Suggestions for Angelic Mantras and Words of Power

A protection mantra?
To neutralise, repel or send back?

Lots of people don’t do protection until they feel a need to ask or can’t afford a book or don’t know how to use the search and often the process is an ongoing one.

I’m thinking not only for spiritual but in personal interactions, most people have someone they know that makes them feel belittled and ‘less than them’ in normal situations.

Something to neutralise, repel or send back would bring personal strength to those who might feel anxious about certain situations.


oh yes active noise cancellation. I been working with sound equipement a long time🤓.
the signal is split in 2. one is phase inverted. the other is delayed so that the positive and inverse signal are synchronized. noise signal + its opposite equals zero.

either the app wasnt that good at doing the job, or having the noise in your ears and the inverse in headphones doesn’t work… maybe somebody will come up with a better app😉

I wish we could just hookup a feedback exterminator to our head, but that would never work :laughing:. (lot of work for the people that design them, but very easy to use… even pro equipement is mostly just plug n play) fb x sends a signal through the system. It knows the dB of the signal sent. If the signal going back through the box is increasing in strength it blocks that frequency.

I have noticed that when I am not actively paying attention the tinnitus faded in the background. but if I listen to one of those frequency vids on yutube: alpha, beta, delta, sophegio the volume of the tinnitus increases. Its like the tinnitus takes any kind of mantra or frequency as a challenge to its supremacy. Maybe if Dark knight gets a mantra for tinnitus it works, and maybe it will be like a PA system inside my head


Hey, good description there @danlBoone

Or better quality headphones/loudspeakers tuned to accurate frequencies. Then the correct frequencies will be combined.

The volume of the tinnitus would be perceived as increased if the added frequencies were incompatible, which would be the case if the tone you introduce is out of tune with the original (tinnitus) tone/s. One person’s tinnitus might be of different frequencies than another person’s.

Perhaps try playing with a tone generator and choose your own frequencies to see if that helps.

But anyway, a mantra might be better than having to learn all that technical theory. Let the gods press the buttons lol.

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Om kroom lingaya om, That the one you are looking for

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Which Mantra?

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I know that a healing Mantra has already been mentioned.

Since physical spiritual health are connected maybe you can channel a mantra or set of Mantras for positively affecting the Specific Bodies or Levels that make up the Whole?

(i.e. Astral, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual.)

It is hard to maintain physical health if there is unaddressed damage in one of the Subtle Bodies.

Thanks for all of your hard work.

Have a great Morning
Darkest Knight


A glamour with a cloaking effect from unwanted attention maybe ?
Would it be possible to do it for someone else say a child ? :slight_smile:

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Yes, some mantras can be done for others. I’m not sure about a cloaking or glamour mantra though. I’ll have to ask :thinking:

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Bumping for more suggestions :slight_smile:


To enter a positive state of mind, driving away fear and anxiety.

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One for anti-procrastination, to have a pro-active attitude?
Oops, I see that @Maulbeere already suggested that one but it would be a good one.

Has one been suggested for clarity, clear thinking?


This one right here, another possibility would be one to overcome fears when faced with a situation and you need to push through it to get what you want but finding it difficult.


Or maybe a mantra to deflect hexes?