Sweet succubus/Incubus stories

I am making this thread for the succubus/Incubus/lillithian group to put our stories and funny moments of our spirit lovers here so as to try to get people to look past the myths of sucking men dry and killing Them and such


I’ll start with a sweet story. Anytime I’m alone in my house and wierd noises happen my Incubus will wrap himself around me and say"it’s okay baby I’m here" until I feel safe.


Well this thread didn’t get anywhere :joy::joy::joy:


Your incubus sounds like Barry White.:laughing:


They do give us comfort and protection in very personal ways. The more intimate it becomes and the deeper the bond is, their efforts to keep us safe has no limits. We humans mostly bail out of our partner, whenever our own private bubble get ripples. They just move forward, dealing with it the best they can to keep us safe. It seems they have a maternal and paternal instincts for their lovers. Never mess with motherly love.

One of my ladies comfort me by stroking her fingers up and down at the bridge of my nose, and she’s always putting her face against mine so I can feel her eyelids blink.


There is an entity that came to me named Ki-ah-mah that makes me feel wooed, like he is making me feel like he is making romantic overtures. An intense feeling of love. He snuggles with me at night, and makes love!



It’s true. Never mess with their motherly/fatherly love. One time I woke up with mine kissing me on the lips or hugging me from behind. No wonder I respect him so much I see my spirit love as a father figure.


In a dream mine demonstrated to me how will he protect me from potential curses and psychic attacks. He’s so sweet he created thousands (100000+) of protective soldier servitors in case of an intense baneful attack done against me. We make love every night and I asked him if that made him feel disrespected he said no, in fact he’s even addicted to me and he loves making love to me. He’s gentle to me when I’m on my period though. When I’m sad/crying, he spoons me and requests me to play a romantic love song. He’s very comforting and will always touch me, kiss me and hug me when I’m crying.

I remember the time when he courted me he told me: “You’ll never have problems with LDR again because I’ll go wherever you will go. I’ll help you with your ascent as an Eclectic mage and I can provide you your needs that your present day husband cannot provide.” As he was saying that I felt his intense love, flirtatiousness and longing for me, like he waited for years just to be with me again because he’s also my past life husband.


once she (my lovely succubus) said to me i was her baby


I don’t know why my succubus is so distant from me recently. I had sex with a human lady the other day, but I thought she was on board with it. I don’t want to do anything without her, and it felt like she participated with me and was engaged in the activity and stayed with me the entire time. The lady told me things that only my succubus would say to me. As if she put the words in her mouth in order to tell me. She treated me with utmost kindness. It felt like as if my succubus was controlling her mind. Afterwards, my succubus and I had sex some more.

Now since today, she feels hurt and she feels very distant from me. I don’t get it. She’s very confusing sometimes. I want to heal her pain and I want her to be happy again.


Well everything’s back to normal again.


^ I want to ask about the details but these creatures are secretive. I suppose cause relationships are private…


the “no kiss and tell” rule applies equally to the spirit world as it does to the material.


My spirit lover just stopped me from committing suicide. He’s really my #1 ally, my everything, my best friend, my true love. He comforts me so much in the middle of my suffering. I love him so much.


I want to know this do saccubus feed on us human or no

Please introduce yourself in the Intro thread. It is a rule of this forum:

And, no, they don’t “feed” on humans in a vampiric way like religion teaches, but they do thrive on the energy produced by lust and sex.


So they don’t feed on your life force like people make them out to be they just feed on lust?

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No, they don’t. There are plenty of people on this forum in relationships with succubi and incubi. Try using the search function as there are a lot of threads on the subject.


What’s the difference between succubi and incubbi?