That Moment When 3


I hope you’re OK. There’s been a really dark cloud hanging over the forums.


Ooops my bad…I saw white rice and immediatally thought “oriental chinese.” I learned something interesting thenother day. Apparrently Pasta also came from chinese and is originally not italian…(wonders how much was really made in china)


We have a new eva sprouting :slight_smile:


Don’t say that to Italians, they’re very protective with their pasta! :grinning:

@Dragon_Crow Naah!


That moment when you have your first hands free orgasm (as a guy) and your legs are still wobbly, triggered primarily by repeatedly bringing energy up and through your Muladhara chakra. Definitely wasn’t expecting that, but I guess all the meditation and energy work is paying off. :rofl:



That moment when you realize part of the reason why every boss I have ever had likes me because your nother prayed for you to be favored :thinking:


You lay out for a person everything you did to them magically and they still don’t take you seriously and still refuse to take action

Things are going perfectly well and according to plan
More Psychological Torture for them then


That moment when a spirit calls you their charity case with subtle affection and you don’t know how to respond.


Order of priorities I guess.


TMW I remembered members on this board mentioned this guy they were trying to get on their side called “The Paladin.” I wonder what happened with that person… kinda a funny nickname to call a Christian.


Maybe they murdered him, seeing how we’re among some stone cold killers.


Nope. You will not see real stone cold killers talking about doing things like that on a Public Online Forum. Thats just common sense =)


Of course not, my lady. Of course not.


TMW when you say
“This changes everything”


That you wake up and the anatel Nether warlords are around you and waiting for the ritual


Can someone please tell me what is this about ? I always see this “moment when “ and never understand what it’s actually about?! Thanks :slight_smile:


It’s just a thread for comical observations about life and magick. It all began here:


Thanks now I understand!


He actually kinda fucked off for a bit after we hit him with the nasty shit, but we had to undo the shit we’re sent at him because collateral. He started being less of a dick after that though.


TMW you finally found your muse