Magick not working for you? Here are some steps to eliminate the Lust for Results

I’m new to the LHP but I’ve been doing meditation work for a while so I’m writing this to help newbies out who can’t get magick to work because of the lust for results cancelling out their magickal efforts. First of all shout out to Lucifer who’s helped me a lot in my ascent. So with that out of the way let’s dive in:

The format I’ll use is I’ll put the practice first then the explanations later so you’ll have something you can apply right away. The explanations are optional but the practice is not.

Do Nothing meditation

  • Find a place to sit comfortably. Make sure you’re comfortable.
  • Keep your body still. Do Nothing with your body aka DO NOT MOVE. If your mind is complete chaos let it be. Just watch your mind monkeying around. Don’t try to “quiet your mind”. Don’t try to “focus on your breath”. Don’t try to “invoke/evoke/intend/cast” anything. Literally Do Nothing for a few minutes. The longer the better. Get a minimum of 30 minutes of this. One hour is ideal.
    Fair warning: this is not as easy as it seems. Whatever impulses you have to end the meditation, stay with it and DO NOTHING.

What this does is it will start to create a distance between you and your monkey mind. Do it long enough and you will start to have a clearer and less chaotic mind. This is very important for manifesting. But when you’re practicing this don’t think about peace and taming the mind. Just DO NOTHING.

What does this do?
This will create a space between you and your thoughts. You won’t necessarily have less thoughts, but you won’t be as affected by your thoughts compared to before. This is very important when you’re trying to cast a ritual and you keep ruminating in your mind about what you want after the ritual is done. The worrying and ruminating will cancel out everything you’ve done in the ritual. Do Nothing meditation will reduce the doubt and worrying significantly enough so it doesn’t get in the way of manifestation.

It also has the side effect of making you “want” for less in life. That’s also not too good for rituals but it’s less damaging compared to lusting for results all the time.

I think this is the simplest meditation that any newbie can do but again just because it’s simple does not mean it’s easy. It’s actually one of the hardest meditations to master in my opinion.

Hope this helps some newbies here.


Great advice and tips. Going to implement this!

Yes indeed.

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That sounds really good because “quieting my mind” ispretty much impossible. I always have thoughts, music, etc… rushing into my head while trying to meditate, so this seems like it will be good. Does it lead to an ability to reach a meditative trance where you can evoke/invoke/cast/work?


Yes you can have the trance state even if your mind is “busy”. The difference is you’re not caught up in the random thoughts. You recognize that they are not yours, and you’ll be free to ignore them and focus on your magick


It’s a lot easier to do one-point meditations than the zero-point (do nothing) type.

In one-point medtation, you focus on one thing while breathing with rhythm. The longer you can do that, the quieter your mind becomes. In hypnosis these two things are the setups for trancework.

3 examples of one-point meditations:

  • Draw a dot on a piece of paper. Put the paper in front of you. Stare at the dot and keep your thumbs perfectly still. You can move your eyes, but only as long as they’re on the dot. Then breathe. Do this for 20 minutes.

  • Take a glass of water and put it on a table. Focus on how still the water is. As long as the water doesn’t move, you can’t either. Then breathe deeply and quietly. Every time you move, shake the glass a little bit and start over. Do this until you can sit for 20 minutes without moving.

  • Sit somewhere with your eyes closed. Pick a spot in midair around 3 feet away from you - the most ideal is a spot off to the side, around 3 feet away from one of your ears. Imagine that spot in midair, the size of a tennis ball. Now listen to the noise coming from that spot, ignoring all other sounds in the room. Focus on that spot and breathe deeply. If you do this right, you should feel a tugging on your ear, and a pulling, like your hearing is being sucked into that spot. Do for 10 minutes; don’t strain your hearing or put too much pressure on your eardrum for this, just relax into it.

  • Stand with your eyes closed. Focus on the feeling of your feet against the ground and the pressure gravity puts on them. Pay attention and breathe. For 20 minutes, wait for and notice the different feelings your feet go through as they hold you up every day - the feeling will change, but slowly.

  • If you can’t stop your mind from wandering, try this. Get a book and a copy of the book on audio. Play the audio of the book while you read it at the same time. You will feel the urge to skip ahead while reading, but don’t. Read it at the same speed as the audio. Listen and read for 20 minutes.
    Advanced level: put the book down and recite the book at the same time as the author does. You have to really concentrate to do this properly.
    Do either of these for 20 minutes and you WILL go into trance. Also, your mind wandering will interrupt what you’re doing, but your one-point focus on the book will get you used to actively meditating.

These meditations force you to focus on one thing, and breathe. Focus and breath are the precursors to hypnotic trances and are therefore the primary acts you do in meditation.

Don’t make meditation harder than it has to be. Keep it as simple as you can so you get the result.


It’s true that non directive is harder than directive meditation. But for beginners it simplifies everything and makes it easier for them to get started. Directive meditation also improves non directive attention in the background. And non directive meditation will bring up suppressed energies that you then have to focus on to resolve. So it’s actually two sides of the same coin.

You can start with Do Nothing for a few days and if you find it too difficult to sit through switch to one of the practices @emperor mentioned. You’ll find it easier to do them once you’ve initiated yourself via Do Nothing.


It’s really hard to not think about the results you desire, especially if it’s really important to you. I know this is an important step to get magick to work, but I can’t for the life of me not think about my desire(s). The “set it and forget it” thing is hard and it being hard is probably causing my conscious mind to get in the way of the working, but there is always that inner voice that says things like “I really need this to work”, and generally thinking about the desired results and visualizing them as if it’s happening or that I’m looking at the result realized and that I have it in my mind’s eye a zillion times a day. How do you overcome such thoughts? I understand the meditation tips (which are great, because meditation is difficult for me. Visualization, on the other hand, is pretty easy for me, as I was an only child and played by myself a lot. This greatly enhanced my ability to visualize with detail and clarity), the “don’t think about results” part is hard since it always finds a way to creep into my mind’s eye and then I start thinking about it


Well this means that during the ritual you havent exhausted your desire. A good rule of thumb is that after the ritual is done you automatically feel no more “wanting” for the thing you desire. If you have to swat away the thoughts like some pest, you havent done the ritual right.

Try the ritual again and do it this way:

1- sit in meditation. If you can do 30 mins that would be ideal. Otherwise just do 15 or 10 mins. No need to clear the mind or anything. Just intend that for the next hour or so you will be focusing on this desire of yours, and know that your mind will comply.

2- start with the current situation. Whatever it is, feel it deeply. Maybe your girl dumped you via text. Maybe you’re two months late on rent and you’ll be kicked out next week and you really need the cash yesterday. Whatever it it, face it head on. Feel the lack, the fear, the anxiety, the depression, whatever it is allow yourself to feel it and go in as deep as you can.

3- if you do the second step right, you’ll find that the feelings of lack wanting start to lose strength. Because feelings aren’t actually real. The more you try to really feel them, the less real they become.

4- now once you’ve felt into the thing you dont want, you can start visualising the scenarios that you want. Your ex texted/called you out of the blue asking you for dinner and sex. Your friend from school calls you up and returns some money he owed so you can pay your rent. Whatever it is visualize it as clear as possible. Now do the same as with the negative emotions. Try to feel into it as deep as possible. You’ll find that the same thing happens. The more you feel into it, the less real it becomes.

5- once you’ve come to the point where your emotions are exhausted both ways, you can start performing the ritual and charge the sigil/evoke the spirit/whatever current of magick you use.

6- once the ritual is done you carry on with your life and trust the magick to work. Only this time it’s easier for you to forget about it since you’ve channeled all your intense emotions into the ether where it will be used by the spirits to execute your will.

This takes more time and is harder to get right but it works more consistently. Meditation helps with this becauseit makes you more sensitive to your own energies. All the best.


Then your problem isn’t in asking, it’s in recieving. Read Genevieve Davis’ Magic book series for the steps you want to take in receiving properly.

That statement makes no sense to me whatsoever. Proper meditation results in visualization. If you can visualize, you are already meditating fine.

Someone isn’t telling you the whole story. Magickal visualization is done at trance depth. The calibrated proofs of trance depth are eye closure, catalepsy in different parts of the body, and amnesia. When you visualize with these three proofs, you’re deep enough in state that you can achieve magickal results.

These trance proofs can be tested. Psychologists at Stanford and Harvard developed trance depth tests for you to systematically discover your ability to go to trance depths, and the depths you’re able to reach easily. Use these tests with a hypnotist to find out what your trance depth is, and continue to practice deliberate (not willful) meditation and visualization to get the ability down.

Once again i’m going to say this: focus and rhythmic breathing are the two acts you do in meditation, and they’re also the setup acts for going into any form of hypnosis. Practice those two things. Whether you use one-point meditation (focusing on any one object or sensory channel), or no-point (basically, focusing on the meditation experience itself) is up to you.

I suggest beginners start with one-point first, it’s like zero-point with training wheels.

When i began vipassana, i was taught to do zero-point. It confused and frustrated me. When i found one-point meditation, things got a LOT easier. After a year of doing one-point, doing zero-point was easy for me.

When you can do a one-point meditation with ease, zero-point will have no challenges for you.

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I see where you’re coming from. Some people need to have some sort of “goal” and get restless when they just sit around and do nothing. I think that’s the reason why different meditation methods were created - to adjust to the different personalities of the aspirants. The results matter more than the methods. But I believe it’s essential to work towards do nothing or no point meditation as you call it at some point in the practice.

I’ve written a new article about how manifestation works in general if anyone’s interested. Granted it’s not as sexy as talking to demons, astral travel, and all that other stuff, but if you stick with it long term it’ll open the gateway to doing all of that and more:


Thanks for the suggestions and techniques, everyone. I have been experimenting with a couple that I recently thought of and wonder what everyone’s thoughts are. For this first one, you’ll need to be a “cat person” and have at least one cat that will curl up on your lap, chest, etc… I lean back in my recliner, where at least a cat or two inevitably jump on my lap and chest every time. They get comfortable and purr. I close my eyes and focus on their purring with my hands on their backs and sides, feeling their breathing and kinda mentally synching my own breathing and mood/thoughts (which I let drift as they may) with the cats. It deepens my relaxation (usually) and at some point, I’ll ually start to visualize Marquise Orias’s, Crown Prince Lucifer’s, and/or King Paimon’s sigils (or a close approximation of them) while I casually think of and then casually mentally “talk” to them, sending thoughts their way and often thinking of my petition to Marquise Orias and letting the demon(s) know that I want a closer and stronger bond and connection with them (as well as other random thoughts to them, including just saying hi).

The second involves reclining and imagining myself on a train or an old, wooden sailing ship. I relax and imaginatively get into it to the point that I can feel the vibrations and motions (not physically, but as focused as I can be on them) and imagine hearing the ropes and boards creaking or the wheels chugging along rhythmically. Then come the demon thoughts and sending them mental thoughts and vibes. Are these actual, “real” meditations, or just a form of relaxation? Can you actually do something magickal when doing this?

So if you don’t mind me asking for the meditation, what happens if you physically can’t not move? I’ve been practicing my meditation but it always takes a while to settle in, and even after I do I tend to adjust here and there. It’s almost like when I’m falling asleep, if I have trouble and lay there for long enough just trying my legs start getting restless and if I don’t move them they just impulsively move around. It’s like I have to move them if it’s been long enough.

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Blockquote So if you don’t mind me asking for the meditation, what happens if you physically can’t not move? I’ve been practicing my meditation but it always takes a while to settle in, and even after I do I tend to adjust here and there. It’s almost like when I’m falling asleep, if I have trouble and lay there for long enough just trying my legs start getting restless and if I don’t move them they just impulsively move around. It’s like I have to move them if it’s been long enough.

YAY! That’s amazing news! I’m happy for you! It means your meditation is working in the background. Those movements are the symptoms of the meditation bringing you closer to stillness and concentration. But before you get to stillness and concentration you body is destroying everything that gets in the way of that.

Stillness is the default mode. It’s the state we all return to when we die. Stillness, like darkness, is eternal. Movement has to be forced. Stillness just is. Light has to be forced. Darkness just is.

Let the stillness take over you. It will happen over time. It’s inevitable. There is no stopping it.

In the meantime just enjoy the process. Notice the places in your body where there is a compulsive need to move. You mentioned it was your legs. Isn’t that interesting? Why your legs and not your arms or your head? And what movement does it want to do? Does it want to move up? Down? Does it just want to shuffle about in place? Isn’t that interesting? Let it do what it must, but bring a sense of awareness and wonder into it.

We all come from Stillness and Darkness. The Void will win eventually. It always wins. Meditation is just recognizing the inevitable and surrendering to it on purpose. You’ll be fine, love. All the best. Feel free to PM me for any further questions. But not until you’ve sit in Do Nothing for at least 30mins.

I’m gonna try out the zero point tonight, as well as the one point tomorrow. I will for sure let you know how it goes, cause honestly it’s nice being able to talk to people about this stuff, and reading about it. Meditations pretty regular but no one I know would be cool with me being on this site or any other magick related stuff.

That’s nice try both and see which one you feel more comfortable with. Zero point, one point, all rivers end up in the sea anyway. But try not to keep changing meditation methods. Find a comfortable spot and sit. It’s hard for stillness to come into your consciousness when there is too much movement. Stillness and movement have not become one yet in your case. Sit and be still.