Subliminal for improving magickal ability

I was thinking of creating a subliminal for myself to improve magickal ability, ie ability in casting spells, confidence in abilities, working with sigils, seals, spirits etc.

I looked on yt but did not find any decent recordings for this there.

I have had a bit of a brain freeze when it comes to affirmations for this recording and so do not know if any of the people posting have any affirmations that would help them or others.

If you can come up with some affirmations then I will create something and share it for free, Though I would need to know somewhere to upload it.

I am not selling anything and just want to create and share such a recording if there
is any interest, this is something that I understand how to do, If there is a problem then Mod’s, please let me know.


Im my experience, the most powerful thing you can cultivate to supercharge your magick is not sound, energy, mantras, subliminals, or any other thing.

The most powerful thing for me so far is tapping into the Void. If you enter the void and manifest from there, there are no limits to what you can achieve. The Void is impersonal. It doesnt care in the human sense.

Whether you want to build a family, a generation of families, have orgies, fuck married people, kill a million kids, the Void doesnt care. It will do whatever it is you want.

The trick is to overcome your human biases enough so that your intentions are pure and unconflicted. That in my opinion is the hardest part of the art of manifestation.


" If you enter the void and manifest from there"

Hi krass

what do you mean by entering the void?

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The logic of The Void is a bit nuanced and tricky but here’s a simple exercise I discovered on YT for accessing the Void reliably. It’s super simple but dont let that fool you. It’s also very hard:


Thanks Krass.

The best meditation I ever did for making the mind quiet was by following what frank kinslow teaches, Your thinking is certainly on that same lines. I was so peaceful when I meditated regularly, But lust for results is definitely an issue and your advice certainly has rammed that home. I will get back into regular meditation like I did in the past.

There are some that you may find on youtube.

I may recommend Eric Bartel’s vids. You may find one of them below. [ESP Psychic Ability]

Apart from that, you may also try SINE isochronic trainer. That is a software and it has some pre-designed sounds for enhancing clairvoyance, kundalini, etc . Just search via google, you won’t miss it.

Especially regarding TGS synchronization I guess brainwave entrainment may ease to reach and sustain that level for longer. Also, you may enhance the brainwaves with “afformations” too.

You may upload your work to SoundCloud, youtube, there are many options for you.

ESP Psychic Ability brainwave

@Lady_Eva ’ s post on afformations with useful links

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If Kinslow’s method works for you then just continue with that. The whole point is to be in sync with the impersonal Void. Peace is the starting point not the destination. If you have inner peace then you can use that as the foundation for sigil magick, sex magick, energy work, etc etc whatever it is you want to do.

Or you can go the path of the ascended masters who chose to just abide in the Void and not take part in the world anymore.

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Thanks Zamran, Also phrases like “it’s okay to (your affirmation)” or I allow myself, or give myself permission, those kind of suggestions do not have the conscious resistance. I got that afformations book some years back but never got into it, I think I prefer listening to recordings as find it hard to get into the habit of consciously repeating phrases to myself or even asking positive questions like that. I might dig the book out now though, If I can find it.

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Thanks, You helped clarify my thinking.

I will still probably make a recording, at least for myself, if nobody else is interested, as it boosts my confidence. I even made a subliminal recording in the past to enhance my meditation and when I listened to it then it seemed to really help my meditation practise, But I think what you say is the most important thing and will start being more disciplined in quietening the mind each day, I much appreciate your advise.


Hey Zamran

I was thinking, Using your suggestion of afformations, Maybe I could in the future make a subliminal using afformations instead of affirmations, It would be interesting to see the effects of afformations in a subliminal recording.

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This is all well and good but it’s also the reason I said that the Void is a bit tricky especially when you approach it from the human point of view. Try this instead:

1- You have no confidence and you will not have any confidence for a thousand lifetimes in the future. And it doesn’t matter. Nothing has ever mattered and nothing ever will.
2- You are the most confident person in the Universe and your confidence transcends infinity. In previous lives you have had dominion over all universes, all the heavens and hells, all dimensions physical, ethereal, and unborn. You were The King of it all, for thousands of lifetimes. And it also doesn’t matter. Nothing has ever mattered and nothing ever will.

Apply this to all other areas that you’re “weak” at and that you’re “working on”. I put that in quotes because to the Void it means nothing.

The Void:
The Void is the emptiness from which everything arises. The Void is the One. The only source of power. The Void has no beginning and no end. No future or past. The Void just Is. It is what people refer to when they say God, Consciousness, The Source, etc etc.

The Void is there in the Golden Ages of civilizations past, it was also there during the worst massacres and atrocities. It has no biases or preferences of its own. It is pure, unconditional Love.

For a human reading that the last sentence will not make sense. Human concepts of Love is not the same as the Love of the Void. The more you get in tune with the void the more you’ll begin to understand it.


That would be nice, as far as I know, afformations are stronger than affirmations and mixing up with latest isochronic ( or any tones like binaural /monaural , whatever suits you most ) will probably do wonders.

I may also recommend The Power of Your Subconscious Mind by Joesph Murphy and Kybalion which may help on your journey too.

Good luck