Suggestions for Angelic Mantras and Words of Power

I have forgotten what has already suggested. I did the Tibetan 3rd eye mantra for 40days, but it didnt work for me. (maybe my pronunciation was wrong🤓)

maybe this has been suggested already.

3rd eye mantra

chakra mantra

Have you tried the mantra I already posted for enhancing one’s psychic powers?

congrads to @DarkestKnight as global moderator. good luck @Lady_Eva


I used mesh karel and your mantra as a set with the Tibetan mantra. I have it written in a journal, but I didnt post the results cause there wasnt any for me.

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Bumping this again to see if anyone has any new suggestions.

A mantra for trance , astral projection , lucid dreaming , clair senses etc. ?

Already posted one for that in my “mantras and words of power” thread:

Already have one for psychic powers in my angelic mantra thread.

Projection and dreaming are good suggestions though.


For good luck and synchronicity. Thank You

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