Summoning a Yokai

Hey all. I was wondering how to summon a yokai. It’s vital since I’m basically summoning a bunch for Halloween night. Have my own personal Hyakki Yakou for myself and learn magick through them.


Read this thread: How to summon yokai?

There’s a lot there. Mostly about personal sigils

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I may be too late, but I wanted to say this.

Considering that many yokai can range from mischievous to intentionally harmful, I’d suggest going at it with the same mindset as with the Goetia. Meaning, call upon the highest deity of the associated mythology/religion. Such as Amateratsu if you’re going with Shinto, or Buddha for Buddhism. Have an understanding of who or what you’re conjuring and what they are like.

For example, I’ve read that Tengu are protectors of forest areas, and hate hypocrisy and dishonesty, particularly among high ranking officials. So, you could present yourself with honesty and sincerity. However, they are also notable tricksters, so be aware of that. According to legend, there are benefits and rewards for tricking a tengu, but I’d imagine there are downsides to getting tricked.



The replies above should help a lit already I think to get closer and make it clearer regarding Yōkai summoning!

But just a simple question: Why Halloween?
I myself use Halloween as a great opportunity for rituals etc. But regarding Yōkai, I wiuld check out spiritual days or periods in Japan, such as the Obon holiday time where ancestors return to this world to visit their families, but the spirit realm is overall very open during that time. It should be in August, 13th to 15th this year I think. But there are many other days/events too. This might help to attract them better I assume. =)

I agree with Reza about Halloween. Entirely different culture, and opening any gates on that day is like turning on a faucet. You don’t want to open more doors than you intend. So, you need to carefully control the flow of energy.

Either assume a higher deity’s authority, or get to know a select few.

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And I agree with you Jaden! I dont know if it would even work on Halloween, besides you may call something else you actually dont want and dont know how to remove again soon.

If you are interested in ghost stories etc. also referring to Yōkai I recommend works by Lafcadio Hearn or Koizumi Yakumo (same person). He has been one of the first European foreigners who settled down in Japan and wrote several books and stories about ghosts and ghost rumours etc. especial in the Tōhoku region of Japan.

Regarding Gods, I would choose Susanoo, brother of Amaterasu, God of the wind and the sea.

You can also try to connect with the Gods/Demons of Thunder and Wind : Raijin 雷神 and Fūjin (風神). But please be very cautious about those two: They were created in rafe by the corpse of the Goddess Izanami. They are also seen as protectors and guardians but they also can cause terrible natural catastrophies. Respect is the key to approach them, as they were the origins of Shinto demonology in Japan I would say (with some exceptions in Hokkaido).

Isn’t Susanoo a bit of a rebel himself?

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As far as I can see from stories I read about Susanoo, yes, I can agree on that, he is a rebel but also a guardian of Japan. =)

And one more thing: If you are looking for a necromantic God/Goddess in Japan, I recommend Izanami. Cause after she died and also created the demonic Gods to send after her husband and brother Izanagi, she became the Goddess of the underworld in Japan. (She died by giving birth to her son Kagu Tsuchi (incarnation of fire, Fire God), having burnt her genitals when giving birth and died later on from her wounds, creating some more Gods and Goddesses from the tears she cried in pain during that).

how to summon isonade

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