That Moment When 3


TMW that you accidentally call your cat belial instead of Bella :thinking:


TMW my cat looked similar and now I miss her even more :smiley:
Cute cat :heart:


I think all cats could qualify as furry Belials. :grin:

and I agree with @Oddnan cute kitty :heart_eyes_cat:


TMW…new acronym… WOW (originally World of Warcraft online game) = World of Wicca.

There…imagine if someone took this idea and turned it into an MMO too (Mass Multiplayer Online-game)


I’d imagine it would pretty much be Charmed online…


TMW that you did your second trip in the abyss and expirienced so much darkness that you feel like you did MDMA ,so much so that you feel like tonight is no sleep night
let this night be,the night of the abyssmal warrior


Thank you! i appreciate it


Cool, I always wanted to chant “the power of three will set us free” and then BOOM! Shit happens!


Just got home. After I got off work, I went to get some food, then took the first drive of the year with the top down on my car. I’m so excited right now. Now I’m gonna light up a cigar and chill for a while.


That moment when…you have BBQ pulled pork :yum:


Lobster bisque


That moment when your boss’s store starts to sell big pieces of selenite :slightly_smiling_face:


TMW it’s probably time to actually work with Belial…


Tmw you put it up to your third eye and actually feel ir for a second beijg absorbed into it


That moment when…you perform the angelic Circle of Power while inebriated on cider :upside_down_face:


I plan to go to my friend’s tattoo parlor, with my brother. I’m about to get my tattoo about the sigil of Abaddon (and posibbly His Enn - He gave me permission), while my brother want to get an another Christian themed tattoo, at the same time!

What could I say? Our path is different a " bit ".
( We are the best brothers by the way. )


Which one of you beautiful Demonic/Angelic Queens wanna switch bodies with a piece of trash I need to dispose of and have the pleasure of Possessing them and forcing them to commit suicide?

If that’s you, pm me :ok_hand:
(This is not even close to a joke btw)


That moment when…you decide cider is very dangerous because it is soooo tasty, and you cannot stop imbibing. :woozy_face:


TMW you are caught in the middle.
Damn, I hate this fucking bullshit.