How to summon yokai?

Hi, does anyone know how I would evoke the Japanese spirits known as “yokai?” Are there any sigils to evoke a yokai? Since we know that demons being bad is a Xtian myth, does that mean that the yokai might be helpful to us too?


You could create a seal for them using a method such as the Rose Cross. However, because the term “yokai” is a catch-all term for many different beings, you wouldn’t have control over what kind of being showed up. Pretty much anything that fits under the “family” of yokai could respond.


The thing about Japanese folklore is that it’s not really influenced by Abrahamic religions. Oh, Christians tried to spread their influence to Japan, but finding an actual Christian person in Japan is like finding a needle in a haystack. The locals are usually more Buddhist or Shintoist.

The yokai can be compared more to the fae from Celtic mythology rather than stereotypical demons. They come in many varieties and if you’re not careful, they can be mischievous.

That being said, there is a way to summon them as familiars. Inguami are examples of such spirits.

I’d highly recommend studying up on what yokai you want to summon, as the last thing you want is for a yokai to disrupt your life and not know how to get rid of it.

After that, I’d start practicing onmyodo, which is Japanese occultism mixed with natural science. Abe no Seimei was a practitioner of this and reportedly had familiars.


Yokai is about as broad of a category as saying you want to evoke a “spirit”. Narrow down why you want to evoke yokai, and what kind, then we might be able to help.


Well, I at first wondered if there was sigils at all for these Japanese entities, but good question. I would have to ask if there are sigils or ways of evoking Yuki-onna or Kitsune.
If you happen to know any yokai that can cause poltergeist activity, I may be interested as well.

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I Would Like To Know How To Summon Kiko, Kitsune, Nekomata, Hachishakusama, Kuchisake-onna, and Yuki-onna.

You have to introduce yourself. How long have you practiced magic?

Hachishakusama ehh?
I wonder what kind of benefits one can gain from working with her?? :weary:

I’d love to work with Osakabehime because she sounds like she got a lot to offer under her sleeves…

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My only question is why? :thinking:

For starters you can create your own sigils for spirits or once you have the spirits in your grasp they can give you sigils for themselves, to call upon them themselves. You don’t even need sigils to call upon entities but they are useful when you are dealing with entities that hold titles that are passed down, or entities with various aspects or entities that might need to be “tamed” to put it nicely, hell you can even call a spirit up with simply a picture or name alone if you know what you’re doing.

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Just because demons were portrayed as evil in christianity, and in reality they’re not, doesn’t mean there can’t be any malicious spirits out there.

And since yokai have nothing to do with all this, I’d be careful to transfer this mindset to them.
Japanese mythology was not influenced by christianity. (Shinto was heavily influenced by buddhism though, but that’s something else.)
Yokai is an umbrella term for all kinds of creatures, and some definitely won’t help humans.

I’d also keep my hands off urban legends like Hachishakusama (all she does is sentence you to die, nothing else, so why even bother). All you will gain from this is paranoia in my opinion.


Yeah I’m interested in summon a kitsune myself

Does anyone know how to summon a very tall female being/entity that is good and can help you as being your girlfriend or help you to find a very tall girlfriend. Are there any entities/beings that are good and can help you find a very tall girlfriend for you

Welcome @Philosopherx .You have to make an introduction. How long have you practiced magic?

That’s not how this works.

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Yeah, go on folks, do it. Summon a oh so cute Yokai, maybe she will be your waifu, hm? Only christians believe spirits can be evil so in reality all they want is to suck your dick, right? (Or your spiritual ascent, but, isn’t that almost the same?)
Do it, summon them. And then see for yourself.

Rant off.


I honestly cannot think of a yokai that would bring love. I believe requests like that would fall into the Kami territory, or one of the buddhist deities brought to Japan. While there are Yokai that are credited to jumping into bed with humans, it is usually a method so they may eat the human.

To date, I have only had experience with a Jorōgumo and one of the lessons I learned from her was how to better manipulate others better, through whatever means available.


I like to believe I have made a good impression on some kami when I spent time in Tokyo because I used to hang out at the Sensouji temple in Asakusa a lot, and it has this little garden with lots of small Hokora shrines. One day I saw a big fat westerner sitting on the steps to a Hokora shrine, reading his newspaper. The passers-by wanted to pray to the shrine and were forced to pray into that guy’s direction, but japanese people are too polite to say anything, so I went up to that guy and informed him in my politest tone that this is a religious site and it’s not ok to sit there. He only answered “Are you japanese?” And continued reading his newspaper.
A few moments later his wife came along with their japanese tour guide and I went straight to the guide and asked her in japanese (right in front of the fat guy so he could see) if it is ok to sit there and she said absolutely not, but she can’t tell him because he’s her customer.
She looked at me in a distressed way and then I said I told him.
She then got them to follow her to some other location.

Kami of that shrine, remember me please!


I have experience with some yokai from aril us kitsune, tengu, bankeneko, nekomata, various Oni, and some inugami dogs.

But none of them are really “I’ll be your tall gf and feed your fantasy” lol

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Correct me if I am wrong but would the Kami for that temple be Ebisu/Hiruko? God of fisherman and luck?

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