Success Story Time (Job)

Hello! What is up! My name is John and I have made success! ,/

I got the coolest job that I can possibly get & on top of that, I have no experience in this field at all!!

I have became a moderator for the BIGGEST television show ever created in the entire world!!

It’s called… The Rings Of Power… From Lord Of The Rings.

It’s about to come out in a couple of days too, check it out! You’ve probably seen the advertisements around.

I’m not going to go over how much I make, but, money isn’t looking like a problem anymore… I have the ability to work 60 hours a week.

I want to give a shout out to Darkest Knight.

Now I am absolutely proud of myself for utilizing a few systems of magic that made this happen. I will go over what I did in just a little bit.

I want to say thank you to Darkest Knight, he was the only one that had helped me by providing a Mantra “ Kleeeem”.

Now, this mantra, I am going to be honest. I ONLY DID IT for a little bit, like… Not even a day. Less than 2 hours.

But what’s crazy is that for some reason throughout the past 3 weeks, my heart chakra has been building this very nice pressure and when it expands I start to hear the words Kleeem inside my mind which is crazy! I am pretty sure that this contributed to helping me get this awesome job!

Thank you Darkest Knight.

Now, what I do to get this job.

Well… I did 4 things
1.) I put blood on the sigil. ( Shemyaza & Suhn’Tal’Ock)
2.) I used a Radionics Box.
3.) I did a bunch of 2 hours sessions of affirmations whenever I felt like it and also deep physical relaxation to break any blockages that made me have doubts.
4.) I did the “Kleeem mantra and a felt it in my heart.

It’s really is that simple…

So okay, your probably wondering what situation had happened that got me this awesome job.

Well dude… Holy shit here we go!

3 weeks ago, I was applying for a bunch of jobs online for customer service phone call centers. and when I would be considered for one of these jobs I would then get a recruiter to call me for a prescreening.

Well, I got a call from a lovely woman and every single job that I applied for she was Personally endorsing me! Which was crazy. So I was getting a bunch of calls from the managers and everything that were wanting to hire me, but I had gotten turned down for these jobs because I really didn’t put enough effort into the real interviews. I don’t want to be doing phone no more… So I guess the managers felt that from and turned me down, but that’s okay because I got an email from the pre screening recruiter… And her face was on the email profile picture.

I knew at this moment that I can easily put blood on the sigil and make something happen. I went ahead and explained to her what kind of job I would like and what do you know!

All of a sudden I was personally endorsed from her to get a Job in moderation! And no just any job… It is THE WORLDS BIGGEST TELEVISION IN HISTORY, and it’s about to come out in a couple of days.

So everybody…

If your about making magic happen, then you definitely want to start putting in some serious work.

I recommend learning 3 things.
1.) Defensing yourself
2.) Manifestaion
3.) Healing your energy body

However you want to do that, whether it be black magic or whichever system of magic you decide. I Highly recommended learning these 3 things.

Bonus tip: Do not search for free information if your a begginer. I recommend you actually buy a full Quality made courses. Also try getting Js Garrets sigils and Ea Koetting sigils and courses aswell.

I personally have 10 years of experience with Robert Bruces courses and 2 years with black magic Sigils and Radionics boxes.

Honestly, I can’t wait for Ea Koetting & Connor Kendalls Wealth Book! I’m sure that the book is going to be :fire: ,/


Excellent work :+1: I’m curious though…what is a moderator for the show do? Is there an official forum that you are moderating…or does it mean something else? I’m a big lotr fan myself, so I’ll be checking the show out


Right on! And congratulations :smiley: Very nice work!


As a moderator I sit down at my computer and go through all social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, etc… Any keywords that have the Rings of power in it, I moderate it. I have guidelines that I follow to determine whether I will hide or delete comments or block and ban people, ect… Its pretty awesome. I don’t even talk to anybody!


Thank you! :slightly_smiling_face:


Congratulations! Excellent work and I’m glad that you have a job that you are thrilled about!

In other news, Lord of the Rings flashbacks… Way way back in the day when I was younger and thinner I was forced to be an extra in the Lord of the Rings for a couple of months.
The government recognised that the film series was likely to be a huge promo for the country’s film industry, so they stepped in to assist. Result being the army were “volunteered”. It sucked massively.
Although I did accidentally cause a scene to be re-shot because I neglected to take off my glasses.

Sorry for diverging from the purpose of the thread, just brought back some memories.

I’m glad you’ve landed a position that you are thrilled to have. Thats a good result my friend.


Dude! You were actually in the lord of the rings?? That’s crazy! Dude I love the Lord of the Rings, such a timeless hit! I appreciate you. <3


Posts removed including my own: the OPs job is highly political, enforcing the political views of big tech, please don’t discuss exactly what he does. BALG is neutral ground, we can’t go there.


It’s all good! I get the politics situation.

I would like to say I have seen some very very wholesome people.

There is a forum called the “Ent Wives” and I swear… these people are absolutely beautiful… like, I have read some stories and I can’t believe that people who are deep in the lord of the rings go as far as to actually learn magic by themselves. It’s insane…


I was a tiny speck of dust on the canvas of the movie.
It wasn’t voluntary I can assure you. It was mostly standing around in between shoots. Usually 03:00 hrs start and 22:00 hrs finishes. The catering was good though. A realm of infinite hashbrowns.
We did have some funny moments though. One friend, Private H was playing a corpse among many other personnel in a scene where the camera panned over a bunch of corpses. He managed to trigger five or six reshoots because he kept erupting in laughter.

There was one scene, that ended up presenting for no more than maybe two seconds in the second film that was constantly re-shot for an entire day without success. We were playing Urakai, marching in a tightly formed column up a steep hill.
We couldn’t see a damn thing with our prosthetic masks plus helmets. Our prosthetic feet had no grip on the underside. The hill was basically mud. We had spears held vertically that were about four metres long.
Every single shoot, someone would slip and knock over the rest of the formation like bowling pins.Shoot after shoot after shoot after shoot.
They gave up in the end. I guess thats why the moment in the film was so brief, was shown from the crest of the hill side and must have had some editing to remove the four metre spears collapsing in the background.


And tourism! Main reason why I plan on traveling to New Zealand at some point is so I can see some of the beautiful landscapes from the lotr + I hear you guys have great blue cheese ( Kapiti Kikorangi)


That is true. It was huge for the tourism industry (which took a big hit last couple of years with the pandemic). We do have some pretty cool scenery.


This is what I jam while I am working & I also get pretty bloooownnn… not gonna lie

(My Dying Bride - The Poorest Waltz HD from A Map Of All Our Failures) - YouTube)

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Congratulations to you and more wins!

@darkestknight please could you share a link to the "kleem " mantra he refers to?

Used the search function and was not satisfied with the “kleem” results i saw.


Sorry, there is no link, as I spoke to him about it in PM.

What i told the OP, was to think about what you want, focusing particularly on the feeling of happiness that you will feel once you have it. Keeping that feeling, put your awareness on your Anahata, or heart, chakra, and then vibrate the mantra 108 times every day until your desire manifests.



Curious about the radionics box. Can you please:

  • Upload a pic of the box
  • What was the witness
  • How was the intention phrased as you set the dials
  • Also how was it broadcasting, continually or pulsed?

Thanks. I have a KRT Personal Instrument on the way, should be here next week.



Hey! Great questions!

Look… That’s is a lot to ask for, I would have to sit here and type quite a bit, I would rather do a video in the future about it actually.

But what I will do is leave a few links here that shows you pretty much what I did.

Also here is a link to the playlist that Dr. Mulder Js Garret shows what to do.

Also… I did this my own way. I use the videos as guidelines and I utilized a combination of the magic systems thing I mentioned above. I’m creating my own way of utilizing the Radionics box. I need more data and situations before I feel comfortable sharing my way.

I leave it on 24/7 continuous.
(PLEASE DO NOT leave it on 24/7 unless you feel it’s right for you. Talk to entity’s about how long you should do it or use a pendulum or however you search for answers.)

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You got it!

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I didn’t mention this… if someone comes back to this post in the future, I wanted to say that… I had actually lost my Job, and then I went all in.

You know… when your desperate, that’s seems to be a real key element for some reason a lot of the times. I’m sure you can relate.

I wanted to mention this to add motivation, especially because it is true.

Doubt seems to be the number one killer, you have no doubt and you will flourish!

Even till this day for some reason, the stuff that I’ve manifested is too good to be true… and I’m still over here like “ Holy shit!” When I get what I want.

That’s why it’s important too keep training no matter what until you have enough reassurance that you never doubt your magic again!

We definitely need more powerful magicians to bring true world order so we can all evolve to the next level. Imagine how beautiful life would be.

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