Success Story Time (Job)

The last thing I will share is proof of losing my Job and then Being welcomed into my new job.
I’m sure people will be more serious with actual proof so here you go.

These are the emails I got.

I don’t have enough storage to record myself to capture the magic I did, but this is enough to get you going I’m sure.

The job I got is definitely a huge upgrade compared to the previous one. There is always going to be some sort of question that will make you doubt yourself, but I hope that this will put you at ease, proof always puts me at ease and Im sure it will for you too, but there will be a point to where proof isnt needed again, cause you can feel it.

( I blocked out sensitive information with a black marker.)

Also here’s a banger for you hardcore motherfuckers.

** 3 months into Job update**

Well holy shit!

My contract is up, I have fulfilled the time I signed up for & now ALOT of people are getting fired, however… I am doing such a good job that they are keeping me.

This is the most laid back, most chillin job I’ve ever had and it’s almost too good to be true.

There were a lot of times where I was really messing up with my productivity, mind you I had no experience going into this job, but! I consulted my friends and I did the magic I was instructed to do & holy shit!

  • My QA’s are 100%

  • My productivity is on a constistent upward trend, based of my data.

  • I’m able to have real meaningful conversations with my managers.

This Manifestation is Successful. :white_check_mark:


Well done John_N. Well done. :+1:

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Thanks man!! :relaxed:

Shout out too @Mulberry

My job is basically about the same thing as one of the moderators on here & I wanna give a shout out to Mulberry for keeping it g in the messages.

My situation is pretty different, however she was able to give me honest recommendations on things to improve focus and concentrate on productivity. It helped me confirm within myself what I already needed to do.

Remember, even though we have everything we need inside ourselves for answers & directions, it’s always a Great idea to consult with some one who has more experience in your field who has been there and done that, it always helps, keep you on track.

Thank you Mulberry. :green_heart:

Just try not to form any unnecessary attachments within your mind. I like to think I’m good but sometimes in my mind I start to form attachments. It could be entity’s making me speak a certain way, that it’s trying to get me what I want. However… When you manifest things, you’ll be surprised how much the entity’s want you to succeed. They will throw you in the mix even if your not fully prepared. xD They have your back!


You work for Twitter, don’t you? * Jokes *

Glad things are working out well for you.

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Hahaha oh that was funny :sweat_smile::joy:

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I got a promotion & and I’m now going to make a great financial decision to get a reliable vehicle. Toyota Corolla