Spiritless Magick

As I see it, there is no god, devil or spirit.

Recognizing this reality, what do we have left…

This is all I can think of.

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It is like steps

  1. nothing
  2. believing of spirits
  3. experiencing of supernatural
  4. and so on

Everybody have his level

Whatever. If they exist and prove themselves to me at some point, if Im not hallucinating, I will believe it then.

True tho, every area of magic for a newbie is baby steps territory.

Why should they prove themselves to you. What do they owe you?


Exactly, I don’t owe them anything either.

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That’s right.

Anyway. Schools of magic that have nothing to do with clairvoyance or spirits. Thats the list Im aiming for.

Plenty of chaos magick techniques are totally ‘self-powered.’ Then there’s the good old “law of attraction.” Energy work and Psionics/Radionics, too.





you’ve been on this forum for almost a decade now and have managed to learn absolutely nothing at all, coming up with the most baseless statement I have ever read.

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Okay, well the point is this, if Agrippa and Barrett never mentioned the Spirit world, where would humanity be now? Are we better off or worse for the spirit world interaction? Obviously better off. Im not however, so yes, I’m either completely retarded, or as BPD and Schizo Affective, I may view things or learn things differently than you. Im also major depressive, so experience suidicdal ideation frequently. Its maddening I know, I love the people who stuck by me however, and if its ever too much, I understand.
So. Magick without spirits is typically low magic, which natural magic, elemental magic and plantary magic are all likely to be included.
Spirits may be responsible behind the scenes, thats not my concern here.

There is also tribal and shamanic level magic, which is mostly energy work at the core, with soul travel and shapeshifting, ensuring successful hunts, etc. Yes, such people still do exist in this world. And it works for them obviously. But then again, even in this school of magic it is bordering on or crossed over into high magic, which is not the point. I Know spirits are behind everything. Its not a secret these days.

There is also the power of will. I think a lot of people practice this without realising that it’s a form of natural magick. With your own power of will, where you make a decision and hold it and become an observer of what’s happening around you concerning the thing you have decided upon and then acting in a progressive way towards that end.

I have a feeling that this is what most of the people in the world, the ones who make their own gains in life, this is all they do but it’s so far away from woo woo to consider it anything like magick, it’s just too normal.

We all know people who have progressed in life and many may have been helped by family or luck but those who attain success, whether it monetary and business or success with building their own family or with education or whatever, it still would have taken a level of determination and desire to succeed.

How come they didn’t need a magick book? How come they didn’t need to be able to talk with spirits?
They probably relied on their own resources within themselves and we all have those same resources inside of us. Isn’t being able to make use of our own power the main premise of Become a Living God?


I reccomend you starting the basics of magic. Creating a thought pattern. For example, repeating “I am well, everything is well” for 1 hour for a week, it was the most effective working for me. Imagining and feeling happy, healthy you, as it already happened already, 1 hour, for a week.

These more effective than just meditating and more effective than trying to evocation for a beginner.

Then there is frenzy magick, it is also a good way of creating thougthform. Forget about sigils, rituals, chants. And some of them need initiation. We should move to more natural ares of will first.

Yogis and sufis materialized miracles without any magick, they just desired and impossible things showed up.

You will be alright, put aside the unneccessary things and start


On it right now. Thanks :slight_smile:

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Personally it’s some time I’m thinking about a similar approach, i. e. sort of applying Law of Attraction for material needs and afterwards I would resume contacting entities, for knowledge and power. But yes, indeed there are magical theories and practices not involving spirits…

So for spiritless magic, when it comes to planetary magic, how can you harness the blind force of the planet in question? Where you are not concentrating on the angel, intelligence or spirit, simply the blind force.

Nature and elemental, I am getting better in these. Still, the same question may apply to the elements, in spiritless magic, harnessing the raw root/thrones/powers of element?

I use the seals channelled by Jason Miller. They can be found in his book Advanced Planetary Magick.

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Awesome @DarkestKnight! Thank you :slight_smile:

I know you also mentioned AO Spare for sigil magic on candles, which I can apply to natural, elemental, or planetary magic?

AO Spare style sigils use your own subconscious mind, but yes, you can combine them with planetary or other correspondences.

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