Spirit spouses

Hey its me again jamia , I was previously going and talking about an incubi curse to me and my family alongside other ancient demons and devil’s…saddly though my incubi was just as bad and out for no good as the others . For awhile I’ve tried everything that a human person could try with my incubi . I decided to start a new slat by summon or evoking another incubi into my life but this time my choice of incubi and not my forefathers. If there anything u guys would like to assure me of or tell about before I do this please consider this time and thread as and into ur advantage.

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You should focus on yourself and learning control energy, also have you even banished the other one?

It sounds like you are just inviting a bunch of parasites in your life that just want to use you.


No im going to banish the other lol trust me!!..srry for the mislead :smirk:

Banish it first make sure it is gone, take care of one problem before inviting another one.


Okay. I hope I can get the ritual right though for my new incubi after I banish the other one …im super nervous lol and thx

I second this.
Ground yourself, cleanse yourself and strengthen yourself before evoking anything, that would be my advice.
And this, please remember this:

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Heheh okay

Do want real advice or are you waiting for people to tell you what you want to hear?


Tell me what i need to hear

Everyone has, that you have a parasite it just draining and not serving you and instead of fixing it and yourself you just want to create more.

So my advice is do what you want because that is what you want to hear.

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I know what to do now about him and what’s best for me …and Imma stick with it and that’s all to it

Contact Lilith for a new one once he is gone

Okay I will

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I have summon my new incubi and banish the other for sure!.. now is there anwyas I can release myslef from my sexual arousal to him ??

If you are feeling anything from him
. He is not banished.

Shittt!! God damn!! Tell me what to do to get this fucking pest Away from me anything…just tell me plz!!:persevere: binding spells magic what??

Banishing, Cleansing, and not adding more into it. You basically banished then opened the door for him to come back. As others said learn the craft more, Learn more about yourself and your power. Magick isn’t just all about sex.

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You really need to banish ALL and work on yourself. All you will do right now is invite things that will most likely take advantage.

You need to slow down as I seen several state. We can tell you all day what you should/could do but in the end it’s your choice if you want to listen.

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And i am …i seriously done all that but obviously not the right way…i went to you ty be for spirit spouse deliverance and all that

You banished and then asked for an incubus so you just opened the door right back up for a parasite that isn’t just going to go away.

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