Spirit of the day, reflections, meditations, and thoughts

Well I had to minimize and relocate my temple to my main bedroom in my house. I’ve consecrated the area and moved everything I need inside in a southward orientation on a smaller yet serviceable altar. Here’s the new hook up.


Spirit of the day

Five of cups.

The Duke Aim is a great of friend of mine. I’ve worked with him I think four times now. He always gives great courage. The kind of courage it takes to overcome big problems, challenges or conflicts.

Great spirit really. I like using the alternative name “Harborym” to call him. It’s like thunder.

The Holiday was more miserable lol 🤷 I spent wayyy to much money. My family argues and bickers alot and spending anymore than 20 minutes around them makes me wish for alcohol to take the edge off.

I’m glad it’s over the holidays are always hell for me.


Spirit of the day

Duchess Vepar

Had her come up fairly recently as I recall in another reading.

Nothing much going on this morning. Just chilly here. Watching the sun rise and listen to the chickens squawk.


I’ve spent the last two days sleeping. My dreams we’re not prophetic that I know of but we’re more like little snippets of different lives. What’s very interesting is that while in the dream that is my reality. It makes me wonder if our lives are…just a dream too.

A small miracle I called my cat to come here by using his name and he actually came. Wow


Anybody played this game before. It’s called diplomacy.

Absolutely fabulous game set in WWI era Europe. Each player controls one of europes 7 great powers: england, France, Germany, Italy, Austria, Russia and Turkey.

This is traditionally a board game but it has an online version. The turns in my current game are set to 48 hour turns. There is cooperation, betrayal, it’s quite abit of fun.

I finished my Christmas shopping for my son here’s what he gets

The hardcover original of Prince Orobas and Solomon’s 72 spirits…

A pendulum/rune Divination mat.

A rider Waite radiant tarot deck.

I hope he enjoys these gifts.


These are some wonderful and thoughtful gifts.


Oh my Mike, those are sweet and awesome gifts!!
I hope he realizes how many would salivate over an authentic copy of a real grimoire.

And way to go Mike!!


Spirit of the day

Prince Gaap

The star

This is is a spirit I’ve only worked with once. I’d like to get together with him again at some point.

I ike the meaning of the card the star. Hope. Having hope.

I’ve decided to burn some cedar for this prince and exalt him for a few minutes this morning.

Edit update I just looked carefully at the card and I noticed prince Gaap has a human rider behind his head. I can’t tell you why yet but that’s very interesting.


I just successfully taught my cat how to speak. Now he howls on command. :laughing::laughing::laughing: I love it.