Angelic Words of Power and Mantras

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Thank you for this! I’ll definitely be putting these to use sometime today.



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Thank you very much!


Ok, after chanting in mind few times for few days this mantra for raising vibrations, my addiction/obsesion kickstarted as f***. @DarkestKnight can you also ask archangel Raziel if he can give somekind healing mantra?

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Bumping this thread for the new kids, and also to add another mantra I received.

This one is supposed to help facilitate trance: EK-TA-NA-VO-TEM

So far, it has had the effect of dropping me into Alpha, but no deeper state. I haven’t done a lot of testing with it yet, though, so I’d be interested in hearing others’ experiences with it.


Funny, during the last couple of days I thought about asking you about this. And then I… totally forgot.

Thank you for sharing!

Alpha is still good!

How long do you chant before you get into alpha?

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For myself, it takes about 10-15 minutes, but I’m chronically tense and have a hard time relaxing. For someone else, it could take only a few repetitions.


I’ll be trying up later tonight.

I’ll report.


Bumping for the new kids.

@ReyCuervo did you ever try the trance mantra?


I’ve been working with the word during all this week. I wanted to try ten days before reporting back.

It works more or less fast, but it seems to work with some kind of treshold, since chanting two minutes or 25 drop me in the same state, not deeper. Then again, my trance is very shallow, I can’t really go deep.

It has the interesting effect of kind of “showing” the parts of my body where I have more tension, so I can work in relaxing them.

Also, all of the words of power written here that I have tried have the effect of droping mind really fast, ideal for people who is struggling with meditation, since it gives a kick start.


Hi! Is it okay to use Raziel’s Money mantra to remove feelings of inferiority caused by financial failure?

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If you mean the material needs mantra, I would say you could try it. However, It’s purpose is to manifest what is directly needed, not necessarily money, so I’m not sure how effective it would be.


Yes that. I would try that mantra. I want to remove inner restlessness, it prevents me from spiritual progress.


Bumping this for the new kids interested in a safe and effective place to begin.

Anyone have some more experiences with these mantras to share?


there are always so many new topics, its easy to miss something.

Darkknight you messed up🤠, you could have put the mantras in a book and start selling them $6-$10 each.

I think I will try all of them after I think of what to use them for🤔… well maybe not the one for parasites. I’m not ready to give up my vices yet😏

It is good timing. I was looking for a way to unlock my potential. and I just made a 108 bead rosary with a kind of light duty rope that is about the size of parachord a couple weeks ago.

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Hmmm ive been noticing a slight headache while I chant the Mesh Ka mantra at work. (I know its not one of your raziel mantras but its the only one I’m focusing on atm) however at work we need to wear a mask, beard guard, goggles, hood, and gown sooo I’m not sure if the mantra is giving me the headache or if all the extra covering is affecting me. Haha I might try the parasite or inner divinty one soon. I’ll give this thread a bump if/when I notice anything.

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The mesh ka mantra can cause headaches because it brings in energy to help develop your senses. They should go away the more you use the mantra.


I’ve been working on mantras the last 3 weeks. In general they make me tired😵 (I do more talking in a half hour of mantras than I normally do in a whole week)

I tried the mantra for magic potential. Maybe after 10 times my stomach started to feel like emergency trip to the baño and at the same time a little dizzy. I stopped for a couple minutes then finished the set. The reaction didnt come back the second time around.

The cadence of this one was throwing me off for a little while… maybe after 30 times I figured out that is was simular to the word Halleluia🤓 After the back of my brain was clear that this wasn’t a word that I said before there weren’t any more problems.

for those of you that are musically inclined “Messiah” doesn’t work, but that other song does. Most songs Halleluia and Alleluiah are interchangable so it works like this

Heh ee lah ah ee eh

Can also do it like natives beating the war drums once you get the pattern down.

I think it may have increased my physical energy a little bit after just 2 sets😄


Does it remove curses?