That Moment When 3


I had something similar like that happen with Grocery Shopping. Got a great discount.


TMW you do energy work on the heels of the feet and huge waves of energy starts to run up the legs and you start to get turn on


:rofl: that is the best comment ever on one of my posts! :+1:

Fucking excellent, thanks! :smiley:


I’d recommend some books, but you won’t bloody well read them! :stuck_out_tongue:


That moment when…it is suddenly 330 AM and you didn’t even notice :open_mouth:


TMW Sophrosine moderates you in your own slang


Bitch ass news anchors have been throwing subliminals at me all week. Somebody is snitching.


Very cool. I have that with the LBRP, I feel them every time. So it’s quite powerful.






I am seriously full. But I need to drink 12 or so more drinks,so… :smiley:


TMW something jumps off the shelf behind you … ( first time… so thats another first i guess ) … i jsut went in my room to get mre headache pills, and was in a cupboard when from the other side of the room i hear jangling/falling and a bell thats been sat happily on the shelf for like 4 years is now on the floor… guess someone wants my attention… orr… my headaches can now move stuff …


Oh I’m really annoyed by spirits doing shit behind my back. No one hides from me in my own house or the ban hammer falls upon their head. :hammer:


my mum used to have some really nasty parasites attached to her ( only realised what it was when she died - nother story) and i dont feel anything like that in the house now, so if spirits I’m working with wanna chuck stuff about I can live with that :smiley:

I still feel at the moment like I’m at “novice” stage - and am happy to acknowledge any progress … but also i have been researching some stuff that i was directed to, and seeing more things manifesting which i have requested , so it is possible that the bell was an incoming!

… you know first hand that I’m so poor at recieving messages that they route things through other people to get the point across :smiley: :smiley:


Haters keep giving you attention and you keep sucking up the energy and power like:


TMW noone wants to hire and you gonna get kicked on the streets and your a burden on your family’s life and you do a letter of intent to Godess Lilith because you could use some company but feels like being rejected or ignored and you dont care much if you live or die anymore as long as its quick


@Lady_Eva has a thread that has some helpful resources/information that might be able to help you.


Yes I see your point!
Even so, keep those spider senses sharp in case of danger, you never know!


TMW you know its time to heal thy self


(Didnt know you did chinese food in Germany)


Technically it’s japanese :grin: