{The Book of King Paimon} - An Ongoing Pathworking

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The Altar

I began the day by going on my nature walk. Rather promptly, I sort of walked on auto-pilot and was focused on my inner world.

I saw myself being impaled by Goliath’s star, which is only the center star in this image.

I wrote, “I see myself sacrificed on the Altar of my own Becoming”.

King Paimon spoke:
Play with these
I took this to mean for myself to imagine these ideas, and play with them as I walked. To work with that imagery.

I saw myself grab 2 of 4 horns, which are a part of the altar. They looked like ivory, and had tips of metal - possibly silver. Note: the Goliath’s Star was at a 45 degree angle, this is diagonal. I grabbed the two horns, I pulled myself into the Goliath’s Star.

This was my experience as I walked in nature, and contine the King Paimon Pathworking.

The Attunement

The Book of King Paimon has a section devoted to tuning into the current. It involves the idol, blood, and two sigils. It has a mysterious figure known as Ana’ttoriaz.

I performed the ritual.

I saw a pale face with black hair. She, Ana’ttoriaz, felt intriguing and familiar. I blurted out “Mother”. I then almost bungled the ritual because I called this entity mother. Where the hell did that come from??

Ana’torriaz spoke:
a biological connection

I received a data download. It conveyed that she presents as female. I take this to mean Ana’torriaz is beyond sex and gender - but may have a preference for a female cloak. (Intuition said to use the word cloak).

The data download occurred as I felt this uncomfortable injection. It felt like a surgical needle had pierced the back of my head, the location of the Ze’al chakra.

Ana’ttoriaz spoke of a biological connection, and she lead me to include this link.

I suspect she may have a knack for showing that biology and science should have a more prominent role in magick.

Ana’ttoriaz Continues

As I made these notes, she spoke:
and now I know you
I was pulled to the astral-yesod type level, and found myself in the Astral version of my idol.
Ana’ttoriaz was present. And holy fuckballs, it was impressive.

I saw Ana’ttoriaz as a guardian or steward. I know she is a Noble Warrior (intuition said to capitalize). I saw her as a solemn warrior, 40 feet tall. Her head was downcast, and her face was hidden. She literally was using a (from my point of view) oversized moon, to place her hands on - brandishing her shield.

After all that I was quite tired, and I don’t recall how it all ended.


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A car drive with the King

The day began by myself using a wood burning kit to burn the sigil of King Paimon onto a piece of wood. I placed gold leaf on it. (~$25 for the gold).

I felt pushed to use this: Easy but powerful energy, and chakra healing technique

This is hard to explain, but I ended up in my car. I had a paper sigil of King Paimon. I placed it on the dashboard of the car, and no shit - we had a conversation. He spoke through me. I know it was him because I adopted a more regal posture.

I drove, and little clues began to appear. Certain places I turned had names like “King Avenue” “Desert Street”. I know these are signs because they felt weird, I never just pontificate the names of random ass streets, lol.

I basically followed my intuition, and ended up by a large lake. I walked around and found a large dead fish - I had a dream about a figure standing on a fish the day before.

I felt a tug to place the paper sigil in the Lake. I did so, and felt the word “rooting power”. This means that act helped King Paimon to ground, or secure his power in my experience of time.

The Result

I got in my car, and used Ziprecuiter. (For my non U.S. friends, it is an app used to apply for jobs.) I applied to three, and one immediately texted me. (Per my intuition, I’m omitted the exact details - as it is an ongoing work). Point is, I have an interview.

Idol Aftermath

I meditated on the idol, which I have named. Ana’ttoriaz was present. Some odd partial possession stuff occurred. She spoke through me and said something about a bargain/deal successfully upheld. It had a feeling of something that happened/happens lifetimes ago/in the future.

The presence of the idol is far more palpable. It feels more “here”, like a gas that has condensed into a liquid.

As usual, I don’t recall how this all ended. Pathworkings are fun and they are work.


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When in the world…

I got a part time job today! It is unrelated to the interview. What I am experiencing is that part of my spiritual path is about establishing myself in this physical world. It means embracing this world, and not turning away from it due to stuck up self-righteousness. I feel like I am a lion, and finally have something to chase.

Whispers of the King

A… close ally of mine dropped an idea off, which I will paraphrase.

You know that the camel is part of a motif that, at the core, means to use one’s animal nature toward a desired end - this animal nature is under WILL. (Short version: camel = animal nature under one’s WILL).

Say, wouldn’t it be a good idea to communicate with the camel?

The astute practioner recognizes this breadcrumb.

Revelations of the Idol

I meditated with the idol, and received impressions. In The Book of King Paimon, there is a hymnn. The impression told me I could print the hymn on paper, blood it, and charge it with solar and lunar currents. As I made these notes, the idol spoke:
anchors power So, doing the above is a way to anchor the power of the current of King Paimon.

As I meditated, King Paimon dropped in and spoke:

You have a name for it now. This was referring to the idol. The name for the idol sounds celestial. It is interesting that the celestial aspects of King Paimon and his kingdom are hardly spoken about. Much less experienced. (Note: intuition told me to underline the word “experienced”.)

Then I meditated on wealth. I realized that wealth is all around me, and I saw this as golden strands or tendrils. These golden streams of light (wealth) are drawn to my solar plexus chakra. An astute student may meditated on this paragraph and develop it into an affirmation.

I received the impression that the above paragraph has some link with “the stranger sorts of fortune” mentioned in my initial posts.

tenor (2)

Miscellaneous Observations

Alztazramx, Alztazramx, Alztazramx. (Note: there are several spellings for this). This word is a puzzle.

Backwards, it is Xmarzatzla.

The last bit of it, “Atzla” is part of the word “hatzlacke”.

Methinks this may have a connection with King Paimon.

“Atzla” is also found in the word “Ratzlaff”.

The word “Ratzlaff” means glory or praise. This seems quite King related.

The middle part of the kingdom Alztazramx, “ztaz” lead me down an interesting rabbit hole. Per my understanding, “ztaz” is part of a mathematical formula and how we can use math to understand data. We are always receiving, and mostly ignoring data - so this seems relevant. I’ll include a screenshot from a free preview of a book that mention it. (#1) It’s far beyond my current understanding, but I know somebody in the future will run with this.


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The Power of the King

Tomorrow I have an interview. Thanks to the King, I don’t feel nervous. Whatever is the outcome, I’m at peace with it. I’m (or was) an overthinker, so this is a profound shift. This is power, power over the self.

Full disclosure: As I meditated, I got mad. I have a prior (ongoing well before this pathworking) alliance with King Paimon and on his end - the terms were not being upheld. I angrily and respectfully told him the terms were not being upheld and this needs to be resolved. I felt him smile, a sort of “took you long enough” feeling. This seems connected with earlier advice to be power, and focus less on friendliness.

King Paimon said I would witness his power tomorrow, the day of the interview.

Insight of the Idol

I meditated on the idol. I fell into a trance, and spontaneously communicated with entities from the kingdom of Alztazramx.

Something identified itself as SUT-HERU. I think it is less an entity, and more a class or category of beings. I asked what SUT means.

It’s response was:
against abuse
It clarified, meaning “against abuse of power”.

Astrally, the idol has grown. Physically, I felt it touch my femoral artery. I wonder if the femoral artery is a preferred entry point, when they communicate with people (possession).

I received serious counsel to invoke the King at 3 a.m. Hell yeah!

Ana’ttoriaz Hints

The feminine presenting entity, the mother and queen known as Ana’ttoriaz provided a hint.
(I think she enjoys a hide-and-seek approach when learning about her. She doesn’t really talk a bunch, like I do. Lol)

Ana’torriaz watches legions, and according to the Book of King Paimon is the “left hand” of King Paimon.

This is the hint Ana’ttoriaz provided: the spider.

The astute practioner understands that less is more. Ana’ttoriaz, spider. Spider, Ana’ttoriaz.

This is getting really fun.

Edit: It’s possible Ana’ttoriaz may use the Princess of Earth taro card to communicate. I use Thoth taro.


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The Witching Hour

My eyes shot open, and I looked at the time. 2 A.M. Time to do the work. I got up and sat facing the idol, King Paimon and his endless allies.

I invoked the King. It felt like a butterfly. I suspect the King entered through one of my system, such as the nervous system. (Note: I love this biological way of viewing things.)

I felt my face and clothing melt off. It felt like the way loose clothing flows in the wind. It was not scary, and definitely unique. I stated that the terms of our agreement must be met. He mentioned that true allies will call one another on their shortcomings. (Note: I mentioned this terms of agreement yesterday, but it only occurred on this day.)

The Command

I then meditated on the idol.
(Note: I originally wrote “As King Paimon”. My intuition suggested the following) As the veil of illusion of division between myself and ally Paimon was rent, WE commanded the idol.

WE commanded it to assist us in the job interview. I commanded every legion, angel, demon and djinn to do this.
(Note: I believe my prior arrangement with King Paimon gave me a distinct advantage here. It’s my understanding that legions obey their leader, and aren’t keen to obey anybody who isn’t their leader.)

The Outcome

This is an active working, so I will not include details until it is manifested, secured and I begin to work.

As the interview began, I could feel myself as the King I AM. My posture was regal, and down to earth. During the interview, a few notable events occurred.

1 - I could feel the person want to be my friend and get to know me.

2 - He literally said, “I like you. I will pay the application fee, if you want.” Mind you, he basically volunteered to pay out of his pocket for my application fee.

3 - Note: I really wanna include this bit but was suggested to hold off a bit.

He said I was articulate, well mannered, and personable. A few of my responses were nearly word for word what the company uses in employee training.

After the interview, I drove home. And no shit - I saw a metal cutout of a camel that was ~42 feet tall.

I laughed outloud and said “Alright King Paimon, I am impressed.” I not only witnessed the power of King Paimon, but experienced it.

Hail to the King!


that’s amazing!

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Growing the Idol

I meditated and the idol told me to get a “note”. As in, currency and not blank paper. I retrieved a quarter, the coin.

I was shown images, similar to a slide-show (like a PowerPoint presentation).

The images shown were of myself using a small ceramic bowl, placing the quarter in the bowl, and pouring alcohol over it. I was shown to place the idol on top of this mixture.

I then commanded the mixture to grow with the idol. (Note: there is a time and place for friendliness. There are times when we need to command - it gets stuff done.)

Astrally, I was shown soil that appeared to have been freshly tilled.

@Onion Thank you!

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We all understand the process of calling a spirit and it appearing. No surprise there. Today, I was called. I saw ~20 sparks of light, and this was physical - not just seeing in spirit or whatever. It was the kingdom of Alztazramx - likely using the idol as a shortcut. The idol told me:

We are in need of lunar forces

Things are, at times, really difficult. I have had a bunch of smaller problems appear. However I KNOW I will get through it all. I’m choosing to experience these obstacles as “fuel” for the fire that is my ascent. I don’t run from my problems - I thank them for their donation of energy and I consume them.

I have experienced a shift in perspective - at times, I feel like I’m “watching” my body. Or playing a video game that is my body.

Tomorrow I work with the accompanying kings: King Labal & King Abalim.


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The Djinn Speak

I sat in my circle of pacts. I made use of a flat metal bowl, similar to this one.

On this bowl I placed two tea candles and the sigils of the djinn kings. (Speaking of which, I see an increasing mention of them on the forum.)

(Note: What follows seems to be King Labal.)

You are the first to work through this book.
(Note: I would love for this to be verified, as I want to ensure the accuracy of this information. The Book of King Paimon is valuable.)
We are polarities, axes.
(Note: I received the last work in phonetic form: Ahck-Sees. I had to Google the proper spelling.)
You must see that your beliefs flay your possibilities
(Note: Some part of me still doubted that I was actually communicating with anything. I still doubted that I could achieve the job from the interview)

I spoke about the my erroneous belief that communication must be in words and verbiage alone. I heard a laugh.
Quite right. Observant. We will now shift modes of communication. Scry.
I gazed though the sigils of King Labal and King Abalim.
(Note: King Abalim seems to be a fan of this pronunciation: “Abba-Lime”)
This is how you should commune with us.
(In the circle of pacts, with the sigils and candles on an elevated surface. Something about respect.)

We then spoke about how my lower chakras needed work. I asked them to aid me in healing them. I heard laughter.
Autonomy! Yes!
30 seconds elapsed and
It is done.
(Note: It seems they are more keen to work with people who take charge and actually do the work themselves- rather than asking for them to do XYZ. This seems to be a valuable bit when working with them.)
I briefly saw, astrally, serpents on the floor.

King Abalim:
He was silent, and I got the impression he was “arranging things.” That impression is some of the other forms of communication mentioned earlier.
Complete the application. Do it promptly with my presence around thee. Call us with the chant, regularly rather than not.

After this they both left. Busy folks.


Tomorrow I have a medical procedure and will not be posting an update. I have not quit.


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(Note: I had 4 wisdom teeth pulled, and have medication to calm the pain. I have not quit, and the medication made things a touch difficult. Now, onward!)

I spent time with the Djinn. The Kings are busy folk; being respectful, consise and generous are good guidebooks to follow.

I was shown their history, and had my awareness pulled into one of their deserts. I saw a vast history come and go, on my skin - which was the desert. I will always treasure this memory.

I asked them to aid me in shifting my perspective - so that I think and plan in terms of weeks and months, and not hours and days. Practically, this has helped me not to worry - instead I make a plan and focus on that. This shift in perspective I call “the perspective of an eagle.”

I performed a powerful working with the Djinn Kings. I will always remember this, as it manifested promptly. When working with the Kings, consider this gift: Gold leaf, mixed with a small amount of water. This mixture is a generous gift to the Kings, and can be poured on their sigils.

To clarify, I spent multiple days with the Djinn. Due to the nature of the work, I am skipping details and providing this summary.


I wish you a healthy recovery :purple_heart:

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Part II
Hey folks, I’m still here. I’m recovering from a minor surgery & I’m ready to keep this going. Hell yeah!

This next part of the Book of King Paimon has the houses. They are three broad generalizations of spirits: of demons, of angels, of djinn.

I will attempt to evoke 2 a day. (Note: depending on my pain, this may be adjusted.)

The House of the Demons

Marriquz is the first demon. He governs dark, shadow and unfilled desires.

I saw a crone, a grandmother in a chair. The environment is silent and dark.

I thought of it’s office, and heard:
Why, ask why.

I ask, why are some desires actualized/filled and others not. Glossing over my question, it said:
So if there’s an unactualized desire, inquire if it is for benefic or something else. Some cups when filled burst, others buck.

This is what I think it meant: unfilled, unactualized desires do NOT equal bad.

An unfilled desire should be framed properly. One should ask the right questions. This means: does this unfilled desire serve a good, a benefit?

That is a question you can always take to Marriquz. Select an unfilled desire and ask: does this serve a benefit?


Hatar’Amatar is the second demon. Her office includes fetishes and spell empowerment.

I attempted several times to communicate, with varying successes. This spirit seemed “further away”. A distortion in the air pressure and a ringing sensation accompany this spirit.

When communicating, it seemed to tell me to slow down. In fact, it declined to aid me in a heart chakra ritual.

Patience, and having a well-thought out goal are good attributes when working with this spirit

I saw it as a pink blossom, and as a pink salmon.


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House of the Demons

For new readers, I am working through “the Book of King Paimon”. Presently, I am in communion with the demons allied under King Paimon’s banner.


Malish’Yia is the third demon. She governs attack and defense, and is a protector. She is few with words, and is soft-spoken. Let me be clear, the soft-spoken nature is for the benefit of those who summon her. She has a veiled fierceness, and may be a wise “role model”.

Must Know about Malish’Yia

This the first entity where you must present gifts in order to proceed. The book states, “When evoked you must first offer…”

My magickal path has led me to understand stuff like that (pay first!) should be done with whatever is within our means. That means, you have suitable gifts to give - look around.

My gifts were: a lit candle, frankincense sticks, and a sample of wine.

Communion with Malish’Yia

Before me, her sigil. Before that, a candle. Before that, incense sticks. My notepad to my left, the wine to my right. I sat within my circle.

I repeated her name, and the chant to summon her. I felt a ringing, and she arrived rather promptly.
(Note: I think this is due to my condition, and basically needing defenses. So, her prompt arrival due to circumstance.)

I stated and gifted the candle. I stated and gifted the incense. She asked if I meant the entire stick, or the smoke.

What is your final gift? The voice was soft, and restrained. The latter quality intrigues me. I explain that it is wine. (Note: I mention how I am recovering, and this may impact my ability to taste.)

I don’t care I would very much like to try that. This felt a touch rushed, as if it couldn’t hold back it’s enthusiasm. Interesting.

I asked it if it would respect boundaries; my offerings involve 20-30 second possession.

It spoke through my body. As a puppet, it bent it’s head at a 45* angle and gestured a “get on with it” with the right hand. I get a “trickster” soft of nature, possibly.

It samples the wine twice, and… it recoiled. Gross, so spoiler alert. My surgery impacted my teeth. This means gross breath, as stuff is healing. Said entity must not have gross breath in their existence. They possessed me to sample the wine, picked up bad breath & basically were caught off guard. This is hands down the strangest experience I have ever had.

Now what can I do for thee?
I ask, what does a wise one ask you first?
Would you like to be allies?
Okay it said using a singsongly, light voice. It reminded me of cherry blossoms.

I agree to gift the incense stick to her, removing it from my property.
I am comfortable at this level.
With this, she meant she was done. I thanked her and left. (Note: I was left with the impression of Scorpion & Fish).


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House of the Demons


Yekuzi is the fourth demon. He governs the four elements + void element. He also teaches all manner of astral and subtle body travel.

The Taro card drawn for it is the Empress (III).
It highlighted a section of its sigil and stated that it means *of balance. *

I gazed through it’s sigil, repeating it’s name. It beckons me to speak the chant. (Note: all entities in the Book of King Paimon have a chant that summons forth.)

I asked it to teach me how to use the elements to dissolve blockages. This seems more useful than telling it to do xyz. (Note: I’d rather learn to fish, than have to buy a fish.)

It agreed, and said it can do this in four days. Seems like this pathworking will extend past 30 days.


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House of the Demons

Yekuzi is the fifth demon.

In this session, I begin with my goal. My goal working with Yekuzi is to teach myself how to destroy blockages. This will be done using an elemental approach. Yekuzi also clarified that teaching this is done in four session, not days.

What follows is my experience with Yekuzi, the first session.

I sat in my circle of pacts. Before me, the sigil of Yekuzi. (Note: my intuition told me Yekuzi did not need a drawn sigil. I wonder if this means Yekuzi is always nearby.) In front of the sigil, a burning candle.

I called his name several times. I had the expectation that Yekuzi was here. (Note: my intuition told me this, the expectation, creates a sort of mold that must be filled). Then, I used his summoning chant.

Yekuzi was not verbal. He showed a distinct preference for two modes of communication. The first was a “knowing” - I meditate, and the info is simply dropped into my awareness. Nothing flashy, straight to the point. The second was like a “live photo” as from an iPhone. I saw images with several seconds of before and after.

In communion with Yekuzi these two modes combined and I experienced it as: watching a movie/game of myself performing certain actions.

The Experience

Let’s return to the point where I finished Yekuzi’s chants, and am in trance.

I travel and find myself in an undifferentiated sky and sea. This all sort of melds together.

I find everything speeding up and slowing down, time seems to stop.

I see three cubes: medium, large, small. They are grey.

I understand these are my blockages.


I will continue with Yekuzi and see where this leads.


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House of the Demons

[Note: yesterday’s entry was incomplete. I also took the three blocks/cubes and poured water from a jar on each item. I saw Yekuzi’s sigil on the jar. It transformed each block into an item. I saw a stone, a five rayed star, and a peach pit. I imagined myself placing these in a bag.]

Yekuzi, continued

Yekuzi knows his stuff, he doesn’t waste time. This evocation took around 9 minutes. It felt like an hour.

Through impressions and unknown sorts of communication- Yekuzi conveyed this.

He conveyed I needed to create in my imagination a “experience digester, a tranamutive machine”. Initially, I thought of a factory conveyer belt image. I opted for a biological approach, the stomach and intestines.

This pathworking has highlighted how incorporating biology into one’s practice is a vein that should be accessed more often.

As I imagined my stomach, I heard something like an announcer. “Gastric acid breaks apart”

I then saw the three items: stone, star, pit. These are the remains of the blocks. As mentioned, the blockages were transmuted by pouring water on them.

One at a time, I saw each item being placed in my stomach. The gastric acid further broke down, broke down the remains from the previous operation.

Yekuzi said,
Breaks (down) the subcomponents
This is the end of that lesson

The Summary

In summary, Yekuzi instructed me to use a universal gateway to break down a blockage. The remaining material is seen being digested, broken down further, by the acid within one’s stomach.

Overall, I’m impressed that I am seeing a method that requires no ritual tools, or words to be spoken.

All that is needed, is you.


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House of the Demons

Yekuzi’s Lesson

Today’s lesson was brief. (You know the deal, I get into my circle, the sigil of Yekuzi and a candle).

Yekuzi showed my the circles in his sigil mean “to recycle”.
He revealed or confessed that having a scientific lense or perspective can massively aid him. He also has a love for using biology as magic. No magic words, yo!

Yekuzi is teaching me that I am magic My very body has amazing systems, with chemical concoctions that we hardly even consider. Why call on anything, when the answer is in your very flesh?

I, for one, understand that my magic is now colored by the reality of making use of one’s body in magic - the chemicals, the digestive systems… All an untapped resource in the magic community.

In communion, he showed me that the fingers are sovereign enforcers. Practically, thus entire “Yekuzi blockage recycler” lesson that I am learning, should be preceded and concluded by using the fingers.

I did a new run of this ritual, and at the point of pouring water on a blockage, I said “to return from the waters whence you came”.

I get the feeling that a summary of this is in order. I will post a summary of Yekuzi’s blockage ritual in the future.

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That’s amazing! Combining science and spirituality is something that interests me a lot. I’ve done an experiment(? I don’t really know what to call it) myself and it’s slightly effective. Needs more tweaking. Looking forward to future posts! :purple_heart:

Definitely, it is super interesting. It’s odd how we go to such great lengths to memorize spirit chants ect, and never really communicate with our own bodies.

What is needed are banishings and protection methods that use the body and biology - and nothing more.

@Onion Thanks for the comment, if you would like to share your experiment you can do so here.

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