The Black Angel Of Darkness

So lately i’ve felt a entity around me that i didn’t notice, i brushed it off and tried to ignore it for days. I was sleeping on night, and i was woken up dead on 3:00am, at the corner of the room there was a continuous building of critical mass.

I observed this for a while, it was a darkness it wouldn’t stop growing, i couldn’t look away so i entered the TGS and sent out a telepathic signal to tell what ever that entity was to follow me to my temple.

I left the room and got to my shed, then i entered my temple, i took five black candles and placed them in around the circle, in the center of my circle is a huge inverted pentagram, i could see it almost react to a presence in the temple and it wasn’t me.

So i entered the circle and began my blind evocation with the entity that had followed me into my temple, i began calling out and i began feel the darkness build in the temple again and it was building behind me.

This spirit manifested behind me as many of you know this is a sign, that the spirit has a great power as the most powerful deities will manifest behind the magician.

I started to feel a insidious chill behind me, i spoke from deep within my godself, my voice of darkness aka my demonic voice, came from my mouth stating.

" Who goes there, what are you, why have you followed me, speak ".

I heard strange crumbling in the temple walls, then a voice over my shoulder started whispering it was a physical vocal whisper no inner voice.

I couldn’t hear it so i entered the necessary state to hear it, then i heard the chilling words rise through me.

It spoke " Finally you have turned your gaze upon me, now we can begin ". I replied not understanding i replied " Wait what, i don’t understand ", this is when i grabbed my book and wrote the rest down it goes as follows.

" I am the Black Angel Of Darkness, Many doors you’ve opened all leading to the labyrinth, in this labyrinth lays the final door, deep into the abyss you traveled, what if i told you there is a darkened tunnel that travels deeper beyond the abyss and that this is the labyrinth you have entered ".

I replied " I have opened many doors which one are you referring to ? ".

It replied " When you birthed your child Salanayus the first door was opened, when you merged with your godform, the second door was opened, your brothers of the circle they not know they stand in opened the other door by awakening their godeselves after all you’re all spiritually family ".

I replied " What brother’s are you referring too ? ".

it was @Aluriel and @Einar02.

I then asked " Ah i understand, so tell me ,What is the final door leading too ? ".

He answered " The King, Lord and God of worlds, the one who has remained hidden until you woke him from his sleep, in the void, Lexmanah has awoken his throne is behind, the last door, no mortal or being has laid eyes on him, he is older than darkness, older than time itself ".

I replied " How old is this Lexmanah ? ". He began to laugh and answered " He is older than existence all gods and beings exist in some form of existence whether it is physical or spiritual, he exists beyond all existence, even beyond the void ".

I answered " how is that possible, wasn’t the void, first ? ".

He replied, " It was the first thing in your existence, the void is like a giant atom, it contains all matter, and to you may seem infinite and macrocosmic but to Lexmanah it is microcosmic ".

Then i saw a eye on the ground look at me, it was extremely hypnotic, it was a sign lexmanah’s sight was set on me from afar.

i asked the Black Angel Of Darkness, " What is your name and sigil so i may summon you, to continue this work ". He laughed and said " I am the prophet of Lexmanah, you don’t summon me, I and Lexmanah summon you, we’ll be in touch ".

Then his presence left, the temple was without noise, life and the candles snuffed out on their own and then the temple was without light, Damn.

Had to share this, it was more intense than my words could convey.


Conner Kendall.


Holy shit brother!


I’ve heard of a couple hidden tunnels in the abyss. Lexmanah … Interesting. Thanks Frater!

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thanks frater :joy: ?

I don’t understand dude.


another term for brother lol


Ah right thanks for the clarification.


no worries captain cheeky pie lol :stuck_out_tongue:


:stuck_out_tongue: cheeky lil devil.


Who me? you know it babes lol :wink:

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shit bro, I need to see what ara’denozoth has brought through if this the outcome with yours! :joy:


This reminds a lot of the time before I entered the LHP when a spirit appeared before me claiming it was a Fallen Angel from Thaumiel
No joke the presence of this spirit made me feel like I was dying
I can’t really explain the feeling other than I thought I was seriously gonna die.
He showed me a symbol that was like a cross between the Baphomet goat head and a fox.

Also so is this being Lexmanah the Creator?
Oddly enough I get really excited saying this name out loud.


So… Thats what they mean…when they say: “there is a city in nirvana” …:fearful:

Exciting! entering unchartered territory.

Oh I didn’t know this. I always wondered why some appeared in front of me and some behind.

This I don’t understand. How do our godselves affect each other? Does it matter if you are doing rituals irl or online?

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C.Kendall please keep us informed on your newest development!!!

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If i’m not mistaken, those people matter -since he has a demon-child with them :thinking:

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Some new information about this entity??