{The Book of King Paimon} - An Ongoing Pathworking

This journal is meant to follow my path as I do a 30 day Pathworking with King Paimon. It is based from Xag Darklight’s book, which I purchased.

Note: I have an ongoing relationship with King Paimon, which may impact my following work. My intuition told me to spend four days with the Astral kingdom of Alztazramx.

Note: Text in italics refers to what an entity said. I will detail who in the following updates. Text that is standard, such is this, is what I said.

Note: The use of [ ] means I am conveying any impressions that do not fit neatly into words.

Note: The use of ( ) means I am attempting to clarify, as communication with spirits does not always fit nearly into one’s lives experience.


1 of 30.

The italics refers to the kingdom of Alztazramx speaking. My intuition tells me this is loosely comparable to evoking a city, what you get can vary from day to day.

Day 1 of 4, with the kingdom of Alztazramx
You have a lot of rencor. (Spanish for resentment)
You think you can see but are still blind. You have fortitude and your discipline is developing
[I saw two columns, each having four lines stacked atop one another]
I asked why blood was useful in opening the sigil. Blood, in effect keeps the gates. (open?)
Work on setting the materials for the manifestation base (for an idol for an upcoming task)
As you spend time with us our connection will increase.

What is your value to a magician on ascent?
block data download. We can teach you the skill, however you must do the work.
What aspects of work could I improve?
Blanket meditation. No mind.
What is blanket meditation?
Imagine your… as a free flowing sea… as silk. This has the added benefit of calmness. Now, this may or may not have a unity with [I saw a post I made here about the Lake of Fire and the Sea of Glass] as energy center, voetex. Yes, we must focus on energy work.


Very interesting I to have a relationship with the great King Paimon. He is my patron and teacher and so many more things that it’s hard to quantify them with simple words. I will be keeping a close eye on this thread to see if our pathworkings overlap in any area’s so to speak.


What is the title of a book?


Its - “The Book of Paimon”
You can visit his website for more details - https://xagdarklight.wordpress.com/2021/01/29/the-book-of-paimon-get-unrepetable-high-gnosis-with-the-demon-king/


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Day 2 of 4 with Alztazramx.
The italics refers to Alztazramx.

I ask about the O’shinttiz chant, which is of Alztazramx.
Do form bind
Does this form a connection between thee and me?
Certain, certain
What troubles you?
I tell them how I feel lost.
In what way?
I tell them I do not have a definitive career, and this feeds into my conception of self-worth.
Oh, you are one of them
Of what?
Keeper of the gate.
What does the gate represent?
Vēstules of the veil. Evolution is thrust upon you. You are the keepers of this… permission. Do not doubt yourself… We have been instructed to not speak of these matters.

(Note: Vestule means to announce, to herald. This seems akin to the “banner man, or flag carrier of the infernal empire” motif you see here from time to time)

I asked about internet and virtual reality and how this ties into evolution. I got intense, I didn’t like being told that they couldn’t speak. I have an ongoing alliance with paimon that grants me dominion over those under him. I stated this and asked who told them to not speak.

Right, right. A general of his legion.
The convergence will break many. It is not set but certain hues are evident. Most of you were never really alive. These… tests… prepare you… Conditioning a new set of principle-defaults. As a correlate, integumentary system.
I write the letters Shin and Tzaddi.
What did you write?
The letters Shin and Tzaddi.
A clue

I draw a taro card and pull the inverted Ace of Swords (Thoth taro).
See this through to the end


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Day 3 of 4 with Alztazramx.

Do not expect every session to be the same. Not everything is forward facing. You get what you put in, half asked effort, half assed result - fruit. A hub - your busstop (referring to the function of Alztazramx)
What is your message?
How do I commit?
Find us in the morning.
I felt odd, and say something about how I am them and they are me. I feel that that statement had a double meaning, and I say this.
And because of this we give you our gifts.
What is the nature of these gifts?
Creative explosion and fortune.
What ought I to know about these gifts?
Pressure. Simply make use of it. That is all.
What does the mantra mean?


Thank you.


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Day 4 of 4 with Alztazramx.

I began by observing the sigil of the kingdom of Alztazramx.
King Paimon: Now gaze through and beyond it.
Alztazramx: Don’t feel like you have to word everything.

I notice an impression that inquires about planting the sigil on my property, this is connected to their desire to BE HERE - I assume in this physical reality.
Given my ongoing work with King Paimon, I took this impression a little more seriously than I would otherwise.

The sigil is on a post it note, and I know that the ink I used may be harmful to plant life. (Note: the impression solidified to plant the sigil within a plant that I own)
I ask, "do you agree to aid plant growth?
Very well. Meditate on these walls.
(Often, gold walls seem to explode out of the sigil, like a pop-out book)

What is the walls specialization?
The stranger sorts of fortune… What do you mean to ask us?
How do you feel if I share this on the Balg Forum?
Give us a moment. We agree on the condition that you negate any artistic…

I cut them off, (I think I literally said “Timeout”) and I say “I agree to convey accurately to the best of my ability. I do not negate any artistic anything” (Basically, to not bullshit and be frank about my experiences.)
Very well
[I perceive a clear sense of a forced politeness, as somebody would say something with their teeth clenched.]
What we do bubbles over time. Compound interest (money) We have nothing more.

Note: the photo is the area in which I planted the sigil. Given that the agreed to aid it’s growth, a before picture seems prudent.


5 of 30.
Day 1 of 5 with the desert, it is called “Oshur’Osharu’ and ‘Oshakar’oshakaru.” I will refer to it as O.O.
The italicized text refers to the O.O. desert.

I hear an animal braying. I feel dehydrated and leathery. I feel energy enter me at a 45 degree angle, with my spine as the center point. It feels hot and illuminating, I get the impression the energy can be directed with intent. I use it to burn habits and binds. I get the impression to inhale the sigil, as a precursor to working with the O.O. desert.

Mild inoculation. You are nearing your fill. We can burn distraction. You are done.
[This marked the end of the first session, done around 3 a.m.]

King Paimon:
Use the tearing of the veil motif.
He said this as we worked on possession. Imagining the veil of illusion between him and I being rent. I say, "My sight is King Paimon’s sight. Breadth of knowledge is mine. I am solar.
I get the impression to try a new possession incantation. Basically, one makes a list of important bodily systems. As in, immune system, respiratory system, digestive system, muscular system, nervous system ect. One then states for a trusted entity to possess those systems.

For the O.O. desert, one might select the following form: a first person view of a person sitting atop an animal, traveling the desert. I see nondescript fur, that smells damp. This imagined form can be visualized as projecting a few inches over the sigil - juxtaposing.

I draw a card for this location and get the Ace of Swords.
I message from far, long to be rooted. Plane desired slake thirst
I ask it what it’s message for me is. The impression of not keen on giving up secrets. I say that, "I can help you root in time and temporality.
You have my attention. Heat can blind or toughen you up like leather.
What does this mean?
Meaning we can shine and heat the hidden and it is your… to manage the outcome.
What am I missing?
Being at peace with yourself and serenity.

Are you an alchemist?
Who among you is an alchemist?
Be more specific
I explain college debt and how an alchemist can transmute this and poison the debt itself.
Task from the king
I ask if it is strong with security and the root chakra.
It it part of our core nature yes. We are capable of it.
Are you proficient in healing the root chakra?
Tremendously - a booming, sing-songy voice, that sounds like a river.
With security should come new growth never stagnation… Grow.
I imagine the root chakra being healed for a few minutes.
I ask it if it is female.
No but I am feminine.
Like keys…match… entry point

At this point the connection fades, and I call it a day. I’m not sure where this is headed, but it sure is interesting.


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Day 2 of 5 with the desert Oshur’Osharu.

A bit lazy during the end of the day. My intuition tosses a hint my way: Is my issue with security itself, or is it with what I do with security?

This desert is linked with the lower chakras, of which security is a typical correspondence. There is a lesson here that is subtle, and that does not diminish it’s importance.

For people who battle with security, I wonder if a aid is thinking “What do I do with security?” Meaning, if you are stuck on security issues - look a little further.


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Day 3 of 5 with the Oshar 'Osharu desert.

I’ve spent the day experiencing security. The desert provides clues as I meditate on it. This is what I think:

Security is being secure in one’s own skin. That’s where it starts. Security starts with one’s flesh, before it extends to security-inducing items, such as a domicile, wealth and relationships.

Security is within.
Security is Inner Eden.
(Note: Inner Eden is connected with some in-the-works concepts I have about the Lake of Fire and the Sea of Glass.)

The desert Oshur’Osharu speaks:
What is it you meant to ask us?
I ask for assistance in grounding my sexual energy, and directing it to worthwhile pursuits- rather than hollow gratification. This is a pragmatic development, and not one borne from a rejection of animal nature.
Done. Imagine you are the sun pouring into the moon.

The directing of sexual energy is rendered in my mind’s eye as sitting atop a beast. So, the image of a person upon a beast (a classic image of King Paimon) - can mean “to direct one’s sexual energy, as use of My Will”.

I am observing that for these recent days, the focus has shifted to a contemplative practice - compared to the conversation heavy tone of the early days.


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Day 4 of 5 with Oshur’Osharu desert.

My intuition has guided me to go on walks in nature with the Oshur’Osharu desert sigil. This is around an hour, at sunrise. I get the feeling that the Oshur’Osharu desert enjoys communicating through nature itself, rather than conversations in words.

I have two realizations.

  1. Oshakar is an alternative name for this desert. I saw the word “serenity” appear as a sort of word-puzzle. I’ll show this at the bottom of this journal entry. I wonder if this means there are 6 other qualities to discover, that match with Oshakar.

  2. The sigil has a spiral in it. I saw that this spiral, in the sigil is a sort of whirlwind that chases away distraction and confusion. I would say “to chase away distractions” is an attribute of this desert.


Oddly enough, I get a similar impression for Belial. I do not know what this means - but my experience in magic would say that this is not a coincidence.


Edit: I’ll post photos of the word-puzzle deal, the formatting is messed up.


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5 of 5 with Oshur’Osharu.

The Oshur’Osharu desert basically told me I need to be more concerned with respect than with friendliness. The gist is that I default to being friendly with entities. The ones I’ve been working with are about power and force - so being friendly, in these instances, is a bit of a miss match.

I one of the oddest experiences. I was meditating and fell into a trance state. I started crying, and felt like something was surfacing. I don’t remember much of it, but I recall saying “I remember that I am you.” Over and over again, I think King Paimon repeated what I said. I think I saw some sort of cloth material, in a vision. I suspect this is related to the “tearing of the veil” motif.

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A day of preparation for the idol of King Paimon.

The Book of King Paimon has a portion dedicated to making an idol. I gathered the ingredients, which are: various crystals, a dope looking stone cube, rum, my blood, and paint.

Note: I purchased the cube from etsy, and it was sandstone. King Paimon seemed pretty jazzed about the sandstone and where it was from.

Unrelated to the idol, I have some realizations while going on my morning walk. Early college, I had lots of one night stands. Bunches of em. Now, I am different. The realization is this: my ego was shouting (overpowering) my Venus.

This means that my ego kept yelling for more and more one night stands. (I need to say, this is a pragmatic development and not from fearing my animalistic sexual drive.) I did that for a while, and felt something missing. For several years, I didn’t follow up on why I felt this way.

My inner Venus, which handles connections, waited patiently in the background. If I listed to it, it would say that meaningful connections is what I desire. My ego insisted that it was a numbers game, while Venus knew I wanted connections with depth.


A photo of the cube I purchased for the King Paimon idol.


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1 of 3 with making the idol.

I began the day by grinding up the crystals for the idol. It took a good amount of work and was quite fun.

I’ll include some notes I took.

"The low emotions (fear, shame, guilt) can be used as fuel: to power the vehicle of WILL. That is, as a motif, a person upon a beast. As King Paimon has it, a figure upon a camel.

Connection becoming Attachment. Attachment becoming unfilled desire. Unfilled desire becoming pain. Pain held, suffering."

The above paragraph is a lesson that I am experiencing through this pathworking.

As I took my morning walk, I realized that something was getting my attention. As odd as this sounds, the spirit of ants (bunches of anthills) was getting my attention.

The spirit of ants used images and my intuition to show me a ritual. WARNING: This is exactly 0% tested so please don’t assume this is polished.

It is an Ant-Curse. Step 1, take the name of an enemy and write it on paper or obtain an item belonging to them. Step 2, coat this rolled up paper in honey. Step 3, drop it into an anthill, saying “as these ants pull apart thee [insert name], so is thy existence, [insert name] rent asunder.” Walk away and don’t look back.

I’m aiming to test this ant curse out soon. I wonder why the spirit of ants communicated with me during this King Paimon Pathworking. Methinks there may be a connection/association/link with King Paimon and Ants.

I also suspect that I will work more directly with the spirit of (insert animal species name) in the future. I may extend the duration of this pathworking. Cool stuff!


12 & 13 of 20.

The Idol

Note: I have been meditating on the idol, 1-3 times a day.

I took the crushed crystals and mixed them with black paint. I then spoke some words and applied the mixture onto the stone idol.

I think I had this creepy sensation of standing on soil and willing a seed to appear.

The next day I take out the idol, and King Paimon appears.

King Paimon:
Form a connection with it.
I get the impression he is smirking when saying:
Perhaps each face could tell you value
(Note: I think he means to say that each face on the cube (6 total) have a unique value, or thing they can teach. 6 specialization might be a suitable alternative)

He then revealed something really neat. I always had this weird fascination with Cube shapes. In college, I would use the shape of a cube to help me solve items I found difficult. I would make cubes out of wood and paint them, as decoration.

King Paimon suggested that a cube and an idol are nearly interchangable. Meaning, my fascination with cubes was really a fascination with idols. Neat stuff.


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The Exposed Crow

Remember the ant curse? During my morning walk, I was pulled. I felt pulled to walk a different route, and I did. I found myself looking around, it felt like something was with me.

I felt a shock, and I looked down to find a dead crow or raven. It was half a foot in height, and had it’s entrails, lungs and heart exposed.

This was weird, the crow’s heart was almost unnaturally highlighted. It was like the dead animal was proffering it’s heart. Not a coincidence.

I pulled out the name of a target. A name written on paper, and drowned in honey. I kept it in tin foil. It felt like King Paimon took over. I remember calling him an Overseer.

All I recall is “As decay takes this body, so to may your reality, [Name], be decayed.” I felt myself heave and thrown down a fuckton of energy into that area. Like pushing my desire for this person’s decay into the earth and corpse.

I remember a warning to not look back, and King Paimon had a very serious I’m-not-joking-at-all attitude. For the rest of the day, the word “parousia” danced in my mind.

The Idol Evolves

Later, I sat with the idol and meditated on it. I fell into a dream-like trance. I saw the idol, in a lesser density. I think it was around the Astral, Yesod type of locale.

I see an African savanna. It is dark and liminal. The sky is dark and purple. I say, “Idol, oh Idol” as a term of endearment. I then saw this colossus, about 40 feet tall. It was a human body, from the waist to the head. (No legs or feet).

The color was ebon, with these awesome shiny specks. I think they were the crystals I had used in the creation of the idol. The hair was in a neat ponytail. Similar to the below, but the hair was kept above the back of the head. It was also shorter. It was tied sligly above the Ze’al chakra. It had a metal adornment.

Miscellaneous Comments

I want to thank every person that has commented. I didn’t reply and that’s on me.

I wanna thank every person that likes a post. It is a gentle reminder that some of you do read these posts- and that is awesome.

About every day, I have meditated on the idol and given it clear rum and blood.


This journal is helping me too! I’ve had some revelations yesterday while reading through it. I’m looking forward to seeing and learning more💜


@Onion Thanks for the comment. It helps to know the journal is helping, lol.