Subliminal use for male enhancement

Hi I’m calling to all the ppl who tried subliminals and I want honest testimonies and advice.

What’s the best subliminal for Penis enlargement and testicle enlargement.

I myself have gained half an inch with a subliminal on youtube, but it was taken down and it stopped being effective.

I did however manage to double the size of my balls and get a deeper sexier voice. The deeper voice one was from matrix play 99 although that one I gained the quickest results in a few days, that was the only subliminal by her that worked on me.

So I ask for the most cutting edge subliminals is what I’m looking for particularly websites and software to create my own with a guide.

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Please I don’t want to go around trying every subliminal that doesn’t work. I don’t want to waste money & time. I just want what’s proven to really work. Thank you :slight_smile:

Have you tried Mantak Chia’s Penis enlargement technique found in his book ’ Multi Orgasmic man ’ There he claims that one can increase penis length and width one inch within a month !!!

How many days did it take?

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That I’m not entirely sure. But I started to notice new skin forming @ the base and my penis hanging lower than normal, very consistently. Also strong growing pains in it every single day. I’d say it took about the 1st 2-3 weeks then just wasn’t doing anything. For the balls tho, it was weird because I wasn’t even focused on it, I just threw the subliminal in on my regimen and it was probably one of those things you didn’t notice until it hits you. It was also not a binaural beat, it was isochronic tones instead, which you could play on speaker. Not entirely sure if it’s more effective or not, but that’s what people say. I also have before and after pics of it & can clearly see how they doubled in size, but I don’t think I’m comfortable sharing those pics. I will say the channel that was making the subliminals was effective at times but also shady, like they had a hidden agenda or something.

Please don’t. I BEG U ! But half an inch with in 2-3 weeks isn’t bad.


Yeah but that half inch was short lived lol. I tried 3 months of listening to another sub made by the same channel before that. And that one was very interesting. It would speak to the concious mind too and say you have a 9 inch penis in different voices. That one was also extremely effective & would tire you out. The 1st few days it temporarily changed my perception of my penis when I looked in the mirror, it actually looked bigger and I thought it was bigger. But unfortunately I messed up a few times because my stupid iPhone looped the sub and you’re not supposed to loop, but I fell asleep meditating on it. So I’m not entirely sure if that one made me grow the half inch or the 2nd subliminal which was called neuroprogramming 2 male enhancement. Both extremely unique and effective. I would say the 2nd one felt more effective in a different way though. It would give much stronger almost very painful growing pains as soon as you start the sub and you could listen to it as much as you like.

WTF !!! man you are saying U can grow your dick just by visualization- Repeating that it has already happened and faith alone??? NO CHEMICALS INVOLVED?! That is new to me.

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Really? You didn’t know about this? There’s also a whole forum dedicated to exercises that would garuntee you to gain half an inch to an inch without subliminals if you’re a newbie. I gained a half an inch with the excersises too, called jelqing. And nope no chemicals, think about it dude, your brain released chemicals when you were a teen to grow your dick, why wouldn’t you be able to turn that on & off at will? It’s your body, you have every right to control your body that’s what meditation teaches. Also No I didn’t really do any visualizations, I just listened to subliminal tracks, it’s like soothing music with affirmations hidden in it. Combine subliminals with jelqing and I have no doubt it should grow more, currently that’s what I’m experimenting with.

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Also you don’t need faith if it’s a high quality subliminal. If subliminal work for you then you’re very lucky because that’s the fastest & easiest way to penis enlargement. Jelqing is quick for a newbie the 1st month or 2. Then the penis adapts and slows down so u have to start trying different excersises. Here is the forum website and it’s one of the best & it’s free. You can also look into buying a penis extender like size genetics, but you can also get a cheaper one on Amazon for like $20 bucks. This one has real research backed up and most participants gained 33% or more after 3 months of consistent use. Wearing it around 6 hours a day, but i say its better to wear 8-12 hours a day. Hope this helps.

Sorry I missed your comment on [quote=“Goku, post:2, topic:51499”]
Have you tried Mantak Chia’s Penis enlargement technique found in his book ’ Multi Orgasmic man ’ There he claims that one can increase penis length and width one inch within a month !!!

But no I Neve heard of it, what exactly is it? Jelqing?

No brother, He clearly states that it must be done under proper supervision. It involves a technique when blood is pumped into the penis and then that blood is locked in that area. Can be a bit risky if done not right.

About the Subliminal, do you know anybody personally who increased both length and width of his penis beyond 2 inch using this?


Good looking loser, I think thats his name. He gained his dick to 9 inches which was insane and width to like 7.5 Inches. With pics & video, but I don’t know if he used subs, he for sure exercised. For ppls results just look on the subs comments on YouTube. I seen some legit looking ones explaining how they gained 3 inches. Like a gay guy claiming he started @ 4.5 and made it to 7.5 then 7.8 in length over the course of a few months of jelqing, stretching and listening to the sub.

Did he state how he does it? Or did he use a cock ring to keep the blood trapped or a clamp?


So basically you have listened to a sub that speaks to your subsconsiouss mind and tells it 100.000 positive affirmations about your dick and that it grows larger and larger?


That & hormone frequencies imbedded in it. Like testosterone or hgh to put your brainwaves on that frequency.



So do you still have those 2 subs?

Why aren’t you using them anymore? Even if the company got shut down, you can still use those subs right?

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Why you just don’t write one by yourself? It is easy:

If you show a message for several milliseconds and hide it. You can write all you want.
Even you can try to charge sigils directly in that way. I can help you with that.
For example sigil with his purpose will be embedded directly in your subconscious mind.
You will just need to open a url (a plunker for example): and to watch it some time. You will need just to relax and watch.
Of course you need to made sigil of the wish/idea/entity first.

Edit: I can create a simple tool for this purpose. You will need just to enter the subliminal message in a textarea and click on “Play” button. The link to the plunker can be here.


Yes I still have them, but I was going to wait until I release all my blockages to start back up again. One thing I’m iffy about is if I share it would it still work? Because this company would strictly put in their YouTube description that they have anti piracy affirmations embedded in it, so no downloading from YouTube. Which I thought was also shady, if you’re really for the ppl why do you care if they download it, SMH. But here’s another good one you should try by subliminal warlock frequencies, you should start getting sensations In your dick In a few days of listening. Plus there’s loads of comments on it. Sorry this forum wouldn’t let me post a reply, it said that I had to wait 9 hours since Its my 1st day joining.

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No not at all😂 it looks nice and my semen volume increased A LOT.

Here is the subliminal on YouTube.

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