Quickly changing a living situation and money

Good day all. I’m reaching out today to find out who would be best to work with for my wife, daughter and I living situation.

Our living situation is getting worse and worse everyday, we live in an increasingly uncomfortable place and not too mention it is also starting to fall apart around us. That said, we both have decent jobs and I even have a second part time job, but just do not make enough money to get out into a different place or afford rent beyond what we are paying now. All this is causing a great stress on my wife and I and our daughter is seeing it too.

Which demon can I reach out too to help us very quickly get the funds we need to get out of this shitty living situation we are in? I’m at the point that I’m so desperate I’ll offer most anything to the demon to get us the money quickly to get us out of this.

Thank you for any advice and help.

Buney wuney ooney ooneh!


Maybe also try Clauneck from the Grimorium Verum.


I’ve tried Bune and she has helped me, she’s the reason I’m able to do my second job but between my two jobs and my wife’s job it’s still not enough to get us out of this whole we are in. I’ve tried asking for help for a lot of money quickly so we can get a house but no success so far. We desperately need to get out of our current living situation and debts.

These entities/sources here below may help a lot.

Nitika … The Miracle of New Avatar Power

The Abramelin money square.

Lukorst, the Beneficial Angel, Kingdom of Flame


Salas’ash - Book of Azazel

Wealth Magick - Magickal Cashbook GOM / Damon Brand

Apart from the above mentioned resources, you may also check the below entries, there are tons of good advice.

Good Luck :slight_smile:


I know St. Joseph is for selling a house. You could change it for finding a new place to live.

I also tried my first contact with Bune. I also need money. Hope she will help!