Technique: spell of forgetting / memory binding / remove suspicion

A spell to make people forget, to remove suspicion from you, to bind the thoughts or memories of others in your favour, using the powers of King Bael. Copied from my journal to make into its own post.

The powers of Bael are —

  • To remain unseen when you would otherwise be noticed.
  • To make somebody lose interest in you and your affairs.
  • To bring confusion and torment to anybody who enquires about a subject that you wish to remain hidden.
  • To make a thing or situation to appear as something other than it is.
  • To compel others to keep secrets for you.
  • To make men (people) invisible.
  • To garner the favour of others.

Originally I used this for when someone was getting suspicious about my occult work and asking too many questions. I have also used it for more general purposes to great effect.

You will need:

  • Dark red, or black, taper candle
  • Pen and paper
  • Black (or white) thread
  • Red wine and a vessel for it
  • Opium incense
  • Optional: blood offering (fresh or dried)
  • Very important: the presence of the great King Bael

Note: Any colour of thread or candle will do if you are in a pinch, but the above are recommended; same for the incense.


  1. Light the incense.

  2. Start listening to, or chanting, Bael’s enn. I like to combine a pure theta or alpha binaural beat, a rhythmic shamanic drumming/humming track, and play Bael’s enn over/behind it all. While doing so, meditate over Bael’s sigil until it begins to flash, or until you felt you have made contact.

  3. Pour yourself some red wine.

  4. Hold up the glass. State Bael’s enn aloud, once: Ayer Secore On Ca Bael.

  5. State, "in the name of the great King Bael, I imbibe of the water of forgetting.*

  6. Drink some of the wine – not all of it .

  7. Grab yourself a piece of paper, no bigger than your palm. Tear/cut it to size if you have to.

  8. In black ink draw Bael’s sigil and write his name.

  9. Write your intent. Short and concise. In my case it was something like this: My occult practice is hidden from all eyes, and wiped from the memory of all who suspect, in the name of the Great King Bael.

  10. Roll the paper up.

  11. Using the thread, tie the rolled paper closed with an odd number of knots (i.e. 3, 5, 7, or 9).

  12. If you are making a fresh blood offering, smear or drip your blood onto the knotted thead.

  13. Light the candle.

  14. Tilt the candle so the wax drips over the knotted thread. Chant/repeat aloud “In the name of Bael, I bind the memories of those who suspect. In the name of Bael, may no one suspect what I wish to remain hidden.”
    Or whatever else feels right to you, e.g. “In the name of Bael, my innocence is unquestionable. In the name of Bael, may no one suspect me of wrongdoing. In the name of Bael, I bind the thoughts of those who are suspicious of me.” and so on.

  15. As you keep chanting, continue to drip wax over the thread. Rotate the paper scroll, continuously, until you have formed a thick wax seal over the thread on all sides of the scroll. Around 10 minutes.

  16. If you are making a dried blood offering, put the scroll aside and light your sample with the candle. State, “I offer this blood for the fulfilment of our pact. As it burns to ashes, so too do the thoughts and memories of those who suspect me burn away to nothingness.”

  17. Once the dried blood sample has burned to ash, state “As I extinguish the candle, so too do I extinguish the memories of those who suspected.”

  18. Blow out the candle.

  19. State, “It is done.”

  20. Hold up the glass of red wine. State, “Bael, I give to you this offering in thanks for our pact.”

  21. Leave the glass of wine out on your altar, or wherever. Dispose of it whenever feels right, in running water, or by pouring it on the earth. I usually leave my offerings out for around 3 days; I would recommend at least 24 hours if possible.

  22. If you made a dried blood offering, dispose of the ash however you like: bury it, scatter it to the wins, or just flush it down the toilet. It is only ash.

  23. Bury the sealed paper in the earth, or if that is not possible, hide it somewhere out of sight, like pack it into a box and put it in the back of your closet.

It is done. :clap:t2:


Love it… have a question about it, lets suppose that i broke up with my ex and I want her to for forget why she hates me, would that be a possibility?
Can he manufacture thoughts and ideas, lets suppose I wanted him to change, manufacture where i am the victim or even erase certain thoughts or ideas, its that possible? Also, I ask him to someone invisible to other people (make my ex invisible to other guys?


blood is overboard?

You could certainly try it, but I would also suggest supplementing it with something like this:

To implant “good” thoughts into your ex’s mind.

Additionally you might want to check out the “revision” technique of Law of Assumption. Google “Neville Goddard revision” and you should find something to point you in the right direction.

You could ask Bael to make your ex invisible to other people, but there may be other rituals that are helpful there too. There’s a ritual in Practical Djinn Magick to make someone unpopular. Or you could, idk, ask a lust demon to remove her aura of attractiveness or something.

Yes it is lol. It might not be mandatory but I’ve included it each time I’ve used this ritual because I am serious about getting the outcome I need. And it has worked each time. Could definitely try it without blood.