Suhn’tal’ock in the book of Azazel is mentioned as being an ancient demon, who preceded the infernal empire. He is able to raise empires from nothing! There is no physical description of the demon, and very little information is giving regarding the nature of this demon.

DISCLAIMER: This is a subjective experience that happened while performing the ritual of evocation, modified from the BOA.

Staring off Into blackness I saw the orange glow of lava awaken and open it’s eyes. Piercing, dominant these eyes were ancient. First awakened in the primordial heat as our planet was born. Suhn’tal’ock. Swirling like boiling liquid rock, rising upward from an ocean of magma and penetrating the cooled crust, a column formed. An angry ancient stalagmite with subtle Djinn like features. Shifting and forming, melting and hardening by his own will. I kept chanting his name!

I saw a massive volcanic eruption from a dormant volcano hidden deep under a major city. The violence of the explosion liquified the downtown buildings, turning the skyscrapers into liquid magma and casting them across the metropolitan area. The city burned, and the air was poisoned with thick sulfuric gas. Everything was consumed, burned, killed and destroyed. Where a civilization once thrived a lake of melted rock now boiled. Then as expected new crust began to form. As it cooled it now awaits a new empire to be built upon it’s sleeping back.

Suhn’tal’ock spoke with me saying that he was the power of the Earth’s magma and the crust that holds it back. Fire mixed with earth to make boiling rock. He holds power over poisonous smoke, smelting, liquid metal, boiling rock, magma, crust and the Earth’s Mantle. He is an ancient Deity having arrived during the formation of this planet. He is aligned with the universal current that forms all solid planets. He can be called upon to destroy your present reality and lay waste to it so you can build anew. He mentioned being known by King Belial, but there was little detail to this as it was mentioned in passing.

Okay, so that was my Saturday night, how was yours. lol. I felt this experience warranted a thread. If anyone else has worked with this demon I’d like to hear your experience as well. I have called him once before and he only manifested as the eyes and mouth.

that should be a link to an image of the forming earth. It’s very good artistic representation of what I saw the powers of Suhn’tal’ock in this vision.

Zecharyah 555


Very nice report Zach.

Was the purpose of the evocation to learn from the demon or to issue a task?

Also your writing style is very kind to the imagination, I could get a good visual idea following your descriptions. Keep up the good work.

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Thanks TWF,

Thank you for your compliments, I hope you can use this imagery. The purpose of the evocation was to gain information about Suhn’tal’ock and inquire about the progress from a previous evocation in which I issued the task for my empire to be built. Prior to last nights evocation I didn’t understand how Suhn’tal’ock worked, who he was, or where his power lies. Now I have a pretty good idea about this ancient demon, and how to harness his power. I’m enjoying the imagery and fantasy of speaking with an ancient volcano god, it’s very primal. I’ll do some more work with this demon and add to this thread when appropriate. I’m hoping some of the other practitioners will add their experience here.


I called him once to oversee the growth of my empire, there have been bumps along the way, but things seem to be proceeding according to schedule. Anyway I participated in another semi secret ritual today and received some interesting info regarding a connection between Azazel and grey aliens. You mention that Suhntlok has something to do with the formation of planets, I wonder if he may be related to that.

“Okay, so that was my Saturday night, how was yours.”

OHHHHHH shit! That made me laugh so much bro!! I’m really glad you posted this. Suhn’tal’ock is one of the demons I plan to work with in the near future, along with Lae’ti’kohl. Interestingly, these 2 demons would probably make an extremely powerful EVO…yes?

When I had my 1st Personal Consult with Koetting, EA and I discussed working with Suhn’tal’ock. Hey Zech, if you don’t mind me asking regarding your empire, are you evoking Suhn’tal’ock for the “long-term”…within a year?

For me, Suhn’tal’ock & Lae’ti’kohl would be a great combination but I’m still contemplating the order?

Any thoughts would be most appreciative.

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Oh by the Z,

I’m very happy for you and your progress. That is an encouragement to me and I’m sure many other Adepts.

I just wanted to publicly address the fact that you have always been willing to share your knowledge, and have PM’d me recently showing nothing but compassion in regards to what I shared with you privately, and I hope that your Empire rises as bright and as strong as the Florida Sun, and that you are met CONSISTENTLY with success, as surely as the Moon turns the tides.

All the best my friend

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I appreciate your kind words mode_439. I am always willing to help those on the path to vodbood. Without getting personal I am working long term with Suhn’tal’ock. He is the first stage of building your infernal empire on earth. Destroying all that you had so you can start anew.

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Very good my friend! So, Lae’ti’kohl maybe the Demoness to work with for shorter time frames.

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Lae’ti’kohl may be a better choice for you right now. Also I did an evocation to Grah’aht’talion this evening. I’m thinking about creating a BOA thread that adds to the descriptions of the demons in order as I evoke them. Only supplamental information that’s not in the book. May make it a comprehensive BOA thread. Thoughts? Interest? What about the rest of the crew? Anyone else working with BOA spirits exclusively?

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I agree. Lae’ti’kohl may be a better choice. Regarding the BofA ONLY thread I think it’s a great idea. We’ve chatted via PM & in the open forum, and I know that you always stress how BofA is a "complete’ system. I agree. this is my 3rd read of the Text.

Now, with that being said, not an easy system per se…what I mean is there is a LOT of information with this particular Text. I’ve studied other Occult resources from meditation to other shit, I must say, that the elegance within the BofA is the right proportion of EA’s personal experience & “OK guys…here is what to do”.

It’s literally a perfectly balanced book.


Good post Ze, very informative and descriptive. I tried an evocation Laetikohl sometime ago and I got the distinct feeling she didn’t want to work with me at the time…I was all like “ok dennnn bihhhh” … no not really but it was disappointing. Maybe I should give it another go.

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Lae’ti’kohl seems to be an elusive creature. I have use for her service and will attempt an evocation to her again.

I’ve had that feeling of certain BOA spirits not wanting to assist me in the past. This was prior to entering into a pact with Azazel. Obedience of his demons to my commands is a clause I included into the agreement we now share. Without a pact some of the demons, especially the older and more powerful ones, are willing to assist you in ascent or magickal training. But, a good contract with the demonic king will grant you the proper authority to interact with and command all Nethers.


Hey Alk,

Looking good brotha! Is this REALLY you?!?!?!? Every other day you keep changing your Avatar. I just want to make sure that this ISN’T your Angelic Twin

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So Z,

I gather from what you are saying it’s better to enter into a Pact with Azazel 1st? Hmmmm…this goes back to having never done evo before.

In theory, I always thought of “working my way up” to Azazel or one of the rather old Nether’s. Thoughts anyone? I guess what I’m saying is:

  1. Is it better to enter into a Pact with Azazel from the door OR:

  2. To take the “safer” way and evoke up to?

I don’t any of my time would be wasted, I would still be learning along the way, but going to the “Manager” if you will with Azazel seems sound.

Of course if I do this and post from the Psychiatric Hospital, obviously don’t follow my actions!!!


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Lol its def me.

It’s time that I update this thread a little bit.

I have discovered a few interesting path workings within the Book of Azazel. I would like to share a very powerful working that has rearranged my life completely. This is not to be dabbled with, and is a very serious life altering set of evocations that once set in order would be very difficult to reverse. In order to do this working, you should own a BOA or complete works, and have a working relationship with Azazel and his Nethers.

The method of evocation is taken directly from the BOA text. Using the COP (modified) and the Sigils of the Four Kings at the corners.

Suhn’tal’ock, Lae’ti’kohl, Halah’thor, and Pente’osch are to be evoked separately in this order. Also their four sigils should be present during these rituals. Counter clockwise from South to East in the above order.

Suhn’tal’ock rises as a fiery, molten rock demon. He has the power of volcanic fire and melts away your old life allowing a new one to be built. Applied to a career pathworking, this demon removes your old position. I was working successfully as a music instructor and performer for 4 years here in Dallas. Within a few days after this evocation, 75% of my students left for summer,and my bands stopped getting booked! Making my old life impossible to maintain! This was scary as fuck!

Second Evocation was Lae’ti’kohl. She appeared first to dart around the room, like a lady warrior. Only her hair and cloak were visible at first. Then she centered and took a new shape. That of a young, attractive, business woman. Her hair and facial features seemed to shift until she found the most sexy, yet conservative look. She asked me what I was good at, and I told her music. She said she would bring me more appropriate job offers that better suited my talents and needs if I would allow her to. I did. Within a week several new offers came in. One to play rock n roll music on a ship in the French Rivera. I said hell yeah! But there were questions, what would the long term effects be, how could I overcome the obstacles standing in my way.

The third demon I evoked was Halah’thor. Without full materialization, I heard his voice. I tasked him to look out for my long term financial stability, steering me toward the best opportunities and enlighten me to the best financial decisions. Fulfillment? the band that hired me are long time music vets, and have many contacts and connections inside the industry. My future success is guaranteed by my performance.

Finally, Pente’osch. This demon materialized as a rush of water. Like a powerful river. He was there to remove objects and obstacles in my way. So far he’s removed legal issues that were preventing me to leave the country, and is helping with many practical situations that I am facing. He merely has to be directed to move at a target.

Edit: So yeah, the cut and paste feature on computers…that was fun leaving my thought unfinished. lol.



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What kind of offering did you give him? I was wondering if he accepts other offerings other then blood or animals

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What were your results with these evocations?
What is it like working with these entities ??