That Moment When 3


Not sure if i should be opening this back up again but That Moment When 2 just closed not too long ago.
So i will open it up again if no one else wants to.

Temporary That Moment When

Tmw 3 does already exist…It was just temporarily moved to the lounge.


I see. Well my bad


There’s also that temporary Tmw thread but maybe we should use this temporarily as it has more replies now?

Temporary That Moment When

I am not sure… I guess we could use this for now.


Eva will probably just merge the threads when she comes here


So it’s now a trilogy.


Ooo. Like The Blade Trilogy.
Lol @rin


@rin hey girl how you doin havent seen you in awhile

i was actually wondering where you went today lol


Hi Rin! How is school going? Havent seen you in along time


TMW you make an offering and the candle flame goes to like 3 inches in height,
this means anything?


It means the spirit you made an offering to did receive it.
I get this occasionally and ita cool to watch the flame.


That moment you’ve started a topic that the community enjoyed.


That moment when you just fell in love with the new and wonderful word of Komen.



Really ? I am honored! :smile: I did say thank you for accepting my offering and for its presance. I could feel a presance behind me.


Yes… Papa Legba does the same for me. In some way the candle flame does something it isn’t able to do normally.


Yes and for people new to magic it means that the spirit is there.


Yes it is an excellent way to commune with spirits.

But i love the voices of spirits even more.


I can’t hear them just yet…


In due time you will be able to.