworking with a spirit ever led you to work with spirits in a separate “pantheon” or group?

Rtut seems to be leading me to work with a spirit of the zodiac, which is pretty far removed from the spirits under King Paimon. (or maybe I’m just not open to the idea).

The Insight of Rtut

Rtut helped me to see that I have some internal work to do. As a veteran, I still carry some internal self-dialogue that is harmful, critical to a fault, and not useful.
Rtut showed me that some of me still thinks of myself as lazy, and a freeloader. You’d think that working 6-8 on a finance course and working part time basically scream that I am not lazy - yet that is what I think of myself. I’m writing this because I need to externalize what I have internalized, and I know a few readers of these posts appreciate the honesty. So there you go.
Till the next.


Clues about Rtut
I’ve observed that Rtut does help with motivation and energy, as applied toward an aim or goal. However, there is a condition. You must do the work, you must follow through.

Think of it this way: you have a major project coming up. You would benefit from motivation and energy to apply toward this project.

Scenario 1 : You decide to watch 8 hours of Netflix, and then drag yourself to work on the project.
Scenario 2: You decide to work on the project, and then watch some Netflix.

If you want to work with Rtut, you should fall more in line with Scenario 2. That is all.


Pathworking Update

Three items have been on my mind. Child, Parent, Adult. Today, I think of these as roles we adopt.

For example, a person who stays in the role of child will make choices that bring short term pleasure - at the expense of the future. For example, choosing to binge watch TV rather than go to work, or school.

I have been guided to work on adopting the role of the Adult.

Interestingly, Rtut has guided me to work with spirits of the Zodiac. As I understand it, this is quite “outside” of the spirits of King Paimon.

I had a chat with King Paimon and informed him of the above. I asked him if anything needed to be done, as I didn’t want him to feel like I gave up. He said something akin to
do what you must. I understand

The impression I got was an adult asking their parents if they can leave the house. Basically, King Paimon has a degree of trust with me. He knows I will return to this Pathworking.

Currently, Rtut has two spirits of the Zodiac I am to work with. One is from the degrees of Aquarius, and the other, of Scorpio.

As always, I am working on my financial certification. Currently, around 85% is completed. It feels good to do the work, and grow from it.

Thanks for reading!


After a brief foray with some angels of the Zodiac, I am back.
Today, Rtut told me that our work together is done. I was led to tear up the sigil, and several sigilic notes I had made. I was in serious need of angelic energy, and I appreciate Rtut guiding me to the Angels of Aquarius and Scorpio.

I completed the coursework for my financial certification, and am working on taking some practice exams. Before, I viewed every wrong answer as a failure and judgment on my self-worth. Now, I see a wrong answer as an opportunity to improve. I see wrong answers as something that can be turned into gold. It is fun, and it definitely is work.

My intuition told me to spend 3 days with an exercise from the Book of King Paimon. It is focused in finding the lunar and solar forces within, and merging them together. This has the neat effect of removing blockages, of all sorts. Awesome stuff.

My plan is to spend 3 days with this practice, and then resume with the Demons of the House of King Paimon. Wordy stuff, lol.

Thanks for reading folks! If anybody has questions about my work with King Paimon, I am delighted to answer anything.

Edit: I’ll include the entry for the angel of the Zodiac, for those who are interested. A Celestial Turn