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Hi everyone, I want to get into this path of magic but I have several doubts and fear too, A million questions. What if the entity harms me? How do I stop the entity from disturbing me after the ritual? From your experiences, is banishing necessary? How about protection during the ritual?
Kindly help me out, am stuck. Alongside, do u mind sharing your very first ever ritual experience and what entity it was. Thanks.


What if a car might hit you when you cross the street? Risk lies everywhere, and you have to decide if the probability of harm is worth it or not for yourself.

Once you send it on its way, it very rarely will stick around.

This is a prickly question, and one you are bound to get different opinions on, but the short answer is yes, it is, especially if you’re just starting out. Maintaining proper spiritual hygiene is always a good idea, but banishing rituals also serve a secondary purpose, to build up the prerequisite skills needed for magick, namely visualization, energy manipulation, and the use of words of power.

Once you have some experience under you belt, then banishing can be used on a case by case basis, but it is better to have it in your arsenal and not need it, then to need it, and not have it.

This is part of what a banishing ritual and a circle casting do. They set up a boundary between you and the summoned. You can also set up wards and shields.

My very first ritual experience did not involve any spirits at all. It was a candle spell to overcome fear that I got from the book Candleburning Rituals by Raymond Buckland.


It is important to decide first who you going to summon, this decision can only be made based on knowledge. Because you need to know at least one spirit to be able to choose. What you could do is open a grimoire and read about all the spirits that are contained in that book. You will start to feel a certain pull towards one or few particular spirits. It might can become apparent to you that you will begin to notice that you will see that/those names popping up regularly when scrolling through this forum or other outlets.

If that is the case, than that can be seen as a sign that, that specific spirit wants to work with you. I can’t imagine that a spirit that wants to work with you, will harm you or disturb you after the ritual. Just for the sake of it, that’s seems counter productive.

In addition to what is stated above by @DarkestKnight, you could start/try out your first ever exciting summoning ritual with the servitor provided by our fellow member @anon97554939

It´s also possible to combine it with the Seal of Manifestation.

Good luck :+1:


Makes sense @DarkestKnight …lemme go with my gut

Thanks @Calcined, this is deep. I have this pull towards Dantallion, given the mind- control aspect…kindly share his evocation ritual, thanks.


I dont know if you already came a cross this, but it might be interesting.

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Is it enough to use the seal of manifestation only or I have to combine both I.e with the servitor?


This is very helpful, thanks alot

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As one magician once said, you can never have enough protection.


Honestly with asking yourself that many questions and worrying about them, it’s not gonna do a whole lotta good for you. Your going to find both positive, negative, and neutral experiences shared on this forum (+ elsewhere). Your experience is going to be unique to you. So I wouldn’t completely go off of what others say, sometimes its better to find out yourself.

If your super worried, then work on some basic energy work, protection, and banishing. That should help build up your foundation and your confidence.

A simple statement of departure (like a "thank you, you may leave in peace now) should suffice after working with spririts and you can banish any left over energy if you want too.


Great book , so was his book on color magic.


My first evocation was with the fabled spirit known as Prince Orobas.

It was a fantastic clusterfuck of an attempt at Solomonic ceremonial magick.

The results however were nothing short of breathtaking and stunning. The stuff dreams are made of. This was 21 years ago. Prince Orobas and I are still taking over my world to this day and making it an awesome and outstanding journey.

Not to be preachy but remember the story of Jesus walking on water. For the disciples the message was clear. If you want to walk on water you need to get out of the boat!

In essence I’m saying you need faith in yourself and the willpower to make your dreams real no matter the risks or costs. Nothing ventured nothing gained. In for a penny in for a pound. Like that.

Best wishes on your journey my friend.


Most of the spirits you hear people talking about want to be summoned and to provide you with their powers and abilities. By summoning the spirit, you give it the opportunity to make itself stronger by manifesting its power in the world and in your life. If a spirit directly harms you, then either it is a parasite that should be banished, or you have confused the spirit doing what you asked and maybe even protecting you with something that appears bad. Summon a spirit for money, and then you lose your job, but then find one that pays way better. Seemed bad at first, but it was just the process to getting exactly what you asked for.

You can banish after the ritual if you want to, and there have been times when demons have “threatened” me and tested me to see if I was strong enough to give them the boot and so be worthy of telling them what to do. Normally, though, it doesn’t make sense to banish because you presumably want the spirit to be around. You summoned it for a reason, right? Do you call up the plumber and then kick them out when they show up to do their work? I think it is best to welcome the presence of the spirit, as that shows that your magick is working and that the spirit heard your request and is with you.

Protection depends on what style of magick you are doing. Good magickal methods will have some way of connecting you to the fundamental underlying consciousness that energizes and empowers all magick. Sometimes this is a mantra, sometimes it’s Godnames, sometimes it’s some kind of visualization. Usually you don’t really need any protection because the spirit is not out to get you. If you encounter any malicious entities, then there are protection spells and banishings that you can perform.

You’ll hear all sorts of opinions on banishing, so I’ll say, imo, that unless a grimoire specifically says not to banish, then it’s not going to hurt. If you don’t want to do a more involved ritual, a simple, quick banishing is a good way to stay connected to magick. I’d advise you not to get stuck in the mindset, though, that if you don’t banish all the time then * something bad * will happen. I banish with certain rituals that are more lengthy and involved, more as a way of centering myself, not because I’m spooked, but most of the time I don’t. Do whatever you’d like.

My first ever ritual I fondly call the “astral spunk” technique. It’s just the chaos magick sigil masturbation magick you can find all over the internet. I wrote out my intent (with some bombastic phrase like “IT IS MY WILL THAT THE UNIVERSE SHALL BEND TO MY COMMAND BWAHAHHA”), mashed the letters together into a sigil, had a wank, and then felt weird and kinda forgot about it. That ritual’s still working to this day. My sex magick now is a bit more sophisticated but sexual energy is just so damn potent.

I’d suggest that you purchase a grimoire, a book of magick, that appeals to you, give it a read, make sure you understand the instructions and what to do, and then do the magick. Then do it again. If you keep doing magick, you’ll make your life magickal.


I recommend starting with the Gallery of Magick’s books. In my experience, and the experience of just about everyone else, they are completely safe. You won’t get any imposters when working with their works, and no entity will harm you. As they say, for most of their works, no banishing is needed and I find that to be completely true in my experience. Follow the instructions they give, and you’ll be fine. Their works are some of the most effective ones you can find out there as well.


Wow! The picture is becoming clearer by the day, thanks guys…then talking of magic gallery books,do u have any specific one in mind? Or PDF of sorts…am still indoors due to lockdown, softcopy is the best shot I’ve gat for now.

Don’t pirate their works, very important warning.
You can buy the Kindle editions just fine.

I recommend any of the Words of Power books. They are extremely effective and powerful, and completely safe. The only book that may induce some very slightly tough to handle emotions is Mystical Words of Power, and the author does state that you may experience some minor upheaval, but only when you are able to handle it, and even then it’s not forceful in my experience. And In my experience, it has only ever generated some minor frustration, because things needed to be dealt with in life, and some minor bouts of fear that were so quickly overcome (Like, by spending a minute or two contemplating), and honestly overcoming them changed my life. It follows your true will so closely that I honestly doubt you will even have difficulty if you don’t want to or are not ready for it at all. But that work is honestly life changing.

And not to mention that is a world apart from what some people on her describe, about how this Demon etc. threw all these “tests” at them and nearly destroyed them, but they turned out so much better, it was so worth it guys! (Yes, that’s sarcasm. And I direct that at more specific shady cases), when the same internal effect could be accomplished without all the life-wrecking mental-destroying destruction that happened. So, that work is also completely safe.


This shouldn’t happen with proper protection, also another useful tip…imagine yourself as a powerful being who has a seat if authority. Entities will respect you for holding your shoulders back and speaking directly.

The LBRP (lesser banishing ritual of the pentagram) is great for all 3 of these, it’s a very useful in that sense! :+1: In the ritual you summon for archangels to center you in the universe and set up the proper authority and protection.

My first ritual was basic sigil magick.

This post might be useful to you, this was after I had been practicing magick for awhile and began to question if it all was “real”.

The gallery of magick is a good resource, I personally use their books and throughly enjoy them. But don’t get a pirated copy the gallery of magick made it pretty clear they curse those copies. They’re cheap like $20 or less, I recommend magickal protection and angels of alchemy!

Here’s the tutorial I used to summon my first spirit.
If you’re a beginner I recommend someone easy but knowledgeable, Ba’al is a good start. He’s charming and the best teacher.

Just make sure you look up Ba’al sigil and enn.
I asked him for a spiritual awakening, one that was intense and needed.


That’s exactly what I need at the moment, a step by step tutorial, I have gone through this thread and its dawning on me that I have a lot to learn

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Great insights right there, thanks a lot…if I may ask, from your experience in magic…there is this phrase that ‘the demon shall come to collect his dues’ What exactly is the truth in that and from your experience, what have you had to give? Like family members, your balls or something weird? I heard of giving out one’s balls from a certain clown…is it true?

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Oddly enough I’ve only worked with a Demon once before, despite my interest and pull towards the Goetia. So unfortunately I can’t comment much on that. But from the experience I did have, I only gave my gratitude as an offering and I wouldn’t say that I suffered payback for that.

But, it can be a related to promising an offering to a Demon, then it is very clear. Never break any vows to spirits, whether it is to Jesus or to the Great Emperor of Hell, or you could land in serious trouble. Some spirits are more relaxed about you not giving a promised offering, but I’d imagine most of the Demons of the Goetia would not be happy at all. So ensure that you always deliver your end of the deal, if you decide to promise an offering (although that isn’t required but builds a good relationship with the spirit you work with).

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